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A Look At New Fabric Including Zen Chic, Sweetwater, Fig Tree's Christmas Figs & 3 Sisters!

Zen-Chic-White-Christmas-2018 (1)


Let me first begin with: I have many pictures to show you seeew I'm going to try and be brief. Also...I'll bring back the tunes for my next post. Today is just super important because....

The "Mothership" and I ordered more new fabrics today! It's definitely worthy of pulling a Patrick...and jumping off a stage! This could be love...ya'll! Quilting should be the time of your life and these fabrics will ensure that!

The collections that I'm about to show you are scheduled for May-July release, which means the majority of what was shown is for Christmas 2018!

Of course...my favorite (which is a complete departure for me) is Zen Chic's White Christmas!

White-Christmas-Metallic-Zen-chic (1)

As you can see, White Christmas is contemporary yet elegant and sophisticated. I'm not even a fan of metallic, but I don't mind the subtle hint of it found in this collection! Wait until you see the projects!

Overnight-Delivery-Sweetwater-2 (1)

Next on the list...Overnight Delivery by Sweetwater.

One thing I know for sure...you just can't go wrong with a Sweetwater collection at Christmas. Karla (along with her daughters) are becoming masters of the Christmas collections at Moda! This one is chalk full of great Christmas basics that have hints of Chip & Joanna Gaines of HGTV fame. While ordering this collection we also decided to add in some of Deb Strain's new Hearthside Holiday (not pictured) as the two collections play very well with each other. Seeew much seeew that I already know what we are going to do with the variety of checks and plaids! I guess you'll have to hang in there with me through the Summer!

Overnight-Delivery-Sweetwater-Hollyhill (1)

One thing we are looking for more and more as a Shoppe, are fabrics that can be used throughout the year.

Fig Tree's collections have always incorporated a unique color palette when it comes to the various seasons. In fact, a long time ago I remember Joanna referring to them as the "forgotten colors." Each time Joanna would come teach a workshop my mom would always ask, "When will Moda give you another Christmas collection?" Well it looks like that wish has been granted....

Christmas-Figs-Hollyhill-Quilt-Shoppe (1)

With this new collection, appropriately titled "Christmas Figs" Joanna has created a variety of prints that do not necessarily "scream" Christmas, but will provide warmth and joy to your Christmas projects! There are also several prints that can crossover and play well with her other collections.

And this is where I have exciting news!

We will be offering the Christmas Figs Block of The Month that will begin this Summer and continue through 2019! I'll have more details once the "Mothership" gets her details in place...but I'm giving you all the heads up now! It's a stunning quilt and you're going to want to join us! Especially for you local in-store folks!

Christmas-Figs-Moda-Hollyhill (1)

It's not Christmas without a little bit of whimsy, seeew we just had to have Stacy Iest Hsu's "The North Pole." Seeew, seeew cute!

Look at these little penguins sliding in the snow (below)....

The-North-Pole-Hollyhill-Quilt-Shoppe (1)

And then in a surprising move from the "Mothership" she fell in love with Holly Woods by those famous 3 Sisters (pictured below) I have to agree, it’s a gorgeous collection. We will soon be seeing their Victoria collection arriving in the Shoppe in a few weeks - which has softer shades of blues and reds. Holly Woods delights with a new palette of vibrant (yet subtle) shades of reds and blues. 

Hollywood-Neutrals (1)

You can never have too many tone-on-tone neutral prints. Oh who am I kidding...you can never have too much fabric! Trust me, I've been around the "Mothership" when I've sold off a print she needed for a BOM or kit. It goes a little something like this: @#$&^%!!!!!

Mmmhmmm. That's code for we better have a back-up supply.

P.S. Even though this is a 3 Sisters collection, can I just tell you....these reds and blues would blend perfectly in your next Minick & Simpson project? Can I tell ya that???  In fact...shout out to Laurie Simpson & Polly Minick! Keeping our fingers crossed their  next collections have some red and blue combined! 

Hollywoods-Hollyhill-Quilt-Shoppe (1)

Look at these! Take out the holly prints and you have fabulous reds and blues for any patriotic project! The word on the street is these will arrive sometime in June.

Hollywoods-Moda-Hollyhill-Quilt-Shoppe (1)

Here are the blues. You can never go wrong with a stunning two-color blue and neutral quilt. 

Hollywoods-Blues-2 (1)

Alright...that's it for my recap but I have a couple of things to say before I let you fine people go.

1.) Leave me a comment in the comments below letting me know which collection looks inspiring to you! And...are you excited for a Fig Tree BOM??? 

2.) Thank you for actually reading my blog. As instant Social Media increases...I worry about the trend to skim. Blogs are for stories and a in-more depth look at things - seeew as long as you’re reading, I’ll keep producing! 

3.) This is only the fabrics from Moda and is not even half of it. I still have the Spring/Summer prints to show you, seeew be looking for another post or two this week! 

New-Flower-Pots (1)

4.) Be watching our blog and our other Social Media for details of a new event that we are bringing to the Shoppe this Summer. It's all in the planning stages seeew I can't give it away yet, but it's something for the whole family and we are going to have a blast doing it! ✨🎩🎪🎼 I have always believed that you have to take the "typical...and make it colorful" but until a certain "Showman" introduced me to the lyric...I didn't know those were the words I needed to put my ideas in the spin cycle.! Once the details are finalized, I will share information on the event and how you too...can be a part of it.

The magic of quilt shops is the ability to create a united community...

and the magic of quilting...is the joy of creating.

If you're not feeling the joy...what's the point? Let's see some activity out here especially to all those who were "so sad" when we moved. We are only 15 minutes away from our previous location folks!

That's it for today....as always stay seeew-cial and stay "tuned!" ~ Brian