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New Hand Dyed Wool Bundles!



The weather is cooling down a bit and I got in the mood to make some beautiful hand-dyed wool bundles.  For me, I personally don't like that splotchy/mottled look. I only buy from the best hand dyers and I love a fabulous texture. Pictured above are nine of the thirteen new color bundles I just introduced on my website today!

You can find each of these bundles available here in my new Wool Corner. I am also cleaning out all of my wool kits so they are all on sale until gone! You can check out all of my remaining kits here.  Woolkits-2
Thank you for your continued support. If you receive my email, you know that this Summer was very difficult. For those of you who do not know, my husband unexpectedly passed away in June. Just the day before he was making dinner, washing dishes, walking our dog Maggie...and the next morning....gone. It puts a lot of things into perspective and it's a reminder that you never know when your last day is upon you.

I will add that my son, Brian will soon be returning to the blog to keep communicating with all of you. With my husband gone I am doing all of the things he did while planning kits, cutting kits, ordering fabric, pre-cuts and more. So Brian's help will be greatly appreciated. Plus he has a way of communicating with a certain style.

That's it for tonight. Start thinking of your Autumn and Christmas projects with wool because those new colors are perfect for the season and each bundle is just $18.99! - Jan