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Checking In With Our Merry Merry Snowmen B.O.M.



I thought it was time to give you a peak at the progress of our Merry Merry Snowmen Block-of-The-Month. We began this program in March and I believe they just received block 6. There are nine blocks total seeew they will have this completed by November if our group stayed on task. Hee hee. I mentioned back in February that you would want to sign up for this program because it would be very cute. I only had a picture of block 1, and some asked to see the entire quilt but for this program the "Mothership" decided she would plan it as we went along. The good news is she will have a limited number of kits to sell (see the end of this post for more info).  Merry-Merry-Snowmen-1

Obviously, I never doubt the "Mothership" when it comes to her ability with color and fabric selection. She rocks it every single time. 

Before my post gets too long here's a little backstory about Merry Merry Snowmen.

The Bunny Hill Designs pattern has been around for quite some time. In fact, our first version we made was using the reds and tans from French General collections back in 2010/2011. We have since sold our original sample , but back in 2012 I had photographed our sample hanging on a chair to which someone pinned to Pinterest. It is the quilt that will not go away despite us having put it to rest here in the Shoppe. Every Autumn/Winter I get countless emails asking about it. I will remind you that Pinterest is not our website and pictures can be from years ago. Keep that in mind.



This past December, a lifestyle blogger that focuses on kitchen fun with her three sons, took my picture from Pinterest and shared it with her 5 million followers. Of course she didn't give us a heads up and provided no details on her post except that she linked it to our shop. I woke up one morning to over 80 emails. It was overwhelming because nobody addresses an email properly anymore. Everyone was just shouting at me. "How can I get this quilt?" "You have a quilt. Snowmen. How can I get this to Florida before Christmas?" "Contact me with costs of this quilt. I live in Georgia." I started to get the feeling that the followers of this individual were not quilters. Don't get me wrong, some were but the majority of them basically thought we had them mass produced.


These will be the borders. Precious alert.


If the emails weren't pouring in, our phone was ringing non-stop keeping us very busy! Seeew thank you for that! Finally the Mothership contacted Anne Sutton (Bunny Hill Designs) and Anne was like, "What is going on????" LOL. We told her what happened and well...she doesn't keep a huge supply on hand either. Seeew we worked out an arrangement where she could produce so many each month as she has deadlines with Moda. I can't imagine her own frustration but she nevertheless delivered! THANK YOU ANNE! I then put up the pattern for pre-orders explaining that if you order between this date and this date, your pattern will ship in estimated month.

Merry-Merry-Snowmen-4 (1)

What came next? all had to be shipped. I only share this because I want you to know there is a process and much time dedicated to a quilt shop. I've always said it is the most labor intensive of any retail.

Merry-Merry-Snowmen-5 (3)
Since more and more people were wanting to make the quilt but didn't know how to obtain the fabrics, the "Mothership" began to put together a new version except this time instead of the red and tan, she would select our signature color of AQUA!

The result is the whimsical quilt she has re-created with unique and original fabrics for this version exclusive to our Shoppe! 

Seeew far it is nothing short of darling. I love the vintage feel and the red and aqua fits our new location here in Charbonneau, perfectly! In the end, it has been totally worth re-imagining.


Seeew what happens next?

Well, as you can see I only have six blocks to share with you here. We still have three more months to go! We did close off the B.O.M. sometime ago, but the "Mothership" is making a limited number of kits that are available to order here and will be shipped in September. To re-imagine a quilt of this much detail requires a special amount of dedication and skill. You will not find a kit of these fabrics anywhere else. This is truly one-of-a-kind and we will only produce these kits once. Once they are gone....THEY ARE GONE.  If you are not an "on-line" person as I so often hear, you can call us at 503-694-8052 and speak with Jan (the Mothership) or Christine. 

Alright everyone! Thank you for joining me today! Stay merry and most of all stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian