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Rama Lama Lama Ka Dinga Dinga Da Dong! Check Out Our We Go Together 2018 Row By Row Experience Block




Can you believe it is officially Summer??? Half the year has gone by already!  But let's not dwell...instead lets focus on the possibilities of our creative streaks and celebrate that the 2018 Row By Row Experience has officially begun! That's right, you can now visit the Shoppe to pick up a pattern or purchase a kit for our 2018 project...appropriately titled, "We Go Together." If you're not familiar with this yearly event, here's a brief description...visit participating shops throughout the country, Canada and Europe between now and September 4, collect a variety of rows, and complete a quilt using at least 8 different rows from 8 different 2018 participating shops. Be the first to bring it into a shop and you win a stash of 25 fat quarters! Win a bonus prize for using that store’s row in your quilt! That's kind of the basics...but for more details refer to my link at the end of this post.


If you can't visit the Shoppe, you can pre-order our kit here on our website for November delivery. Yes...due to the rules of the Row By Row Experience, kits cannot be "shipped" until November because the point of the entire event is to visit your local quilt shops. This year's theme is "Sew Musical" so shops were encouraged to incorporate a little musicality into their rows.


The "Mothership" had many requests to continue our vintage "Glamper" theme we began in 2016 so this year in honor of the "Pink Ladies" we added a fancy pink "glamper" complete with picnic table and radio. They of course are listening to "We Go Together." Because??? Why wouldn't you? The 36 pinwheels make this project extra sweet! While they look like a lot of work, if you use the 1.5" x 1.5" Bloc Loc they go together quickly and perfectly.


This year's row will compliment our 2016 (top right) and 2017 (bottom) perfectly. I think we were doing vintage trailers long before they started popping up everywhere. The Row By Row Experience did offer some new sizes to work with seeew we chose the 18" x 18" Foxy Boxy Block. We are glad they did this because it will bring interest to your projects! Kits for all rows are available here.

The "Mothership" and Christine will be sewing all of our rows together with some new additions later on and I'll be sure to share it with you.

Grease-Photo-1 (1)

Oh here's a little something from the "archives." LOL. My brother and I did "Grease" our Senior year of high school in 1993! I was Roger "The Mooning Champ of Rydell High" and he was Doody. He's not pictured so I'm guessing this was probably backstage - but from left to right we have Rizzo, Twinkie Jan and Marty! If you know anything about the musical (not the movie) Twinkie Jan and Roger have a "thing."

Seeew...if you love our project, and you will not be visiting the Shoppe between June 21 and September 4, 2018 you will have to pre-order the kit here on our website (www.hollyhillquiltshoppe.com)These kits cannot ship until November but at least you will have it pre-ordered. There is absolutely no guarantee we will have kits left after the event is over so get your preorder in to ensure you get one!

For all other information about the Row by Row Experience, click here.

That's it for today! Thank you for joining us and see you at the Shoppe! ~ Brian

True Blue: I Love You



LISTEN...🎼 I've had all the "lines"....I've displayed them many times, but I never knew love before 'till Feedsacks: True Blue arrived on the floor...🎼

What can I say? I'm a child of the 80's and I'm guilty as charged when it comes to favoring some of the 80's most memorable pop-tarts!

But what you really came here for was this....💙


Moda has a new designer. Her name is Linzee McCray, she loves feedsacks and her new collection Feedsacks: True Blue is featured in this gorgeous quilt called Lulee's Garden by May Chappell (above). The collection is also available in the Shoppe now and on our website. Imagine that? 


Linzee has had a long love-affair with feedsack prints and has written a book about them: Feed Sacks: A Colourful History of a Frugal Fabric. She selected blue for her first collection with Moda because - as she shared with Moda's Carrie Nelson last fall, “I selected blue for my first collection because I grew up in a house of blue – as a child, I ate off blue dishes, walked on a blue carpet, and was frequently dressed in blue clothing sewn by my blue-loving mother. Blue is comforting, classic and modern all at the same time."

Of course we absolutely agree on the comforting, classic and modern thing!
True-Blue-Bundle-19 (1)

It just seeew happens that while looking at this True Blue Fat Quarter Bundle (this one has 19 cotton Fat Quarters P.S.), I thought "Ya know...these blues work amazingly well with Sweetwater's Harmony!" Seeew I did what comes natural to me and I added 9 more blue Fat Quarters to create this....
This right here....this is the Out of The Blue Fat Quarter Bundle which I have named after another 80's pop sensation - Debbie Gibson's 1987 mega hit album, "Out of The Blue!"
Contrary to popular belief, she was not a one-hit-wonder. You haven't lived until you have crammed your foot into a pair of rollerskates to couple skate to "Only In My Dreams" or "Shake Your Love!" Of course I was a true "10"😂 in the skating rink - decked out in my multiple SWATCH watches and jelly bracelets. The best part was always skating to the lights of the disco ball!
Anyway...this bundle includes 28 Fat Quarters and blends traditional with a touch of modern!
Someone even mixed some Project Red in with this. Of course, I don't know what they are planning to make with all of this but the red, white and blue definitely works together!
The Feedsacks collection is still seeew new that we haven't had time to make anything from it, but here is another beautiful quilt that we have been considering especially since we love Dresden's. It's called the "Bloomin' Dresden" by May Chappell. It looks huge but it's only 56" x 56". Look at all that space for some fab quilting!
If you want to add in more color to the blue and white bundles that I showed you above, you may want to get yourself one of these....
Since we like to provide a few options when ordering from our website, I created the prints only FQ bundle seeew that you can add these into whatever-it-is you're going to end up making.
I will let you in on a little secret: We've already sold out of the Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes seeew something tells me the Charm Packs and Mini Charm Packs won't last much longer.
The canister set of 3 is just a little extra somethin' special and it has a fantastic price point. It's one of those "Gotta Have It" even if you don't know exactly what you will use them for at the time. It never hurts to cute up your creative space!
Oh I almost forgot...there is one more quilt we should consider! I always like it when we mix up traditional fabrics with a contemporary pattern. It's always a WOW! I believe this is Metro Rings. We've done Metro Hoops before, but we may want to experiment with "Rings". What do you think? Just an FYI: You will need the Quick Curve Ruler to complete this quilt.
Of course there's always more where this came from and I'm very happy to report that there are two more upcoming collections that will have a gorgeous selections of blues. The collections are...
Smitten-Blue (1)

Look for these collections coming to the Shoppe this August/September! As some of you know, we will be celebrating the release of Clover Hollow with a 2 Day Workshop Retreat with Moda designers, Sherri McConnell and Chelsi Stratton September 21 & 22! You can learn all about it and register here on our website. Seats are now beginning to fill up and we have seven spots left. Don't wait!
🎼Seeew....if you should ever doubt, wonder what your next quilt will be all about.....just think back and remember dears...these things I share with you here.🎼 
That's it for today! Stay in tune for more and ....
Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian 

After Market Preview Party Is Tomorrow Night!



It has been one event after another and I have a Sh...quilt-load of stuff to share with you, but the challenge is finding the time to do it! Between our Instagram, Facebook, Newsletter (on the website) and our daily email...I can honestly only type seeew much.

Balance is key.

Besides, it's better to see you in-person anyway.

Which brings me to our After Market Preview Party! As you can see from the image "hint" above we have some fantastic prizes and things to share with you! The "Mothership" will be sharing some of the many things coming to the Shoppe over the next 6 months including fabrics and programs! The night will be filled with some fabulous prize opportunities, wine & cheese and special discounts on preorders! You can register here or you can call us at 503-694-8052.

Before we move onto the next thing though...."There's something I want you to have..."


Someone has to get excited around here...might as well be me! In my own special way of course...


As I shared at the beginning, I have TONS to discuss and share with you, but since most of you are now reading my blog on a mobile device, I'm keeping it simple. I personally prefer to read blogs on desktops because you don't have to keep scrolling just to read. Anyway, we've been creating many new samples such as the table runner pictured above. It's just a close-up for now until it is quilted and ready for display!

The fabrics however are a combination of Leonie Bateman's Sorbet collection and Lori Holt's Bee Backgrounds.


About two months ago I shared several of the new Mini Quilt projects we had been working on from the Moda All-Stars Mini Charm Quilts book. I think at the time that I posted we had about five, well we just added one more to the mix and I'm in love! I don't know how much spare time you get, but after putting this together you might not have any?


I love how the "Mothership" took Sweetwater's Authentic Etc. and created a contemporary feel to this project.

Finally, we are prepping for this year's Row by Row Experience which begins June 21, 2018. More than likely we will reveal our project near or on that date seeew we do appreciate your patience. This year's theme just happens to be....


Hmmm....for some reason this theme fits me to a tee!


Stay in tune and stay seeew-cial ~ Brian


It's Looking A Bit Wooly

Sprung-Workshop-1 (1)


Quilt Market is here in Portland this week and we've already started the day off with a bus tour! Most of those on the bus are other shop owners or "industry folks" seeew there is definitely an energy that is much appreciated! Of course I always love the people from Australia, New Zealand and Norway! They are positive, full of excitement, and just amazed! Love that! It's ironic that we have folks travel from around the country and world, but our local community thinks Wilsonville is too far away from places like Tigard, Beaverton, Oregon City and Clackamas. Those are all within 15-25 minutes. LOL.

Since we've been busy here at the Shoppe with several things including our upcoming Lori Holt Workshops, I thought I would try to get a quick update in before I get too far behind!

What happened to blogging many times last week? I seriously have no idea...LOL.

The most important take-away from this post is this week we are closed on Friday, May 18 to attend Quilt Market (this is for retailers only and is not open to the public). We are closed on Sunday as we have the Lori Holt Workshops to prepare for seeew there is no way we can give you an extra day that day. However, if you're still in town on Monday, May 21 we are adding 11am-4pm. This is normally a closed day seeew be sure to come out and see us if you're a Monday kind of guy/gal! New-Wool

First, the "Mothership" has brought in some new hand-dyed wool packs which I am completely in love with! I'm smitten for blue in nearly any shade seeew you can see which ones I'm going to gravitate towards. Our packs of Wool are available here in our on-line Shoppe and here in-store! We make a limited quantity at a time....seeew the longer you wait, the more of a risk there is the best selection will be gone before the time you arrive!


Hmmm...what would we make with all of that? Well if you don't know by now we love the sophisticated, nature inspired designs of The Cottage at Cardiff Farms. Kathy's small projects are elegant and are perfect for working on during those summer road trips. You can find patterns for all of these small projects right here on our website! The patterns for many of these smaller items are just $2.00 ea. Keep in mind shipping with USPS (we use the USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail Envelope) is $6.70 seeew order more than one pattern to make your shipping worth it!

Can I get ya anything? Pineapple? LOL.


Wool-Display-1 (2)

Everyone that comes in tends to love on A Single Stem (that unique pillow), Bleeding Heart and Flour. I don't know how you could pick just one? I don't know about you all, but something tells me Kathy loves to garden!

Wool-Trunk-Show (1)

Oh by the way....the fabrics on top of the table here are those linen textured backgrounds I showed to you a few posts back.

At least...I think I did??? If I didn't...here's a little reminder with my Neutral Fat Quarter Bundle. I know this might come as a shocker...but I like to sell things.


Now hold onto your woolen wares because this next picture are the blocks from our recent Wooly Barn B.O.M. which used Kathy's B.O.M. "Where the Cows Come Home." The "Mothership" and Christine spent the last year preparing these blocks each month on top of countless other projects....and well, they finally finished our blocks for our sample!

Wooly-Barn-BOM (3)
Next they will have to apply the borders and sashing. Last I heard we had
one kit left here seeew don't wait! Knowing how this blog works for me, when all of the kits are gone, and it's 2021, someone will find this on Pinterest and message me for a kit.

Trust me, I still get people coming to the blog from a Pinterest picture that was posted in 2012 from my blog! This is my one challenge with Pinterest that drives me to a cube of cheese. 

Sprung-Workshop-2Here is a group photo of some of the participants who stayed behind after our S.p.R.u.N.g. Workshop a few weeks ago! They joined us and Kathy Cardiff to work on Kathy's "For The Bees" project which is in her new book, "A Cottage Garden." In fact, all of those projects behind these talented gems....they are all from that book!

This quilt is flippin' fantastic! Absolutely gorgeous!


It wouldn't be a blog post from me if I didn't include food! As always during any of our designer workshops we load you up with lots of food!

Contrary to folklore, I did not lock myself in a closet and make love to this gem of a carrot cake! Perfect for a workshop called, S.p.R.u.N.g don't ya think?


Finally for today, I leave you with this....our new sign pictured below!

You know you're a permanent resident of the Charbonneau District when the "official" sign is mounted above your Shoppe! It was a long year of transition from our move and I sincerely thank those who had an active part in making our first year successful! We still are creating and trying to figure out how to bring more charm into our quaint location...seeeww stay in tune! ~ Brian


Give The Gift of Creativity for Mother's Day!



It's been a much busier week than I expected seeew I'll keep this post fairly short.

There are only a handful of seats left for our 4th annual Mother's Celebration Brunch. Pictured is the secret project from last year on the left while on the right hand side are some of the selected Tilda fabrics the "Mothership" will be using in this year's secret project.

I cover all the details here on our website. It makes my day when people read what I spend time writing. However, if you are not able to for a myriad of reasons, I go the extra mile to provide you reminders on Instagram (as I have done here for our Lori Holt Workshop participants)....


Are you a "Bag Lady?" If you are...the May "Extra Special" has been announced! Throughout the month of May, "Bag Ladies" receive 10% off all regular priced kits throughout the Shoppe. You must present your bag at the time of purchase. Of course, this is in addition to your regular Bag Lady special.


Also, today and tomorrow save 50% off our Finished Quilts for Sale! If you want something amazing, I highly suggest you grab one of these quilts up! 2 days only! These four quilts are just a few of our most popular quilts that we are always being asked about...but, it's time to say good-bye as we make new quilts!

Before I head out of here, a programming note: The Shoppe will be closed Friday, May 18 for a Special Event. I've had this posted on our website for over a month now...seeew hopefully people have made a note of it.

Thanks for visiting today! I'll be back with more!

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian


Join Us For A 2 Day Retreat Weekend September 21 & September 22 2018!



We have been having seeew much fun getting ourselves involved with seeew many things that I almost forgot to share this new upcoming event!

Go here, check it all out...and maybe we will see you this September! 2 Days! 2 projects to select from and lots of quilty fun!

I'll be back with all the new arriving in the Shoppe,  and our S.p.R.u.N.g Workshop Re-Cap!

How am I going to do all of that you ask??? Well, I'll be blogging frequently over the next week!

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian


4th Annual S.p.R.u.N.g Wool Workshop Saturday, April 21! 4 Seats Left!


One of the things we love to host around here, is a quality workshop event. These workshops build community and teach new skills while introducing you to your favorite designers! Coming up on Saturday, April 21 is our 4th annual spring workshop, S.p.R.u.N.g!


Kathy Cardiff, one of our favorite designers, is returning to the Shoppe on Saturday, April 21 for this springtime event. Kathy designs patterns for her company, A Cottage at Cardiff Farms and has spent the last half of the year promoting her new book, "A Cottage Garden."

Since you do not bring your sewing machines to this workshop, you've got to sew your backgrounds at home. The workshop fee includes a complete wool kit, specialty instruction from Kathy and a gourmet, catered luncheon! Here's a little reminder:

If you are in the local area, you can still swing by and get your prep work on the days we are open.

If you're out of town, haven't registered and now want to attend...oh boy...we've got some challenges. You might be spending the night with your sewing machine! Better give us a call! 


In this workshop you will be learning Kathy's layering techniques and her favorite stitches. If you attended our Homespun & Holly Christmas Workshop this past December, the project for S.p.R.u.N.g is the same scale as her "First Day of Christmas...." project she did for Homespun & Holly which is pictured here below....


I haven't shown this before because it was only available to people who attended last year's Christmas workshop here at the Shoppe. I'm thinking, we might continue this theme for the 2018 Homespun & Holly.

We love Kathy's nature inspired designs and we love how she incorporates these fabulous textured backgrounds found in our Shoppe, with her wool projects. It gives everything she does a touch of class and sophistication.


We've been making some exclusive new Fat Quarter Bundles of these fabrics, but you can also order 1/2yd bundles! Just click here.
Pictured here are the Neutral Bundle and Rustic Bundle. Both bundles are perfect for backgrounds and I know that around here we can always use more background fabrics for our projects! There's never enough.

