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January 2018

Look What Baking Can Do! Bake Shop 2 Is Here! New Quilty Fun Row Block Of The Month!

Bake-Sale-FQ-Bundle-Lori-Holt-1 (1)


For just a moment, let's take in the sweetness of Lori Holt's new Bake Shop 2 to the sounds of the broadway hit, "Waitress!" Come on and join me while I show you, "What Baking Can Do..."

Make it work...make it easy, make it clever, craft it into pieces..."

Sounds familiar doesn't it?


Bake-Sale-2-Fabric-1 (1)

"I'll place it on display..."

We think Bake Sale 2 is one of Lori's best collections. It's full of sugar, butter and flour - absolutely delicious!


With this collection, the "Mothership" stocked up on literally everything.  Pre-cuts including 5" Stackers, 10" Stackers and 2.5" Rollie Pollie Strip Rolls are all here in the Shoppe! 


The Sunflower Table Runner was made with the Sunny Sunflower block from Farm Girl Vintage! It’s one of our favorite projects because it shows folks what else can be done with a little creativity!

Farmgirl-Sunny-Sunflower-Block (1)

Here’s a different view of the 2.5” Rollie Pollie Strip Roll. Only when it’s from Moda can it be called a Jelly Roll. Did ya know that? ya do! 😂

Hopscotch-Sew-Cherry-2 (1)
"Make It Up & Surprise Them..." 

If you've been in the Shoppe over the last week, you may have noticed this sweet little quilt. We used Sew Cherry 2 and the end result was adorable. But it was this picture that took us completely by surprise with how stinkin' cute it is! It's called Hopscotch and we sell the pattern here on our website.


With Bake Shop 2, Lori has once again given us these beautiful Fat 8th prints. Each Fat 8th panel is 1yd and includes eight different prints. They also come in three color combinations which I have included here

The "Mothership" used one of these Fat 8th Panels (including two FQ's) from one of Lori's previous collections and used the pieced blocks from Farm Girl Vintage to make this small project pictured below.

Farm-Girl-Vintage-Calico-Day-Quilt (1)

I'm thinking we should bake another one of these samples using the new panels!

Memo to me: "Make it work..."


Speaking of making it clever...Lori's Sew Simple Shapes are a clever addition to the world of quilting!

It really is amazing what baking...err...quilting can do!

Photo from Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet

 Finally, last but not least..."make it easy!" 

Our Quilty Fun Row Block of The Month (pictured above) will begin March 31 with registration available here. We have an in-store option and an option to partcipate on-line (through the mail) as well. You will need a purchased copy of Quilty Fun by Lori Holt which we sell here in the Shoppe.

Don't forget, even though our session of Farm Girl Vintage started in August, we now sell block kits individually here on our website. As we continue through this session the "Mothership" adds more to order until we have all 48 available!

Make it sweet and she did!

Let's see the next amazing thing baking...errr quilting... does next time!

Stay seeew-cial ✨ and thanks for coming in! ~ Brian

Have You Discovered Farm Girl Vintage?



Farm Girl Vintage continues to be very popular out here at the Shoppe. It is a fabulous skill builder and will perfect your piecing skills. We strongly suggest using the Bloc Loc Rulers for the best outcome. We have a complete Farm Girl Vintage Tool Set here. Trust me, it will be your best friend.

If you haven't been into the Shoppe, we have a clothesline in which we made one set of the blocks to hang on. The other two sets of 48 blocks will be going into the Mothership and Christine's quilts. But my point is --- everyone who sees the blocks on the clothesline thinks they are pot holders. LOL. I guess you could use them as that if that's your thing.

Anyway, since we have already began our second session of our Farm Girl Vintage B.O.M. this past August, we have added individual block kits to our website for purchase. There is no timeline for when these block kits are added. The "Mothership" adds more as she creates kits for the B.O.M. - and whatever she can do in her free time. My best advice...check back often because today she just added six more!

You can find them all here on our website! I'll leave you a picture of Farm Girl "Cindy" who participated in our first Farm Girl Vintage BOM session 2015-2016. The Mothership's color selection is amazing and spot on with this quilt! Everytime I see one I seeew much appreciate her talents!

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian


Project Red & Upcoming B.O.M. Sneak Peak



It sounds like a top secret mission, doesn't it?

Project Red.  (This is where I should tell you that my Project Red Fat Quarter Bundle is available here and contains 15 Fat Quarters.) 

It's actually the new Sweetwater collection and it is perfection for your next Redwork project or lots of cute little Valentine's projects. And hey...if those don't jam with your butter than you always can use more red and white fabrics in your stash. They are classic, timeless - never going out of style.


In fact I can remember back to when we opened in 2005 Alex Anderson had a red and white collection with P&B Textiles almost every year. That was 13 years ago and this color combination continues to be very popular.


I'm not sure we can pick a favorite but those text prints are always popular! We love how they have taken some of Sweetwater's most popular prints to date and included them in this color palette. You may even recognize some of your favorites!


While Project Red is available now, January is also the time for two things!

The first...planning a few B.O.M.'S! The only thing I can tell you with this picture is...the "Mothership" is pulling fabrics for a fresh update to one of our Shoppe favorites! As she plans out the details for this B.O.M. including start date, online vs. in-store options, cost, etc. I will be the first to inform you. And you all know we have several ways to stay in touch with us...right? I literally tell you everything if you're willing to spend the time.


January is also the time when we start looking at Christmas fabrics for 2018.

Here are just some of the projects that we will be looking at this month.

Now don't get confused. These patterns and fabrics are not available until Summer I'm simply showing you a PREVIEW.



I'll keep you posted on which collections we decide to order, but as I've always said...if you want to see it in the Shoppe, make sure you let us know!

Stay Seeew-cial! ~ Brian

Learn Great Quilting Habits In Our Beginning Quilt Class! Next Class Starts February 21!



It's a new year and I'm going to post new posts. I say this every time and every day I still get people who are looking on Pintrest of pictures from years ago wanting me to identify it. Folks, my focus is on current product and current workshops. At this point I don't know what else to tell you about Pinterest. It's not a reliable source for current product that we carry, but our If you're here on my blog, items in current dated posts are what you'll find on our website. If you're looking at a post from 2012...not gonna have it.

New designs, new fabrics,!

But first...a little heavy-in-thought-dancin' at my desk...

I'm going to get it out of you people yet! 

In the last post I shared that I had a feeling a Beginning Quilt class was on the horizon. Well...yes indeed it is. In fact, this session will start Wednesday, February 21 with the follow up class on Wednesday, March 21. Yes, it is a two part class with some homework in between! The "Mothership" believes in getting you set up with only the best quilting habits to begin with; accurate cutting, proper use of a ruler and rotary cutter, sewing with a 1/4" seam and good pressing techniques are all emphasized during this class.


The pattern for the class is called Dreamin' and it uses one (1) Jelly Roll, which is a roll of 42 pre-cut 2.5" strips.

Yes, one Jelly Roll will make this 70" x 84" quilt!

This is why I love Jelly Rolls! Do not dismiss them because at $39 they are a very affordable way to create a coordinated quilt. Personally I like a quilt whose color story has been well thought out. Why anyone would want to spend time making something that isn't coordinated is beyond me. Make it beautiful!

For our sample we used Moda's Creekside but it would look fantastic in many of our favorite designer fabrics. Here it is pictured below made up in some classic Fig Tree!

That's all I have for you today! Thanks for stopping by and remember kids...stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian


Come Alive in 2018



Come alive in 2018 ya'll!

Oh yes...he's back with more of The Greatest Showman! It's number #1 on iTunes! Just listen to those lyrics and then get up and shake it down! For anyone who is searching for a way to break free when it comes to creativity...go see it and do your soul some good!

