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True Blue: I Love You

After Market Preview Party Is Tomorrow Night!



It has been one event after another and I have a Sh...quilt-load of stuff to share with you, but the challenge is finding the time to do it! Between our Instagram, Facebook, Newsletter (on the website) and our daily email...I can honestly only type seeew much.

Balance is key.

Besides, it's better to see you in-person anyway.

Which brings me to our After Market Preview Party! As you can see from the image "hint" above we have some fantastic prizes and things to share with you! The "Mothership" will be sharing some of the many things coming to the Shoppe over the next 6 months including fabrics and programs! The night will be filled with some fabulous prize opportunities, wine & cheese and special discounts on preorders! You can register here or you can call us at 503-694-8052.

Before we move onto the next thing though...."There's something I want you to have..."


Someone has to get excited around here...might as well be me! In my own special way of course...


As I shared at the beginning, I have TONS to discuss and share with you, but since most of you are now reading my blog on a mobile device, I'm keeping it simple. I personally prefer to read blogs on desktops because you don't have to keep scrolling just to read. Anyway, we've been creating many new samples such as the table runner pictured above. It's just a close-up for now until it is quilted and ready for display!

The fabrics however are a combination of Leonie Bateman's Sorbet collection and Lori Holt's Bee Backgrounds.


About two months ago I shared several of the new Mini Quilt projects we had been working on from the Moda All-Stars Mini Charm Quilts book. I think at the time that I posted we had about five, well we just added one more to the mix and I'm in love! I don't know how much spare time you get, but after putting this together you might not have any?


I love how the "Mothership" took Sweetwater's Authentic Etc. and created a contemporary feel to this project.

Finally, we are prepping for this year's Row by Row Experience which begins June 21, 2018. More than likely we will reveal our project near or on that date seeew we do appreciate your patience. This year's theme just happens to be....


Hmmm....for some reason this theme fits me to a tee!


Stay in tune and stay seeew-cial ~ Brian