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Aqua & Green



Every fabric collection provides ample amount of opportunity to make something creative and special. I think what makes quilting even more special is that this creation is uniquely your own. You won't find anything that looks like what you create on the shelves of Target or Macy's, etc. Yes, I went to that place called...the truth! Sound the alarm.

As we were playing with some aqua and green Fat Quarters from April Rosenthal's new collection for Moda called, "Summerfest" we couldn't help but blend in a variety of other manufacturers including Riley Blake, Lecien, and Robert Kaufman. Don't be afraid to mix it up. All of this mixing things up did get us wondering, do you like to mix it up or do you prefer to create within the lines? While you ponder that idea don't forget to check out Summerfest on your next visit! The collection is chalk full of fabulous blenders that celebrate the magic of Summer!

If you like our 12 pack Fat Quarter Bundle picture above and would like one, we have a limited number of them ready to ship right to your door! Click here to order or call 503-607-0600.

Stay Seeew-cial and I'll see you again! ~ Brian



Sweetwater's Cookie Exchange and Bonnie & Camille's Little Ruby!



There is always something new around the Shoppe every week! This week, there is seeew much new...I don't even know that I can possibly show and discuss all of it! I'll give it my best shot. My blog is designed to link to products for you to purchase from our website so make the most of it! It's always nice when folks support the store that's taking the time to inspire you.

First, Jan has released two new Farm Girl Vintage Block Kits from our version of Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage. If you're new around here, for the last 10 months the Shoppe has been holding a Farm Girl Vintage Block of The Month. The blocks have become seeew popular, that Jan has been adding individual block kits available for purchase both in our Shoppe and on our website by clicking here. She just added the Wooly Sheep pictured above. I love that she isn't taking everything seeew literally and making her sheep black. This program is full of whimsy and that fabric she used for the body is adorable. will need the book Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt to complete these blocks.


Jan also added fabric kits for Barn Cat but just like with Milk Cow & Penny Pig, the pattern is not available in the book for Barn Cat. We have included details on how to obtain the pattern in our fabric kit.

If you missed our Farm Girl Vintage B.O.M. (um...because that was last year and we are on month 10 now) you may want to join us for our Barn Girl Vintage B.O.M. We have already started, but we have created a few more spots and there is still time to catch up! For information and to register, click the image below or click here. You will need to purchase a copy of Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt if you don't already have one. We offer Barn Girl Vintage as an on-line only option, or if you're local we meet once a month in-store on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm or Saturday morning at 9am. You select the day you want to come.


It wasn't all Farm Girl Vintage that happened this week....we also received pre-cuts for two new Moda collections with fabric on the way next week! I'm super excited for an all-new holiday season and Sweetwater's Cookie Exchange is just sugary-sweet! I can smell those cookies in the oven! It's already got us thinking about our own workshop, "Homespun & Holly." The workshop is now full on Friday & Saturday, but we have plenty of seats left for Sunday, December 4. I can't rehash the details today, seeew you're going to have to click here for more information, including what it is, who is coming and all that good stuff! Trust me though, you don't want to miss it! This year I'm in more of a holiday mood than ever before with our new workshop space....and now even more seeew with the colors in this new collection! If you don't know the women behind Sweetwater...they are simply some of the sweetest gals in Quilt World. To view and order fabrics from the collection click here or stop into the Shoppe next week (I'm thinking by Wednesday the fabrics should be on the floor. Pre-cuts are already in the Shoppe).


Never to be outdone by a cookie, Little Ruby is also here in the house of Holly. Little Ruby is Moda's new collection by the mom and daughter design duo, Bonnie & Camille. Yes...that Camille. I mean seriously....when your first book tops Martha Stewart on the best seller list, you only have to be known by your first name. As always, this new collection blends perfectly with some of their previous collections including Miss Kate and Vintage Picnic.

Little-Ruby-Moda (1)

In a surprising turn of events, we actually have our sample made before the fabrics arrive! Woo-hoo! It's usually the other way around. This is a new pattern called Patchwork Swoon. It is made with a Jelly Roll. Do you know how many versions of this I can think of for Christmas? Or what about with some red white and blue? I know...I'm a freak about Christmas quilts, but I believe a Christmas quilt is always extra special. Plus, you have to start sewing Christmas quilts in the summer if you haven't already started!



Both Bonnie & Camille design patterns under their individual pattern company names, Cotton Way and Thimble Blossoms. One of our favorite Thimble Blossom patterns is called, Spools. It too can be made with a Moda Jelly Roll and there is also a mini version available. How can you not have something like this in your sewing room? To not have a quilt with a related sewing theme should be a crime.



We have two more kits left of the beautiful Red Letter Day. We have both the pattern and the kit here in the Shoppe and on-line. Click the links. It's important to know that the base shipping price on our website is $5.95. This is for a USPS Flat Rate Envelope, which the majority of our products such as fabric requires. If you are ordering just one pattern we can ship individual patterns for $1.90 - $2.25. The pattern hanging back upon the yellow wall is Sherbert Stars by Cotton Way (Bonnie's pattern company).

Red-Letter-Day-Hollyhill (1)

The bottom of the quilt in the upper left corner is our kit for Canning Season. Here's what the entire thing looks like. It's an adorable wall hanging and much like the quilt for Spools, if you are not decorating your quilt-y spaces with cuteness like this...well then...we, we just can't be friends. LOL.Seriously though, we have just a few more kits left and we won't be able to make more like the one below.  I can't stress enough the importance of purchasing a kit. Do you know how many people come in, and if we don't have kits...want one exactly like our sample? Eventually fabrics disappear. Manufacturers do not keep making prints that are in collections. They sell out...and we move on.



Last but not least....can we talk about our row for the 2016 Row by Row Experience for a minute?


Did you see the mass number of likes for this row on our Facebook page?'re all scaring me! LOL. My goodness the reaction has been just...jaw dropping. Last I checked it was at 700 likes. I can see a lot of questions, but I honestly cannot respond to everyone seeew just know that we will be posting all of the details about it as the event approaches. If you're one of those anti-email people, you have other options to follow us including Instagram and Facebook but I will tell you that you'll be the first to know if you receive our daily inspiration email. You can sign up for our daily inspiration email on the front page of our website or you can follow the directions posted below via text.

That's it for today quilt-lings. We are open Memorial Day from 11am-3pm. The row is temporarily on display in the Shoppe before Jan & Christine take it out for more work. They will be adding a few extra details.

Until next time stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian






It's A SummerFest of New Projects!



Good Morning everyone! It's Sunday and here I am. It's my day to work on a multitude of projects around the Shoppe but I couldn't go one more minute without writing to you with the latest! Between working on our new website, re-setting the Shoppe displays, moving cabinetry (we found two more to incorporate - see below), new inventory,  I never know which to work on first!

Let's begin with the the picture at the top of this post. After we have cut the first batch of blocks for our Barn Girl Vintage Block of The Month program, we have confirmed we can still accommodate those who have been needing a little more time to register! You can even participate on-line for those of you who prefer to have the blocks mailed to you. Click here to register for the on-line only option or click the picture above. I have much to talk about in this post, so either read the registration page or read my previous blog post here that discuss the details. If you are local and would like to join us for the Barn Girl Vintage Block of The Month in-store, you can still join us too! To register for Thursday evenings click here. To register for Saturday mornings click here.

* All details including what's included and the meeting date for each month are available in the links.

BTW...the Mothership has been having more of our favorite cabinets stripped and re-painted. I told you we aren't done. The building of the classroom was just one fraction of the remodel. There's base cove, re-painting, lighting, construction of our register counter, barn doors, all to still be done. We are methodical people around here. Each time we move a cabinet or a table, we have to work in the space a few days before we continue. Don't you do this at home? I guess this is why I wasn't understanding why people were seeew quick to judge a few weeks back. Creativity never has an ending.


Farm-Fresh-Patterns (1)

Isn't this sweet? Summer is soon upon us ladies and gentlemen! One of the "Mothership's" favorite things to bring with her whenever going on a road trip is some stitchery. It's even better when the design is an iron-on embroidery transfer design! Each of these brand new patterns are part of a set of three which if you collect them...there is even a super cute quilt pattern to incorporate them into! The patterns are by Yesterday's Charm designer Loyce Saxton, who upon discovery is based here in Summerville, Oregon! We love to support local talent! You can support local talent too by ordering the patterns directly from our website. Click here for Set One, click here for Set Two and click here for Set Three. The darling Aqua border tea towel can be purchased here along with yellow, lime green, blue, red and grey. While you're out there on those Summer road trips don't forget to visit those inspirational local brick and mortar quilt shops!



Speaking of Summer, Moda's new SummerFest by April Rosenthal of Prairie Grass patterns is in the Shoppe now! Summer is often a time filled with bright, vibrant and cheerful colors! It is a time for celebrations whether it's a picnic in the park, a parade or a nightly firework display! Sparklers, watermelon, flip flops and ice cream cones remind us of our own summer time memories. The entire collection can be viewed and purchased by clicking here.



This week we unveiled three new quilt kits for the Shoppe including the all-new Red Urban Scandinavian Quilt Kit, the 7th Grade Quilt Kit and the Greysun Patchwork Quilt Kit. To view the whole quilts you will need to click the links or the pictures. Thanks.

Red-Urban-Scandinavian-Quilt-2 (1)

For our Red Urban Scandinavian Quilt, we used the beautiful Urban Scandinavian collection which can be purchased here. We have another quilt made with the blues from the Urban Scandinavian collection but it is currently being quilted. Maybe we'll get it back soon and we can show you! Both of these quilts are variations of the log cabin block but have a contemporary design. The classic white and red combination gives the quilt a slight traditional touch. We just love these and who doesn't love a red and white quilt? Those greys (pictured below) would make excellent prints for say...a Jen Kingwell project? Just throwing out ideas!


Speaking of grey (btw, when did it go from gray to grey?), yellow and grey are hot combinations right now and honestly...they have been for awhile. It's definitely a color combination that has staying power. We noticed that we didn't have a sample of anything in this colorway but we wanted the project to be simple - something that could be completed in a weekend. The "Mothership" had been hoarding a little pile of yellows and greys for a lil' bit waiting for just the right pattern to come along. The end result is our Greysun Patchwork Quilt. By the way...this one has been extremely popular in the Shoppe with just four kits left. I say this every time....get it when I'm talking about it because these kits do sell out and we move onto something new.



Last but not least (for today anyway) is our new 7th Grade Quilt Kit. This quilt was made using the Pre-cut Primer book by Me & My Sister Designs. I say this everytime when discussing pre-cuts, but I'll say it again. If you struggle with selecting colors for your quilts, or if you dread the search for fabrics...pick up a Moda pre-cut! I notice lots of people pick them up, flip them over, flip them back over....and then put it down. It makes me wonder if people know what to do with them even after being around for ten years. We love all of the pre-cuts but we really love those Layer Cakes and here is why...


They make quilts like this!!! Isn't it cute? If you love something that makes you smile...this is it! The bright colors of Me & My Sister Designs always sparkle on a crisp gorgeous white and this quilt (even when it hasn't been quilted yet...) just radiates cheer! If you're having a bad day, well you just come see us and I'll wave this quilt in front of you in clever and artistic ways. This is another quilt that was flying out of here last week. We now just have three or four left. It won't last long. You can also save on your backing because I happen to know that some of the Me & My Sister fabrics on our website are 25% off! much as I have had fun sharing with you these lovelies, it's time for me to get to looking at the Shoppe floor. We still have seeew much work left to do. I will throw out a reminder to start registering for our workshops as they are starting to fill up. While we have quite a few scheduled, Sherri McConnell's workshop is coming up in August! She will be teaching her Grandmother's Fans Quilt and her Kitchen Sink Quilt on two different days. Click the links for information.

Stay seeew-cial and perhaps we will see you soon! ~ Brian







Breakfast Club Has Returned! The Mother's Day Breakfast Club Brunch Recap!