Would you believe that I'm about to watch it for the third time???? The first time I won tickets from 20th Century Fox seeew I feel a little guilty. Gotta help that box office number! At this point, I should get a "cut" of the advertising! Hee hee. Maybe I'll go to the theater wearing this...

Anyway, we've all had those days where the sky is a shade of gray, especially in January! A new year should be filled with promise and gratitude! You're alive to see another year...and (this is very important) you "can flip the switch and brighten up your darkest day!"

As quilters you have the unique gift of brightening up someone else's day when you bestow upon someone the gift of a quilt. 

OMG...I just re-read that.

Bestow??? WHO AM I? LOL.

Here's how we are coming alive as we look forward to 2018! We have been BUSY!

Tuppence-Mini-Swoon-quilt (1)
The "Mothership" has been playing with Moda's new Tuppence. And as it always people are noticing. It's a delightful collection and reminds us of an English cottage.

P.S. She's loving on the Mini's. I told her I wanted a wall full of Mini's.

Will I get it?

I don't know. She may plop my little butt in front of a sewing machine and say "get busy you bossy little thing."

Anyway, pictured above is just one version of our Mini Swoon Kits. This one above is our Tuppence Mini Swoon Kit.


Now this project above is very special.

Participants in our in-store Mystery Club program using Sweetwater's Authentic Etc. received this extra pattern. Each month the "Mothership" holds a drawing for those who do their homework and one lucky winner won an entire kit to make it!

Participation in-store is key with the Mystery Club so if we offer any in the future they will be kept to in-store activities. Love that idea! If you participate in the in-store Mystery Club our next meeting date is January 25.


When you're "dreamin' with your eyes wide open" there are indeed a lot of good people who surround you. Michelle Kunigisky of Busy Bee Quilt Designs dropped in the Shoppe a month ago and offered to make us a new version of her #1 apron pattern, French Flea Market Apron. Wasn't that nice of her? Completely unexpected! Retro-Christmas-Bundle

Just before Christmas week I finally got some down time and put together three different bundles of red and green delights! These bundles were seeew popular I felt like Lucy and Ethel on the conveyor belt.

The bundles were inspired of course by the "Mothership's" Christmas version of Mini Swoon.

We were so busy before the holiday (remind me to share the story of the Merry, Merry Snowmen Craze in another post) I just didn't have time to focus too much on this version of Mini Swoon....but here it is below.


And then of course we have this beauty with complete kits coming soon to a quilt shop near you....OURS.


In between the craziness known as Merry, Merry Snowmen (like I said above I'll explain later), we had Farm Girl Preparations for Month 5!

This time, I got to experience first hand packaging all four blocks. 

All I'm going to say is....I have seeew much respect for the "Mothership" and Christine. If people wonder why it takes a bit to mail it's because these two ladies have to cut the fabrics for the blocks, package those blocks individually, process the credit card information (and track down those with declines) followed by processing mail labels.

It is a major monthly production.


Of course...I then sit here with my camera and take photos. LOL. "What's taking him so long?"

Oh...he's taking more pictures.

This is where I need TypePad to come up with ways to insert emojis.


In addition to all of this we have been working on our updated website. Have you even noticed that?

Let's see what else? We have been ordering lots of new collections to fill the Shoppe in 2018 and then we are already planning our seasonal workshops and other classes for the year seeew stay tuned for that.


While I would love to keep "chatting", I'll end this post with our new Beginning Quilt project above. The Mothership hasn't given me a date yet, but if you're looking to take her Beginning Class in which you'll learn the proper and best skills to get you set on your quilting journey....stay tuned!

If I know her as well as I think I know guess would be at the beginning of February.

Seeew keep your eyes peeled!

Well..don't really peel your eyes that would be kind of sick, but you know what I mean.

Stay Seeewcial everyone but most importantly....COME ALIVE! ~ Brian