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Poco Loco por Llama





If you haven't figured it out yet, I love music seeew therefore you will always find a lot of it on our blog. Everytime the "Mothership" (aka Jan...for the newbies) starts to pull fabrics for a new quilt sample, I start hearing a song. It doesn't matter to me who the artist is or the type of music...if it makes me sway to the rhythm and brings me joy, I'm sharing it.

With today's song...I figured I would provide a romantic touch to my blog. Two words...Carlos Rivera.

Um...who 'dat?

Uh...don't know but I'm going to go out on a limb and claim his voice is like your favorite dessert. Quilting can be sexy ladies and gents.

Plus...I  needed to brush up on my Espanol!

Me allmo Brian y este es Lloyd o Lola.


But before we get to Lloyd or Lola....have you seen Pixar's Coco yet? I hear it has an A+ review and while the story surrounds dia de los Muertos (the day of the dead), there is a powerful message about the importance of family. 

Since I obsess over everything Disney or Broadway, I couldn't help but notice that the Paracas fabric which we used for this new version of Lloyd or Lola, had a print focused on dia de los Muertos! I kept telling the "Mothership" we need a new version of L&L!

She began to pull the fabrics she would use...and BAM! La-La-Llama!

See how it all comes together??? I even noticed that Carlos Rivera is wearing a yellow jacket in the vid! Does the "Mothership" know how to put colors together or what???

New-Paracas-Fabric (1)

Let me jog your memory a bit...picture it....this blog...last February. We made the entire Lloyd & Lola quilt with both of them on it. The fabulous thing about Elizabeth Hartman patterns is she often includes several sizes! For this new version, we made kits for the single Llama version....thus why I refer to it as Lloyd or Lola.

We figured you could decide who you wanted yours to be.


If you haven't discovered Grunge basics yet....they really are the basic that just keep on giving! Available in a variety of colors, we love the textured background in the print as it gives every project depth.  Grunge also gives every project a current and updated look.


Any guesses as to whose fabric we used for the Llama body? It is perfect!

BTW...do you know how many pictures I had to take to get the quilting to show? I now have 45 pictures of Llamas across my desktop. LOL.

Anyway, the quilting was done by the lovely Trish Hevern. Trish lives in Merrill, Oregon but she will happily meet you here at the Shoppe when she's in town. I love how she made it look like little Llama tails are all over the quilt!


My blog post wouldn't be complete without a trip to the bakery next door! I love these people. They are fun, spunky, creative...and everything they make is delish! Did you see the Apple Pie I bought for Thanksgiving? Did I forget to show that? Don't worry...I will! Anyway, they have a cute selection of gift mugs and towels! I happened to notice that they too....have a Llama! If you want to contact them...click here for information.

Seeew...what's next? Well, I have a TON of things to share and discuss with you, I just have to get some downtime to type it all out! For example, did you notice we have a new website? It has the look of our recent website, but the Search Engine is far better and I like that you don't have to do so much scrolling when viewing on a phone! I'll also share with you our recent Homespun & Holly Christmas Workshop! I've got a recap full of pictures seeew be looking out for that too!

Then of course...we have to talk about the Greatest Showman and why I am completely obsessed. Don't know what that is? Oh...you will. LOL.

That's it for now kids...stay seeew-cial and always support your local brick and mortars! ~ Brian