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There are lots of men in quilt world so I have never felt out of place. I always tell the "Mothership" that eventually I would like to sit down and take her Beginning Quilting class. After ten years of setting up displays and this blog, I think it's time. If it turns out that she'd have to run the floor seeew that I could learn, I would want to next learn from one of our piecers like...Dorene Kemp or Lisa Goodloe. I then imagine if I were to make quilts strictly for myself, what style and color theme would I select? I love Americana, I love Christmas, but for everyday...I love grey. Of course, I'm learning the brilliance of color the more and more color my mom brings into the Shoppe.

IMG_4646 (1)

Seeew I started gathering 12 of my favorite greys and created yet another Fat Quarter bundle which is available for purchase here. I'm always amazed at how many pre-cut Fat Quarters we have around the Shoppe. Creativity is literally at your fingertips!

Grey has always been popular but it seems like lately we are seeing it combined with lots of different colors. In-house here at the Shoppe one of our most popular quilts is the Greysun Patchwork Quilt, which combines yellow and grey. This color combination seems to be a hit with the "gender neutral" crowd. I can't tell you how many "grandmas-to-be" are out there dying to make a quilt with color yet the baby's future parents want nothing to do with that. LOL.  I showed you this one a few weeks ago and it has been very popular (only two left ladies and gents).


We noticed that various shades of blue could also read gender neutral when combined with grey seeew below is the beginning of our next project. It also helps that the prints can go either female or male as bicycle prints have universal appeal. If you follow us on Instagram you may already know what this is. I personally am looking forward to this quilt. Kits will be available and anyone who loves a bicyclist or is a bicyclist themselves...will probably want. Just a hunch. I'll keep you posted on its progress.

Unnamed-71's a thought. In your defense, I get to spend an extra amount of time in the Shoppe. I mean...the time I spend in here is equivalent to Quasimodo in the Bell Tower. Mmmk. Seeew naturally I'm going to see things you never never knew.

Oh wait...that's from Pochahontas.

Whatev. My point is, don't feel bad if you didn't notice these fabrics before because I am here to guide you. There are seeew many shades of grey in the Shoppe right now. In fact the fabrics below have a bit of a "blue" base to them. I consider these to be perfect for some of those winter projects. We group our fabrics by designer collections. While it's nice to see the designer's group together, it can be overwhelming when you're looking at 42 skus. I honestly believe people start thinking they have to use every print. It's sometimes helpful to pull out the color palette you want to work with...and go from there. Would you believe these greys were in a collection full of bright green and red?

Greys-solstice-hollyhill (1)


We then have greys that seem to read more "taupe." I actually called them "muddy" but the Mothership was quick to correct me that they were "taupe." Seeew pardon me while I learn correct nomenclature.

I am salivating over these "taupes" pictured below. I'll totally show you why I'm obsessing in a minute. BTW I seriously doubt that will be a shop that groups our fabrics by color only. I find that seeew....sterile and predictable. I like to see people manuevering through the Shoppe and having those "a-ha" discovery moments. As a potential beginner myself, my advice to other beginners - or people intimidated by color - is to figure out the colors you like, take a walk through the Shoppe and then gather those colors from the various collections. It really is the best part of the entire experience!


I liked these colors seeew much that I put together an exclusive Fat Quarter Bundle available in our on-line Shoppe here. I LOVE THESE!


Alright...seeew remember how I just said I was obsessing and I would show you why??? Well, check out some of the new market collections from Spring Quilt Market that the "Mothership" and I are debating. The pictures come from Carrie Nelson's blog over at Moda which has some great coverage of what collections Moda will be releasing this fall. From what I can see, it looks like greys and taupes are still hot colors going into the fall season! They appear to be pairing them with pinks, corals, pumpkin and aqua.  Below are pictures of Sundrops by Corey Yoder, Lella Boutique's Olive's Flower Market, Handmade by Bonnie & Camille, and Chestnut Street by Fig Tree & Co. Again these are just four of the SEVERAL we will be looking at. There is a very large variety this year, seeew if you want to see more of it in the Shoppe, come in and #shoplocal! When you support the Shoppe in-store and on-line, we continue to bring you more fabulous things. That's how it works. It's simple economics. LOL.

That's it for today kids.Tell me what you love in the comments! I mean it! Stay Seeew-cial!~ Brian

Picture by Carrie Nelson for Moda.


Picture by Carrie Nelson for Moda


Picture by Carrie Nelson for Moda


Photo by Carrie Nelson for Moda