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I don't know what happened to the month of July? Do you? It was here and then boom...GONE. As in year's past I feel like once August/September arrives, the rest of the year just flies by. Of course, if making seasonal projects is your thing now is the time to get busy!


This year I told the "Mothership" that I really wanted to focus on Autumn. After witnessing our first Autumn here in Charbonneau last year - which helloooo it was gorgeous - I thought we needed to celebrate it more! Since the "Mothership" and Christine are huge Lori Holt fans, it's only obvious that I would share Lori's new Autumn Love Quilt! If you are not aware, Lori's new Sew Along for this quilt begins August 20 on her blog. We have complete kits available to order here and they will ship in October. Even though the Sew Along starts on her blog in August, there will be plenty of time to join her and work on this project. This is a pre-order and I highly suggest that you order soon.  We only kit with exact fabrics and sometimes when fabrics sell out it's difficult to restock kits.

Jans-Farm-Girl-Quilt-1 (1)
For the "Mothership" and Christine (above), they have spent the last four years obsessing over everything Lori Holt since the first session of our Farm Girl Vintage B.O.M.

We are just wrapping up Session 2 of this popular B.O.M. Which reminds me...those of you in our in-store program that didn't show up for the last meeting (and there were quite a few of you)....this little message is for you:

Will she do a third session of Farm Girl Vintage? I have no idea at this point but I do know that we are already underway with the Quilty Fun B.O.M. seeew if you want to sign up for that give us a call at 503-694-8052. Here's the first row that they worked on...


Earlier this Summer we were lucky to have Lori Holt join us for a two day workshop. The workshop focused on a new project using her Sew Simple Shapes. Longtime customer Chris R. (below) was beyond thrilled to meet her favorite designer and get a chance to take a picture with Lori!

Lori-Holt-Tuesday-2 (1)

For two days quilters from all over joined us in the classroom to celebrate and learn from Lori Holt herself. It was seriously the best two days EVER! If you have never met Lori, let me tell ya she is the absolute sweetest! You can tell that she puts a lot of thought into what she creates and she wants to spread joy with her art. She's a gift. A true gift!


Can you imagine a room full of Lori Holt quilts??? How can you not be happy and walk with a bounce in your step? I mean????? There is seriously....no other way to live. BEE HAPPY!

Lori-Holt-Tuesday-3 (1)



That's all I have for you today! Must get to work and get the doors open...for you. But listen, if you're not getting our daily emails you are missing out on a ton of news and new products! As I shared a the beginning of this post, we are preparing for Autumn and the "Mothership" is bringing in tons of new wool for some new Autumn inspired projects! I also have a lot to catch up on with blogging but I want to know what you want to know! Gotta leave me comments seeew I know what it is you want to hear or see more of!

Until next time...Stay Seeew-cial! :-) ~ Brian


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