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It's Been A Creative Week! Block 1 of Our Merry Merry Snowmen BOM & Lori Holt's Quilty Fun Announcement



Our first in-store meeting for our Merry Merry Snowmen Block of The Month was yesterday here at the Shoppe! As you can see the "Mothership" has selected a cheerful new color palette that fits in perfectly with our Shoppe here in Charbonneau! It was nice to see seeew many signing up for the in-store meetings as that shows me people are still interested in needing their brick-and-mortars. If you are participating through the mail or "on-line" as it is now referred, blocks will be mailed in the coming week. 

Pictured above is Block 1.

Merry-Merry-Snowmen-BOM-2 (1)

The "Mothership" and Christine have Month 2 in the works! I don't think folks always realize the time consuming steps of fabric selection. It's one of the biggest reasons why we kit around here.

Convenience. Convenience. Convenience! When we don't kit people act seeew disappointed that it can't be reproduced exactly. When we do provide kits, "do you have just the pattern?" I've said this for years and it literally makes me want to eat a cube of cheese.



This is a nine month program and if you keep up with your blocks each month,  we will all be finished by November! Merry Christmas indeed! Right?

If you'd like to join us, we discovered we could make room for a few more people seeew get signed up here! If you can join us in-store that's even better because we will be offering some extra quilty-fun along the way! Either way you join us, it's assumed you already know a method of applique. You will also need to purchase the pattern which is available here.

Jans-Farm-Girl-Quilt-1 (1)

In other news...the "Mothership" finally was able to finish her Farm Girl Vintage Quilt which was started back in 2015 with our first Farm Girl Vintage B.O.M.

Jans-Farm0Girl-Vintage-3 (2)

2 years in the making! The Mothership's quilt incorporates blocks from our first Farm Girl Vintage B.O.M ( Fall 2015- Winter 2016) and our second session of Farm Girl Vintage ( August 2017 - Current).

I absolutely love this and I can't wait to proudly display it in the Shoppe just in time for Lori's visit to the Shoppe this May! In fact, she will be teaching a new project during our Bee In My Bonnet Lori Holt Workshop, May 21 and May 22! It's a one day workshop seeew you pick the day you want to attend. We have added just four seats to each day so if you want to attend, you've got to grab those seats as soon as possible !


Since we will probably not do a third session of Farm Girl Vintage, we do offer individual block kits for sale here on our website for your quilty pleasure.

Our next B.O.M. will be Lori Holt's Quilty Fun Row Quilt and that starts March 31. The picture below is Lori's quilt from the book but rest assured the "Mothership" will do a fantastic job with our version. You can learn about and register for Quilty Fun here on our website.


That's all I have for you today! I'm going to call it a day and go home to my two kid-lets...Chance the Lhasa and Miss Grace Adler the Dachshund!

Have a good night everyone and stay seeew-cial! Brian