If there is a time of year where we love to work with wool, it's definitely in the fall seeew we thought we'd add a Vintage Halloween Bundle to our mix as well. These bundles are made-to-order and are seasonal offerings. This means that I will change them often as we are preparing for different seasons. Seeew...there's no telling how long they will last! As I always say, get it when I'm showing it to ya!

That's all I have for you today! Well...that's not really ALL..as that, well that just never happens. There is ALWAYS something new at our Shoppe seeew my job is never really done.

But for today...I'm done.

Thanks for joining us today and stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian

My New Favorite Book!


I was beginning to think I wouldn't have time to sit down and jot down a little note to ya'll this week but I've managed to squeeze a hot minute or two to share with you one of our favorite new books. In fact, Moda's Carrie Nelson mentioned the other day that proceeds from all of the  Moda All-Star books go to a charity. Proceeds from Moda All-Stars Mini-Charm Quilts go to the Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog program which is "a national human-care mission embracing the unique, calming nature and skills of purebred Golden Retrievers."Awwww...I love dogs!


Do you have this book yet?

If you have a collection of those Mini Charm packs sittin' around your creative space, what are you waiting for? You need to have this book and it's available to order here on our website. We ship with USPS using the Flat Rate Priority Envelope and charge the same rate as USPS.

We have a goal of making every project in the book as Mini's never go out of style and they are far easier to splash around the Shoppe than a big ole' quilt.

This first one was made with Creekside by Sherri & Chelsi. It's called Tulip Time and was designed by Pat Sloan! Since April is the month for Tulip festivals...well, it's just perfect. And speaking of Sherri & Chelsi, we love these two gems. Very sweet people. They have proven that their collections can work with a variety of seasons. Sherri will be teaching two new projects here at the Shoppe in September centered around their new Clover Hollow collection!


Merry-Go-Round was designed by Karla Eisenach of Sweetwater. For this sweet little quilt the mini-charms are pieced into scrappy hexagons before being appliqued in place. This one is made with a mix of Fig Tree fabrics. We can never have enough Fig Tree for sure.


I made a few Fig Tree Spring Bundles in an attempt to get the temperatures a tad bit warmer.

Seeew far it's not working. I mean...hi...we're in April, let's start seeing some rays!


Bayside was designed by Betsy Chutchian and features scrappy triangles crisscrossing throughout. Of course...the fabrics are Sweetwater. I love Sweetwater. Their collections are almost always different and this year they have four releases, Project Red, Harmony, Overnight Delivery and then one other one (I forgot the name). Everyone must love redwork because the Project Red Bundle is very popular!



Hey, I know this fabric! I've been working with Hi-De-Ho in my very first quilt. It only made sense to use it for Sandy Klop's cute little Rickrack Posies project.

I love how cheerful this collection is but it also has a retro 40's vibe. Bright...happy and cheerful.

I don't know what it is, but the two of us just can't get into dark fabrics anymore. Maybe because we did it for seeew many years in the larger store?? Over Easter we were watching many of the "Behind-the-Scenes" extras for The Greatest Showman and the costume designer mentioned how they avoided brown fabrics when creating the costumes. I was like, "See Mom, we know what we're doing afterall! It's all about color!


Last but not least, we have this very unique color combination for Spring called Greenery. I really love these fabrics with this table runner called Hopscotch by Sandy Gervais. It's fresh, crisp...traditional but yet feels contemporary. Prepare yourself for plenty of compliments with this one!



That's it for today. I've got to prepare the Shoppe for Moda's new Nest collection due to arrive either this afternoon or tomorrow! We are switching up some of the designers we carry to try something different. The "Mothership" is always keeping it fresh! Seeew we appreciate your patience and of course....thanks for checking us out today!

Stay Seeew...cial! ~ Brian

The Importance of Your Brick & Mortar Quilt Shops

I'm devoting quite a few posts a year about the importance of brick-and-mortar quilt shops like ours. At times I feel like people just are not listening. The biggest concern I hear from people whenever I post on this issue is that fabric is too expensive. As I've said over and over again, fabric has only increased $2-$3 since we opened in 2005 when it was $8.99/$9.99 - this is based on manufacturer and of course cotton vs. flannel/batik.  That equates to about .23 cents a year. That's hardly outrageous. I even asked this question: "So how much do you want to pay for fabric?" to which no one responded. Completely fascinating.
BTW...I bought a gallon of milk for $3.39 yesterday!
Anyway, I recently stumbled upon this article below and I loved its honesty.

