Oh Christmas!
New Hand Dyed Wool Bundles!

"Christmas Isn't Christmas Till Ya'll Get Here"...



Ho! Ho! Ho! I say this every year and I mean it every year...our workshops are my favorite part of the Shoppe. Since we have become a destination, it is heartwarming to hear from people who have traveled across the country to attend! Their enthusiasm is contagious and they are super excited to be here! At the same time, we have many others who have attended every year since 2009. They come with such joy in their hearts and eager to create another set of hand-made holiday projects. The "Mothership" and I greatly appreciate those who have been so dedicated to this event and our Shoppe. It has been a true pleasure in getting to know many of you! 

First, I want to share with you something special (pictured below)! All of our participants this year received a kit from the "Mothership" to make this adorable Fig Tree table mat called, "Blossoms & Jam." It is made with those delightful 2.5" Mini Charm Packs known as Moda Candy. What a nice gift! Um, where's mine? The "Mothership" used Basic Grey's Evergreen to make ours. Super cute!


If you've never attended a Homespun & Holly Workshop, you need to know that our invited designers design an exclusive "secret" project just for you! There is NO PEAKING before. If you attended this year, be sure to comment in the comments at the end of this post! Which was your favorite project? What did you like the most about the workshop? 

When I talk about bringing your Christmas cheer, well...just look at these lovely ladies! Smiles all around! We even had some jaw-dropping moments with Jayne, Freda & Sherri Falls (upper left). 


This year it was Table 4 that seemed to be where it was at. Each of the three days, three different sets of ladies were very "seeew-cial" with one another at this particular table. During our S.p.R.u.N.g Workshop, it was Table 1. I love to hear you all laughing and sharing your stories! All in all, old friends and new friends gathered to make some very festive memories. This is what I love about Quilt World...the ability to come in as strangers and leave as friends. 

Of course, throughout the three days we saw many new and familiar faces come and enjoy the workshop! Some even came from as far away as Nebraska, Utah, Missouri, California, Idaho and Arizona! Here are just some of the many lovely people who joined us for the 7th Annual Homespun & Holly....


Now there is one more element to our workshop that I obsess over. 

The catered luncheon, otherwise known as FOOD!

Instead of making you wait in a line for a buffet, we serve you family style at your table! Talk about service? I hope you enjoy it as much as we do setting it up. While Priscilla "Queen of the Dessert" was preparing the salads, I managed to take a quick pic of her table setting in progress....


On the menu this year, she literally named the Orzo Pasta just for me! LOL. I could eat that like...every day. Seeew good.

Last but not least we couldn't have a holiday workshop without giving you a festive, inspiring environment in which to create. We even had a different table cloth color for each day! Red on Friday, a deep Aqua on Saturday and Christmas Evergreen on Sunday!  Thank you to our five designers for creating such beautiful samples to share with all of you! 





Well, there you have it! The 7th Homespun & Holly has officially come and gone now the question is, "what are you going to do next?

I can honestly tell you that, "No, I'm not going to Disneyland." However, I am already planning for our 8th Annual Homespun & Holly in December of 2016! 

In fact, we've already launched registrations for all three of our popular workshops including S.p.R.u.N.g (April 9 & 10), Wool N' Harvest (October 1 & 2), and the 8th annual Homespun & Holly

I now invite you to register for the 2016 Homespun & Holly Workshop. I'm changing up the theme for next year and we will be reducing the number of seats available (I need space for what I want to do), seeew don't wait too long! For the first time since 2010, the workshop will be in the first week of December making this a true Christmas holiday workshop!

Seeew excited! Are you? 

Stay seeew-cial and if you attended this year's event don't forget to leave a comment in the comments below letting me know what your favorite part of the workshop was!  Happy Holly-Days! ~ Brian