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It's Looking A Bit Wooly

Sprung-Workshop-1 (1)


Quilt Market is here in Portland this week and we've already started the day off with a bus tour! Most of those on the bus are other shop owners or "industry folks" seeew there is definitely an energy that is much appreciated! Of course I always love the people from Australia, New Zealand and Norway! They are positive, full of excitement, and just amazed! Love that!

Since we've been busy here at the Shoppe with several things including our upcoming Lori Holt Workshops, I thought I would try to get a quick update in before I get too far behind!

What happened to blogging many times last week? I seriously have no idea...LOL.

The most important take-away from this post is this week we are closed on Friday, May 18 to attend Quilt Market (this is for retailers only and is not open to the public). We are closed on Sunday as we have the Lori Holt Workshops to prepare for seeew there is no way we can give you an extra day that day. However, if you're still in town on Monday, May 21 we are adding 11am-4pm. This is normally a closed day seeew be sure to come out and see us if you're a Monday kind of guy/gal! New-Wool

First, the "Mothership" has brought in some new hand-dyed wool packs which I am completely in love with! I'm smitten for blue in nearly any shade seeew you can see which ones I'm going to gravitate towards. Our packs of Wool are available here in our on-line Shoppe and here in-store! We make a limited quantity at a time....seeew the longer you wait, the more of a risk there is the best selection will be gone before the time you arrive!


Hmmm...what would we make with all of that? Well if you don't know by now we love the sophisticated, nature inspired designs of The Cottage at Cardiff Farms. Kathy's small projects are elegant and are perfect for working on during those summer road trips. You can find patterns for all of these small projects right here on our website! The patterns for many of these smaller items are just $2.00 ea. Keep in mind shipping with USPS (we use the USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail Envelope) is $6.70 seeew order more than one pattern to make your shipping worth it!

Can I get ya anything? Pineapple? LOL.


Wool-Display-1 (2)

Everyone that comes in tends to love on A Single Stem (that unique pillow), Bleeding Heart and Flour. I don't know how you could pick just one? I don't know about you all, but something tells me Kathy loves to garden!

Wool-Trunk-Show (1)

Oh by the way....the fabrics on top of the table here are those linen textured backgrounds I showed to you a few posts back.

At least...I think I did??? If I didn''s a little reminder with my Neutral Fat Quarter Bundle. I know this might come as a shocker...but I like to sell things.


Now hold onto your woolen wares because this next picture are the blocks from our recent Wooly Barn B.O.M. which used Kathy's B.O.M. "Where the Cows Come Home." The "Mothership" and Christine spent the last year preparing these blocks each month on top of countless other projects....and well, they finally finished our blocks for our sample!

Wooly-Barn-BOM (3)
Next they will have to apply the borders and sashing. Last I heard we had
one kit left here seeew don't wait! Knowing how this blog works for me, when all of the kits are gone, and it's 2021, someone will find this on Pinterest and message me for a kit.

Trust me, I still get people coming to the blog from a Pinterest picture that was posted in 2012 from my blog! This is my one challenge with Pinterest that drives me to a cube of cheese. 

Sprung-Workshop-2Here is a group photo of some of the participants who stayed behind after our S.p.R.u.N.g. Workshop a few weeks ago! They joined us and Kathy Cardiff to work on Kathy's "For The Bees" project which is in her new book, "A Cottage Garden." In fact, all of those projects behind these talented gems....they are all from that book!

This quilt is flippin' fantastic! Absolutely gorgeous!


It wouldn't be a blog post from me if I didn't include food! As always during any of our designer workshops we load you up with lots of food!

Contrary to folklore, I did not lock myself in a closet and make love to this gem of a carrot cake! Perfect for a workshop called, S.p.R.u.N.g don't ya think?


Finally for today, I leave you with this....our new sign pictured below!

You know you're a permanent resident of the Charbonneau District when the "official" sign is mounted above your Shoppe! It was a long year of transition from our move and I sincerely thank those who had an active part in making our first year successful! We still are creating and trying to figure out how to bring more charm into our quaint location...seeeww stay in tune! ~ Brian


Give The Gift of Creativity for Mother's Day!



It's been a much busier week than I expected seeew I'll keep this post fairly short.

There are only a handful of seats left for our 4th annual Mother's Celebration Brunch. Pictured is the secret project from last year on the left while on the right hand side are some of the selected Tilda fabrics the "Mothership" will be using in this year's secret project.

I cover all the details here on our website.


Are you a "Bag Lady?" If you are...the May "Extra Special" has been announced! Throughout the month of May, "Bag Ladies" receive 10% off all regular priced kits throughout the Shoppe. You must present your bag at the time of purchase. Of course, this is in addition to your regular Bag Lady special.


Also, today and tomorrow enjoy our Finished Quilt Sale! If you want something amazing, I highly suggest you grab one of these quilts up! 2 days only! These four quilts are just a few of our most popular quilts that we are always being asked about...but, it's time to say good-bye as we make new quilts!

Before I head out of here, a programming note: The Shoppe will be closed Friday, May 18 for a Special Event. I've had this posted on our website for over a month now...seeew hopefully people have made a note of it.

Thanks for visiting today! I'll be back with more!

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian