Oh Christmas!
"Christmas Isn't Christmas Till Ya'll Get Here"...




I have a brand new sample sale available here on my website! In order to have many quilts on display all at once, I have a couple of piecers I pay to have the quilts brought to life. Even in this age of digital images to show you what the quilt looks like, some still for some reason have to see the quilt made up even though it looks exactly the same.

As I continue, if I have made the kit EXACTLY the same as the digital of the quilt, I'm not making up samples. People don't sew for free in 2019 and custom quilting is never cheap. If you want cheap, you will see the difference. I'm also not throwing a bunch of fabrics carelessly together. Each quilt features color coordination with fresh fabrics and designs. I offer a generous discount on all samples which saves you a couple hundred on each quilt.  Larger quilts, quilts featuring extensive applique or custom quilted quilts will always cost more.

Continue to below to see some of the samples in my SAMPLE SALE! ~ Jan

*PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer selling fabrics and patterns for these quilts. This is a SAMPLE SALE only.