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Memoirs Sweet Sampler Quilt KIt



There's a brand new quilt kit on our website today! It's called the Memoirs Sweet Sampler Quilt and it's already quite the hit! The fabrics are from Moda's new Memoirs collection by that popular trio, 3 Sisters! The warm golds, rusts, grays and indigo combine to create a fabulous traditional quilt that is warm and inviting.  The kits are selling quickly seeew don't wait!


Everything you need is included...yes, even the backing! The backing is this stunning Indigo tonal pictured above. When we had our brick-and-mortar I can't tell you the number of times someone waited to get their backing. The collection was either sold out or they just couldn't find one that worked. Why put yourself through that misery? Get your backings with your quilt kits and be done with it. We all know it ends up in our closets and we don't get to work on them for at least two years. Plus...the "Mothership" has a fabulous price while it's on sale seeew grab yours here! Only a handful left!


You know...I couldn't help but notice how these gorgeous hand-dyed wool bundles pick up some of the colors in the quilt! I'm always thinking in terms of "themes" when it comes to decorating. I'm sure there has to be some adorable wool accent projects to make with these. And why not? All wool bundles are 25% off until gone! The "Mothership" shared awhile back that going forward wool will only be available from her in B.O.M's or as part of a kit. Seeew stock up here! The price is fabulous!


That's all I have for you tonight. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Do you love the Memoirs Quilt? I certainly do! Reader feedback is super important so leave me comments letting me know what you'd like to hear more about as we go forward.

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian