Have You Discovered Farm Girl Vintage?
A Look At New Fabric Including Zen Chic, Sweetwater, Fig Tree's Christmas Figs & 3 Sisters!

Look What Baking Can Do! Bake Shop 2 Is Here! New Quilty Fun Row Block Of The Month!

Bake-Sale-FQ-Bundle-Lori-Holt-1 (1)


For just a moment, let's take in the sweetness of Lori Holt's new Bake Shop 2 to the sounds of the broadway hit, "Waitress!" Come on and join me while I show you, "What Baking Can Do..."

Make it work...make it easy, make it clever, craft it into pieces..."

Sounds familiar doesn't it?


Bake-Sale-2-Fabric-1 (1)

"I'll place it on display..."

We think Bake Sale 2 is one of Lori's best collections. It's full of sugar, butter and flour - absolutely delicious!


With this collection, the "Mothership" stocked up on literally everything.  Pre-cuts including 5" Stackers, 10" Stackers and 2.5" Rollie Pollie Strip Rolls are all here in the Shoppe! 


The Sunflower Table Runner was made with the Sunny Sunflower block from Farm Girl Vintage! It’s one of our favorite projects because it shows folks what else can be done with a little creativity!

Farmgirl-Sunny-Sunflower-Block (1)

Here’s a different view of the 2.5” Rollie Pollie Strip Roll. Only when it’s from Moda can it be called a Jelly Roll. Did ya know that? Well...now ya do! 😂

Hopscotch-Sew-Cherry-2 (1)
"Make It Up & Surprise Them..." 

If you've been in the Shoppe over the last week, you may have noticed this sweet little quilt. We used Sew Cherry 2 and the end result was adorable. But it was this picture that took us completely by surprise with how stinkin' cute it is! It's called Hopscotch and we sell the pattern here on our website.


With Bake Shop 2, Lori has once again given us these beautiful Fat 8th prints. Each Fat 8th panel is 1yd and includes eight different prints. They also come in three color combinations which I have included here

The "Mothership" used one of these Fat 8th Panels (including two FQ's) from one of Lori's previous collections and used the pieced blocks from Farm Girl Vintage to make this small project pictured below.

Farm-Girl-Vintage-Calico-Day-Quilt (1)

I'm thinking we should bake another one of these samples using the new panels!

Memo to me: "Make it work..."


Speaking of making it clever...Lori's Sew Simple Shapes are a clever addition to the world of quilting!

It really is amazing what baking...err...quilting can do!

Photo from Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet

 Finally, last but not least..."make it easy!" 

Our Quilty Fun Row Block of The Month (pictured above) will begin March 31 with registration available here. We have an in-store option and an option to partcipate on-line (through the mail) as well. You will need a purchased copy of Quilty Fun by Lori Holt which we sell here in the Shoppe.

Don't forget, even though our session of Farm Girl Vintage started in August, we now sell block kits individually here on our website. As we continue through this session the "Mothership" adds more to order until we have all 48 available!

Make it sweet and she did!

Let's see the next amazing thing baking...errr quilting... does next time!

Stay seeew-cial ✨ and thanks for coming in! ~ Brian