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Derby House Block Of The Month Begins Spring 2020


Hello everyone! I am happy to be back behind-the-scenes blogging for my mom, Jan!  I've been gone for so long from the blog, I don't really know where to begin. There has been much transition since my dad, Rick passed away in June. Thank you to everyone for your patience and the messages you sent to my mom. That was a life changing experience for her (as it would be for anyone) so I really appreciate it.

Pictured above are the gorgeous new fabrics from Minick & Simpson called, Mackinac Island. Our favorite Minick & Simpson collections have always been those in which they feature crystal clear blues, geranium reds and the grand whites of those clean summer porches. Mackinac Island is an actual place...a beautiful island that can only be reached by boat. It's seeew....Fantasy Island! Hee hee.

This collection does not arrive until 2020 but we already have been planning for our 2020 Block-Of-The Month called...Derby House B.O.M. Afterall, the start of a new year is ALWAYS a great time to begin a new B.O.M. Right? 

Here it is...


This BOM is filled with simple-to-create blocks and a beautiful array of applique blocks. Each month you will create three types of blocks of various types and colorways. The quilt assembly will not be completed until the completion of Month 10. The quilt is assembled in nine vertical rows , giving you an easy and stunning finish.

Derby House Block of the Month is a 10-month program starting in late February 2020. The quilt measures 80" x 90". Blocks will ship once a month. This is an on-line only program with blocks mailed to you in the mail. Follow this link here for all of the details and get signed up! Don't forget to also reserve your backing fabric! She offers discounts to those who register so again... read all about it here! The registration deadline is December 31, 2019. Because Block of the Month programs take a significant amount of planning you must register before the deadline. There will be no late additions once the program has started.


A quilt that involves this much fabric and color coordination is a great quilt to do as a block of the month. My mom has always delivered an exceptional block of the month not to mention kits! What we exactly what you get. The blocks are sent each month so that you will be excited enough to complete them...which makes sure you do not get overwhelmed and have yet another U.F.O. We want you to feel amazing and have this finished in ten months! You've seen what I do with new quilts that are finished on our Instagram, yes???


The complete quilt was on display at Quilt Market and it is just gorgeous! I love that bird applique block on the bottom! Another thing we love about working with fabrics and projects by Minick & Simpson....SAVE YOUR SCRAPS! Why? Because you can never have enough red, white and blue in your stash for other Minick & Simpson projects! Espeically Laurie's applique projects!


Seeew that's about all I'm going to show you today. I hope you stay with me as I re-imagine this blog. I'll also be incorporating newsletters onto her website as we update images. Honestly it's a lot for one person to handle on top of cutting and filling orders, mailing labels, hauling your orders to the post office, planning kits, ordering fabric...raising my niece alone now, etc. seeew I'm happy to help! Plus, I still believe that blogs are better than Social Media platforms because you can elaborate, link and create more.  There's also a personal touch with blogs in which I can share my own story...which I will as we get the creative wheels turning on this blog again!

Seeew...keep it real and let's all stay in touch!  Don't forget to register for the Block of the Month!

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian