Hen House Pillow Kit
Quilt Sample Sale!

Here's The Next Quilt Kit You're Going to Be Happy Making!



There are only 10 kits available to Pre-Order. Kits will ship in 2-3 weeks depending on number of orders. All of the details for the pre-order can be found here. As I shared in the last post, if you don't order things when we advertise them, or within like a week or two, there's a chance it won't be available anymore. I'm not kidding. I get so many people coming to my blog from Pinterest and they are looking at OLD items from years ago and wanting us to produce it. Sorry. This industry is so unpredictable it's impossible to know what people are going to want years later and we just can't sit on inventoy.  For a quilt like this the "Mothership" only makes kits with exact fabrics as shown. Fabric coordination is key.  So you must pre-order. Click the link I provided above for all of the details!

Stay Seew-cial - Brian