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What's For Breafast Club Saturday, December 16 2017



These sunny beautiful days are perfect days for a visit to us in Charbonneau! We moved in here this past February seeew if you haven't been following in at least a year....well, now you know where we are! Oh and just seeew you know, we are unloading the last of our storage units from the move earlier this year and will be having our last UnPacking Sale this Saturday, December 2! This is where we unpack boxes and price lots of stuff 30%, 50% off! This last unit just happens to have lots of Christmas goodies!

The "Mothership" and I are preparing for our annual Homespun & Holly Christmas Workshop in just a few days! This is the 9th year and I'm totally looking forward to it! Our invited guest designer, Kathy Cardiff of The Cottage at Cardiff Farms has designed something so gorgeous that I am in just in awe of her talent! We have two (2) seats left if you want to join, but you need to sign up before Priscilla Queen of the Dessert begins her cooking by tomorrow morning!

I am also looking forward to our December 16 "What's For Breakfast?" Club! For the month of November, the "Mothership" and Christine created this adorable tree skirt using our vintage camper from our two Row By Row Experience projects. They still have some stitching to do, but I wanted to take a picture before I forgot!

Each month is something completely new and it's always a surprise! Seeew get signed up for December's because I have a feeling it will be super cute too!

What is "What's For Breakfast?" Well, I go into complete detail on our website here. New faces are always welcome seeew don't be shy!

BTW, I got to work on our tree in the Shoppe this weekend! Are you following us on Instagram? If not, you should! I like it a lot better than Facebook.

Check it out below and stay seeew-cial! Brian

A Peak At Our Wool N' Harvest Workshop with Kathy Cardiff & Joanna Figueroa


This probably should be two posts, but I'm going to inundate you anyway.

I must confess...I'm in love with that wool project pictured above! Kathy Cardiff of The Cottage at Cardiff Farms designed this adorable wool project exclusively for our Wool N' Harvest Workshop which was held here at the Shoppe on Saturday.


Kathy follows our Shoppe on Instagram and when designing this year's project she wanted to pay tribute to our "squirrel friends." As the end of the season approaches, these little critters are clearly stepping up their game in the gathering department! Squirrels are everywhere!



Kathy incorporated her design into this darling decorative pillow and placed it in a gorgeous primitive Autumn basket full of her favorite projects. Kathy's designs always incorporate an element of nature which in my opinion, adds a touch of sophistication. In fact, she has a brand new book full of this "wooly sophistication" coming out in the Spring called "A Cottage Garden." Look for it here in the Shoppe Spring 2018!


Kathy will be back as the featured designer at our 9th Annual Homespun & Holly Christmas Workshop December 1 & December 2 and she just shared with me an image and name of her Christmas themed project.

It's called....are you ready for this?

"The First Day of Christmas."! Since the project cannot be unwrapped until the magical day, (just like a present folks!), I cannot show it to you. Why would I ruin the surprise for the many who signed up? That's just...poor "Christmas Manners" and I would seriously get banned from the North Pole. If you've already signed prepared for some serious stitching!

If you haven't signed up yet, there are six (6) seats left for Saturday, December 2 2017. You can learn more about it and register here.


It wasn't just Kathy that kept us busy this weekend!

We also had Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts here to teach her cute Acorn Dance quilt on Friday, and then her beautiful wool project for Wool N' Harvest on Saturday.

Acorn-Quilt-Fabrics (1)

Since Fig Tree's newest collection Hazel & Plum does not have our favorite Fig Tree oranges, those beautiful harvest gold colors of Sheri & Chelsi's Creekside create a fabulous splash of Autumn! I love that the "Mothership" is giving our "green" acorns some depth with those gorgeous prints pictured above.


If you have followed Fig Tree Quilts for as long as we have, you know her Autumn color palette is anything but traditional. With Hazel & Plum Joanna brought back some of her favorite prints with new colors. I personally look at this collection and I see Christmas projects with the reds and greens, autumn projects with the greens, yellows and browns, spring projects with the yellows, greens and aquas. But that's just how my mind works. 

Seeew many options!

P.S. I can still remember the very first collection we had in our original location was called Cornucopia and it featured a unique shade of purple. At the time Joanna said her palette was known as the "forgotten colors."


Pictured above is her wool project she designed for Wool N' Harvest. The colors are straight out of the Fig Tree autumn playbook! Enchanting.

Side Note: If it were up to me, I think that our participants should learn how to trace their designs and iron the fusible onto the wool but the Mothership insisted we do all of the tracing for our attendees.

That was fun. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart....I totally learned something new! I was given the Buttternut Squash but that was too basic seeew I went for the leaves!

Had we not done that, I don't think many would have finished this project. She saved you from the one who cracks the whip. LOL.

Seeew major kudos to the "Mothership" as most places would not have done that for you.


The thing I love about quilting is...there are no rules when it comes to creativity. Wool projects do not have to be dark and primitive as you can see by these patterns we sell here in the Shoppe called, Figs & Woolies. Aren't they cute? Every sewing space needs a dash of cute appeal and I think these seal the deal. Smaller projects like this also give us all a sense of accomplishment when looking at our day-to-day grind!

Think outside of that box kids!


Awww....I love seeing creativity and friendships happen in real-time. Don't you?

I say it often and I say it loud and proud.... you'll never get these interactions via a YouTube tutorial! Trust me, I tried to follow one recently and all I had to do was scroll to the comments to realize...yeah, not my jam.  I have anywhere from 10-40 years left on this Earth and I'm not going to live it staring into a screen in my hand.

Alright, I'm already obsessing over what I show you next (there's seeew much)! Music will be back in the next post (it's getting to be the season!) seeew until next time...stay seeew-cial!