United We Stand
Weeks Ringle, Modern Quilt Studio
The past few years have brought tremendous changes to the world of quilting. Shops have closed by scores. Magazines and book publishers have shuttered or merged with other publishers. American Quilter Society has ceased publishing books all together. City Quilter in New York is closing. Tension has arisen at times between genres of quilters who perceive one genre being intolerant to another.
We began teaching modern quilting in 2001. The ages of our students ranged from twenty-somethings to retirees. Even as early as 2001 we noticed that spending patterns were clearly divided by age. Retirees had large stashes and both the time and money to make lots of quilts. Younger quilters had student debt, insecure jobs and looming college and retirement costs that prevented them from spending as much time or money on quilting. If we had a studio sale with fabric deeply discounted, the 50+ crowd would spend hundreds of dollars and the 30-somethings would buy 4 fat quarters. It was a pattern we saw repeatedly. So we never drank the Kool-Aid about modern quilters or young quilters saving our shrinking industry. They can’t afford to.
Hiring designers based on the number of Instagram followers instead of talent will not save our industry. Deciding which books to publish based on the age of the author will not save our industry. Belittling other genres of quilting will definitely not save our industry. If you REALLY want to save our industry, here are a few things you can do:
1.) Buy fabric and supplies from an owner whose name you know. Buying quilting fabric from Massdrop or Fabric.com might not seem like a big deal but for a mom-and-pop retailer every dollar truly matters. If you buy from Massdrop, the designer makes 15-20 cents per yard at best. If you buy directly from the designer, they make $4-6 per yard. Insert Note from Brian: Why are we promoting buying from a designer over a store??? That's not helping your brick and mortar bring in new fabrics! Girl...don't even get me started. If you buy from a shop even better!
2.) Buy books from authors directly or through local quilt shops. If you buy a book from Amazon to save $4, the author makes $1. If you buy it from the author, the author makes typically half of the cost of the book, usually $10-15. If you buy it from a local quilt shop, the shop owner makes the profit but at least it stays in the industry and they stay in business and buy more books. It’s an enormous difference. Insert Note from Brian: The books have the MSRP directly listed on the book.
3.) Support ALL types of quilting. If you’re a modern quilter, go to an exhibit of applique quilts at a local guild. Do a shop hop of shops you haven’t been to. Take classes that are outside of your comfort zone. All of this money filters down to support guilds, teachers, shops and designers.  Insert note from Brian: Exactly! If a quilt shop that is local to you doesn't carry all of the fabrics you want, surely they have patterns, notions and classes! There is more than one way to support your local quilt shop.
4.) Teach someone to sew or quilt. Help a teenager make a quilt for college or for graduation. Show a boy how to make a messenger bag or a pillow for his room. Insert note from Brian: Or take a class at your local quilt shop, step out of your comfort zone and learn something new!
5.) Understand the laws of supply and demand. With fewer shops in business and fewer quilters, the cost of fabric has and will increase. Insert Note from Brian: Revisit what I said at the top of this blog. In 13 years fabric has increased .23 cents a year. Not outrageous. No one is taking advantage of you or ripping you off.  It’s just the economics of each yard costing more because fewer yards are being produced. Ditto for the cost of magazines, especially with magazines like ours that has no ads.
6.) Don’t expect everything for free. Unless you want quilting to go the way of tatting, with very few people able to make a living teaching or designing, don’t photocopy patterns for your friends and don’t limit what you can learn to YouTube. I understand that each of us only has so much money and it’s tempting to want to give away your favorite patterns with your guild friends, but if you don’t support shops, publishers, designers and the like, those people will have to find other ways to make a living. The closed shops, the shuttered publishers and those who have left the industry for greener pastures or as a result of closures are proof that it has become harder than it was 20 years ago to make a living in the quilting industry. Insert Note from Brian: "Can I just share the pattern with my friend?" Um...no.
Most importantly, can we just band together to support all quilters? And when I say support, I mean financially as well as sharing with others the work you find inspiring be it at a guild meeting or through social media. Can we decide that each quilt is made by someone who loves quilting as much as you do? If you don’t like the way quilt competitions are structured, suggest a new category. If you want more books on a certain topic, email the publisher. If you want more magazine coverage of a certain trend, let the editors know. If you want a certain fabric your local shop doesn’t carry, ask if they would be willing to order it. We are fortunate right now to have more work than we can manage. However, watching businesses related to quilting close affects all of us.
Please share in the comments section anything you can think of to support the quilting world.
I thought that was an interesting read and it's much appreciated. I REALLY like that they ended it with "please share in the comments anything you can think of to support the quilting world." Support...being the key word.
Obviously the world will not collapse if there are no quilt shops, but I would imagine to many of you it would certainly feel like it. There is a love/hate relationship with the internet. We love the convenience, but we hate that it ends up ruining jobs and the things we love to do in our leisure time.  We want our country and quilting community to be productive and prosperous for future generations but if we keep letting big on-line only corporations take over literally everything....just remember we've done it to ourselves. 
Stay Seeew-cial... ~ Brian

Happy St. Patick's Day!


Happy Worldwide Quilting Day and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Green-Cupcakes-3 (1)

As I always do, I stopped in at our neighbor...Lux Sucre Desserts to frost my lucky charms! Lo and behold I happened upon some green cupcakes and cookies shaped like clovers! P.S. I'm fine with being pinched, but hands-off of the mid-section!


This morning we hosted our monthly "What's For Breakfast?" Club. In my last post I wrote at great length about supporting brick-and-mortar quilt shops. This monthly event is a great way to create community by getting out of the house, interact with eachother while supporting our brick-and-mortar location! If you like quality projects and a good time...come to our What's For Breakfast? Club!

Someone was feeling festive today! Carol and Cheryl are newbies to our What's For Breakfast? Club but I've been noticing these lovely gals more and more at our events which is always a good thing! Thanks for coming ladies!


Every month the "Mothership" features a new project. Everyone who attends receives a complete kit to make whatever it is she's introducing. I wish I had taken video because when she revealed this month's there was a collective "Awwww...." from within.

This month she was inspired by the fabrics (pictured above) and surprised everyone with not just one project...but two projects from Bunny Hill Designs....perfect for springtime!

Super cute! If you weren't able to attend, no worries!

Jan did make a handful of kits for purchase here on our website of the Bunny towel.

I receive a lot of requests every month from those of you who live outside of Oregon asking to purchase some of these projects. I am pleased to tell you that I have created a new category for these items on our website here. Keep in mind that our "What's For Breakfast?" Club was created to interact with us and others in-person seeew not every project will be listed.


I had been wanting to share with you some of the new fabrics due to arrive this Spring! March and April are loaded for arrivals but I only have room to show you two today! I have a feeling there are those who can't wait to get their hands on some of these! Both of these collections have a vintage touch of traditional. Are these not perfect for our Shoppe?


By the way...do you know whose book would be perfect for some patterns using those two collections? Moda Lissa's! If you haven't heard the news, Lissa Alexander has a new book out and it is fantastic! You can read all about it right here!

I cannot wait until I get my first quilt completed seeew then I can move onto something a little more "intermediate." LOL. Clearly I'm not afraid!


Last but not least for today is our upcoming 4th annual S.p.R.u.N.g Workshop with Kathy Cardiff. We love Kathy! Her nature inspired wool designs are awesome! Since she is our only featured designer for this year's event, the project will be bigger than if we have several designers. Seeew...not only do you get a catered, gourmet luncheon and specialty instruction from Kathy, but you also get a complete kit included with your fee!

There is some pre-work to do before the workshop on April 21, seeew we do have a "drop dead" registration deadline of March 31. If you are not local, that is ok as we will mail out the pre-work portion of the kit before the workshop. This is why I say over and over again....to get signed up EARLY. The sooner you register, you're going to love your life! If you can't register until after March 31, send us an email to hollyhillorders@comcast.net but don't wait too long as we do have limited seating.

That's all I have time for today! My other duties call (which are kind of important) seeew thank you for reading! ~ Brian