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A Bird & A New Song



With the end of Summer fast approaching, I realized I needed to get out and enjoy our beautiful scenery around the Shoppe! Of also helps when I have a new quilt and a new song to share with you! ya think she did it on her own? LOL. I know I do this blog on my own. Maybe I need a song? Now I don't know much about Claire Richards...except that she is a rising star in the U.K., is 40 and has fabulous hair. Ya know...the important stuff.

As I've listened to it for the 20th time the video has hints of Wilson Phillips Hold On. If you don't know what that is....we can't be friends. LOL. But here's what I do is full of adversity and everyone is dealing with something. Many of you come into the Shoppe, share your own stories and just know, I appreciate you.


I also know that we have a new quilt kit and it's called, Bird Song!

Do you see the hidden bird on that stem?

Our kit of course includes ample fabric to complete the top and binding. You will need to purchase the Mini Quick Curve Ruler and book (which has 16 other projects) separately. All the information you need to know is right here.

Aren't ya glad I did all of this for you..."all on my own?" LOL. BTW...the "Mothership" creates kits for your convenience. We know how long it takes to assist someone in store several months after a kit has sold out.  Seeew...the moral of the story is to get it when I'm talking about it. If you want your project to look like we are showing, purchasing the kit is the best way to go. Not only are they excellently priced but you also receive Quilting Queen Rewards!

The "Mothership" made ours with the gorgeous Sunkissed fabrics from Tilda that arrived in the Shoppe this past June.


Have you discovered Tilda yet? The fabrics are out of this world. Yes, they retail more because they are imported and a duty has to be paid, but they are seeew worth it!

Here's an idea of a pattern that would look amazing with some of these fabrics. Again, you will need the Quick Curve Ruler. Click the image to order the pattern or click here.


The "Mothership" also used these fabrics in her "secret" project for our Mother's Celebration Brunch this past May. Apparently I forgot to share seeew here it's that sweet little bag with the heart clasp below. Our next Breakfast Club is Saturday, September 15 from 9am-11am seeew come on in and join us as she has another "secret" project just for you!


I should mention that the Sunkissed collection is starting to disappear from the shelves but never-fear there is a new collection scheduled for later this Autumn.


I would love to continue my seeew-cial-fest for today, but I kind of promised my niece we'd go do something before Summer is over!

Stay Seeew-cial and you can definitely do it...on your own! ~ Brian


Checking In With Our Merry Merry Snowmen B.O.M.



I thought it was time to give you a peak at the progress of our Merry Merry Snowmen Block-of-The-Month. We began this program in March and I believe they just received block 6. There are nine blocks total seeew they will have this completed by November if our group stayed on task. Hee hee. I mentioned back in February that you would want to sign up for this program because it would be very cute. I only had a picture of block 1, and some asked to see the entire quilt but for this program the "Mothership" decided she would plan it as we went along. The good news is she will have a limited number of kits to sell (see the end of this post for more info).  Merry-Merry-Snowmen-1

Obviously, I never doubt the "Mothership" when it comes to her ability with color and fabric selection. She rocks it every single time. 

Before my post gets too long here's a little backstory about Merry Merry Snowmen.

The Bunny Hill Designs pattern has been around for quite some time. In fact, our first version we made was using the reds and tans from French General collections back in 2010/2011. We have since sold our original sample , but back in 2012 I had photographed our sample hanging on a chair to which someone pinned to Pinterest. It is the quilt that will not go away despite us having put it to rest here in the Shoppe. Every Autumn/Winter I get countless emails asking about it. I will remind you that Pinterest is not our website and pictures can be from years ago. Keep that in mind.


Since more and more people were wanting to make the quilt but didn't know how to obtain the fabrics, the "Mothership" began to put together a new version except this time instead of the red and tan, she would select our signature color of AQUA!

These will be the borders. Precious alert.

  Merry-Merry-Snowmen-4 (1)

The result is the whimsical quilt she has re-created with unique and original fabrics for this version exclusive to our Shoppe! 

Merry-Merry-Snowmen-5 (3)
Seeew far it is nothing short of darling. I love the vintage feel and the red and aqua fits our new location here in Charbonneau, perfectly! In the end, it has been totally worth re-imagining.


Seeew what happens next?

Well, as you can see I only have six blocks to share with you here. We still have three more months to go! We did close off the B.O.M. sometime ago, but the "Mothership" is making a limited number of kits that are available to order here and will be shipped in September 2018. To re-imagine a quilt of this much detail requires a special amount of dedication and skill. You will not find a kit of these fabrics anywhere else. This is truly one-of-a-kind and we will only produce these kits once. Once they are gone....THEY ARE GONE. 

Alright everyone! Thank you for joining me today! Stay merry and most of all stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian

Introducing Autumn Love & Everything Else Lori Holt!



I don't know what happened to the month of July? Do you? It was here and then boom...GONE. As in year's past I feel like once August/September arrives, the rest of the year just flies by. Of course, if making seasonal projects is your thing now is the time to get busy!


This year I told the "Mothership" that I really wanted to focus on Autumn. After witnessing our first Autumn here in Charbonneau last year - which helloooo it was gorgeous - I thought we needed to celebrate it more! Since the "Mothership" and Christine are huge Lori Holt fans, it's only obvious that I would share Lori's new Autumn Love Quilt! If you are not aware, Lori's new Sew Along for this quilt begins August 20 on her blog. We have complete kits available to order here and they will ship in October. Even though the Sew Along starts on her blog in August, there will be plenty of time to join her and work on this project. This is a pre-order and I highly suggest that you order soon.  We only kit with exact fabrics and sometimes when fabrics sell out it's difficult to restock kits.

Jans-Farm-Girl-Quilt-1 (1)
For the "Mothership" and Christine (above), they have spent the last four years obsessing over everything Lori Holt since the first session of our Farm Girl Vintage B.O.M. 

Will she do a third session of Farm Girl Vintage? I have no idea at this point but I do know that we are already underway with the Quilty Fun B.O.M. seeew if you want to sign up for that give us a call!  Here's the first row that they worked on...


Earlier this Summer we were lucky to have Lori Holt join us for a two day workshop. The workshop focused on a new project using her Sew Simple Shapes. Longtime customer Chris R. (below) was beyond thrilled to meet her favorite designer and get a chance to take a picture with Lori!

Lori-Holt-Tuesday-2 (1)

For two days quilters from all over joined us in the classroom to celebrate and learn from Lori Holt herself. It was seriously the best two days EVER! If you have never met Lori, let me tell ya she is the absolute sweetest! You can tell that she puts a lot of thought into what she creates and she wants to spread joy with her art. She's a gift. A true gift!


Can you imagine a room full of Lori Holt quilts??? How can you not be happy and walk with a bounce in your step? I mean????? There is other way to live. BEE HAPPY!

Lori-Holt-Tuesday-3 (1)



That's all I have for you today! Must get to work and get the doors open...for you. But listen, if you're not getting our daily emails you are missing out on a ton of news and new products! As I shared a the beginning of this post, we are preparing for Autumn and the "Mothership" is bringing in tons of new wool for some new Autumn inspired projects! I also have a lot to catch up on with blogging but I want to know what you want to know! Gotta leave me comments seeew I know what it is you want to hear or see more of!

Until next time...Stay Seeew-cial! :-) ~ Brian


Lori-Holt-Workshop-Tuesday-5 (1)