~ Brian



Wool-N-Harvest-Workshop-10 (1)

Lori Holt Workshop Announcement & Other News



This week we opened registration for our first-ever Lori Holt Workshop! Get ready for a load of Farm-Girl-Quilty-fun, May 21 or May 22, 2018! This is a very special treat for us Oregonian quilters as in most cases you have to travel to see Lori! It will be a day full of inspiration unlike no other! I have covered all details here on our website seeew don't wait too long to register. I do know that Monday is almost full and Tuesday is not far behind!


As we make way for new fabrics, new quilt samples and more, we have much to clean out seeew we have an Autumn Finished Quilt Sale going on now through the month of November! There's only one of each seeew choose wisely.

Our finished quilts are made by women who love to sew. They truly are made in the USA! Their piecing is precise and the custom quilting exquisite. Anybody who knows the cost of detailed custom quilting knows it comes with a cost however, the "Mothership" is offering a discount and in some cases that discount can be $300 to $800!  Take advantage of that while you can!


Now before I begin talking about our Homespun & Holly Christmas workshop, I want to take the time to thank the people who support our Shoppe. While I'm thankful for anyone who travels here to see us,  there is a core group of folks who consistently have supported us over the years. I know their faces. I know their names. I see them in our workshops, I see them walk through the door....I could go on and on and on. They make the time to say hello and they realize that behind everything that I show you whether it's here on the blog, in our daily email, Instagram, name it....they know there is a human being behind it. None of this just magically happens and we are not a corporation. We are three people with an occasional fourth helping us on weekends.

It was something that crossed my mind today and gave me an aha-moment.

That said, we have a handful of seats left for Saturday's Homespun & Holly Christmas Workshop on Saturday, December 2! Click here to register. This year we are happy to feature one specific designer and that is....the amazing and very talented Kathy Cardiff of the Cottage at Cardiff Farms. Kathy is designing a gorgeous larger Christmas themed wool project that you can use for the holiday season! I've included a few of her smaller designs in the collage but none of those are your project. Her designs often reflect nature seeew I have a feeling that will be in the theme. She told me she'll be sending me some teases soon but you won't see the entire project until it's revealed on that magical day!

To learn more about Homespun & Holly click here.

Stay Seew-cial and stay tuned for more announcements! ~ Brian




'Tis Autumn...




It's official! Our first Autumn here in Charbonneau has arrived! If you haven't been out here to our new location, you're missing out on Mother Nature's incredible show.

But don't worry, I've been capturing all of the magic every day!

Autumn-Is-Here (1)

I absolutely love this picture. All roads lead home and this one lead us directly to ours here at the Shoppe!

When I was a teen I would join the "Mothership" as she set out on roads like these to visit her favorite little shops. She would avoid taking friends as they would be either too opinionated or try to talk her out of a purchase. just want to concentrate while shopping!

Seeew....she'd take me. LOL.

Autumn-Splendor-Yellow (1)

I don't think I've ever looked at leaves as much as I have over the last month. Every day I would look for changes and every day I photographed those changes.

It's a reminder to me that nothing....stays the same.


I love small villages and hidden, unexpected places.

Whether it is a resting squirrel or a single Autumn leaf swirling toward the ground, there is a magic and charm here in Charbonneau that our previous location never had. Not to mention ample parking...always a plus! Especially for tour buses!



Speaking of magic and charm, the "Mothership" recently made these exclusive Autumn In Bluebell Wood Charm make something sweet with. Each pack contains 30 5" x 5" pre-cut squares. Since the collection does not have 30 prints, the prints are doubled up. You will receive two (2) of each print.

Autumn-In-Bluebell-Wood-Charm-Pack-1 (1)

While I'm thinking about it, magic could also come from the fact that just like our Squirrel friends, you each show up with your smiles to gather your stash during this enchanting time of year!


If memory serves me correctly this is Lisa, Rebecca and Janie. I always know that Autumn has officially arrived when I see this trio. They stop by the Shoppe on their way to their Autumn retreat with Crabapple Hill. Always good to see you ladies!
Autumn is also Pumpkin season and a time to collect and gather your favorite oranges. I had created a limited number of these bundles to inspire the "Mothership" to make some cute Autumn projects but somehow it ended up inspiring everyone else!

That's ok though because we have another project that's in the works. Maybe you recognize him.


Pumpkins-Fall (1)

Friday, November 10 & Saturday, November 11 is our Fig Tree Quilt Workshop and Wool N' Harvest event with both Kathy Cardiff of the Cottage at Cardiff Farms and Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts.


For the quilt portion of the workshop, Joanna designed this beautiful scrappy acorn quilt which captures the beauty of not just her collections but the season as well. An email will be sent to all quilt workshop attendees later today with information. *Please note Joanna created this pattern digitally and the colors/fabrics used do not reflect current available collections.

Fig Tree's new collection, Hazel & Plum will be arriving in a few days!

Looks like we've got our work cut out for us! But first....I've got to play in the leaves with my niece...

Fall-Leaves-4 (1)

And then enjoy a warm and delicious Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin from our neighbor, Lux Sucre Desserts! How can I say no???

We seriously have the nicest neighbors on the planet! They are seeew nice they are offering our customers 10% off their Thanksgiving Pre-Order Menu! Orders are due by November 18 and I can already tell you I am getting an Apple Lattice Pie and a Pumpkin Pie! Be sure to tell them you saw it on our blog! It's seeew important that you do that!


Now if you don't mind, the birds and I need to chirp about the weather and other things of importance. I'll be back with more including our Lori Holt Workshop with the Queen of Vintage herself in May 2018! Have you registered yet? You might want to check it out here as seats are filling quickly!

Stay Seeew-cial!

~ Brian