A Look At New Fabric Including Zen Chic, Sweetwater, Fig Tree's Christmas Figs & 3 Sisters!
Crossing The Line & Learning to Quilt

This Is How My World Gets Made...



Before I take you on a journey of new fabrics arriving this Spring & Summer, I want to thank those of you who actively support our Shoppe whether through purchases online or in-store. My time is worth something (I would hope) and it's how this blog is brought to you.

I also wanted to introduce you to how my world gets made here on the blog! It all starts with this sweet song from Broadway's Amelie....

And these two gems pictured below....the "Mothership" and Christine!


Without these ladies, I would not have content to share! It doesn't just magically happen and it's never as "instant" as the internet makes everything seem.

They finally got some time to work on each of their Vintage Barn Girl Quilts from the BOM they did last year! Since Lori Holt is coming to the Shoppe in May for a brand new workshop, I guess they figured they'd better get them done!

Cherry-Block-1 (1)

I love everything about this quilt, from the colors to the Farm Girl Vintage blocks they chose to incorporate into their barns. ❤️


When they are not sewing samples they are making other cute things for our popular monthly What's For Breakfast? Club. Have you attended one yet? If not, we'd love to see you! This adorable Aqua Garden Vintage Pincushion was one of the featured projects and is now available to order on our website or over the phone. I will note that since the Mothership paints each pitcher by hand, they do require more time to mail due to drying.

It's a full fledged production but again...it's how my world gets made!


Oh I almost forgot...we are also starting to make some Laura Heine samples and they insist it's something I could easily do! Maybe I'll give it a whirl???


I also contribute to how our world gets made in my own little special way! 

New Fat Quarter Bundles!


This one pictured above just happens to be our Mama's Cottage Fat Quarter Bundle. With just 14 Fat Quarters, these smaller sized bundles are proving to be very popular! Did you know you can also order individual FQs on our website? 


There's one more key player that helps my world get made out here in Charbonneau and that's...our neighbor.

Lux Sucre Desserts.🎂🍰🍪

While I have to make sure I exercise regularly, they are a photographer's dream and I'm super evil for doing this to you!


You'll get over it.

Before I head out, thank you seeew much for leaving comments on the previous post! I love that you are seeew dedicated. I also want to thank those who actively support the shop! We appreciate that as that's what makes this blog possible!

I've got a busy weekend with the February What's For Breakfast? Club on Saturday and then meeting with a certain choreographer friend of mine to discuss summer events. ✨🎩🎪🎼 Seeew I hope to show you Part 2 of our new fabric arrivals ...maybe tomorrow?

Stay Seeew-cial! ~ Brian✨