Good Morning! Welcome back to our blog, "Boughs of Holly!" Did you check your email from us? If you receive our Shoppe email, there's a little gift of savings for you to use by end of day today! Anyway, it's great to be here after a day of rest for Mother's Day! We had a fantastic time at our Mother's Day "Breakfast Club" Brunch on Saturday! Were you there? If you were, did you enjoy it? If you weren't....I'm sorry. LOL. Maybe after you see this post, we'll see you at the next one? Everyone is welcome to attend and we'd love to meet you! Register for one...or register for them all, it's entirely up to you! Of course, you wanna know what we do at Breakfast Club, right? Well...keep reading and I'll tell ya! This post will be longer, seeew it's much better to read on a desktop than on your iPhone. Just sayin. 

First, let me just say that the Breakfast Club is usually more of a breakfast snack item. But for Mother's Day....we do a little brunching.


Upon seeing this menu, I of course had to load up! Boy...gotta' eat. I can't do all of this on an empty stomach. Anytime we have an event, the "Mothership", Christine and I are usually here until 1am the night before. Seeew needless to say I stocked up like the end of the world was coming! Not to be a "Foodie"...but here's my plate...don't judge.


If you have never been to a Breakfast Club before, you're in for a treat. The price varies month per month based on the size or type of project the "Mothership" (Jan..btw..for the newcomers) features. The cost also depends on whether we do a breakfast snack or a brunch. Everyone attending is invited to bring their favorite project to share with the group to be eligible for prizes! The project can be anything you are currently working on, or something that holds meaning to you. Jan then shares everything going on at the shop, introduces new projects, workshops, changes, etc. which gives people a chance to get to know her.  It is truly a seeew-cial affair and I absolutely love it! We will continue doing it as long as there is creativity in our bones and you are interested!

For this month's project, Jan featured the Sit & Stitch Pincushion (pictured below) by the fabulous Cindy Taylor Oates. This is designed to fit over your arm rest of your favorite chair or sofa. Isn't it cute? Jan made this using fabrics from Fig Tree's Strawberry Fields Re-Visited and the cute canning jar labels from the adorable Farm Girl collection here. Normally, Jan provides a kit for the featured project, but this time she had all attendees pick out their favorite fabrics seeew their project would be exclusive to the style and colors of their own home! Their eyes lit up! "We get to pick our own???" I'm telling was fabulous. My mom definitely knows how to mix it up and wow you. She knows customer service, she knows how to plan an event and she has vision! Time...though...girl, that's another subject for later. There's never enough hours in a day!


Now that I've shown you the featured project, let's get onto photos of my favorite part...the SHARING! As I said above, everyone is invited to bring and share a project that has meaning for them. Those who do are eligible for prizes! The Quilt-A-Razzi was in full force with his two cameras and I tried to capture as much as I could. If you didn't show up here, check our Facebook or Instagram as sometimes if people were moving, their photo became blurry.

BTW...It's a friendly bunch out here at the Shoppe seeew just know we may call out your name with a big ole' welcome! Just ask Freda...



Pictured below are Jennifer, Elaine & Janette. We had noticed that Jennifer (top) had been missing from some Breakfast Clubs. Turns out...she was working on this epic quilt! Somebody over-achieved. It was pretty darn magnificent! When she unveiled it...I'm not kidding, the entire room clutched their pearls. LOL. It was amazing. Elaine (lower left) bought our Canning Season Quilt Kit and brought in her finished project! Great job Elaine! She said it went together wonderfully. Meanwhile, Janette brought her favorite adorable mini quilt projects to share with all of us! Thank you for sharing ladies!


Pearls were clutched again when this sweet lady pictured below (her name is Pat) brought up her amazing Dresden plate! The Dresden's were hand applique. It was absolutely stunning. When she had called the Shoppe prior to coming she said she wasn't sure if she should bring it. Um??? Yes please! I'm seeew glad she did because it was beautiful! The colors were very well coordinated and of course most of them appeared to be American Jane fabrics! Love that Sandy Klop! BTW...I need to give her a call. Memo to Sandy. Everybody got that? LOL. 


Longtime customer Charlotte W. brought this beautiful quilt made with her scraps of batiks! I don't think Charlotte has missed a Breakfast Club yet. In fact, Charlotte has been coming to the Shoppe since we opened in 2005! Thank you for eleven years of shopping with us Charlotte!


Next up is one of my's Linda P.! Sweetest little lady you'll ever meet. Linda brought this eye-catching, bright quilt in which the black creates a bit of dramatic flair. Thank you for sharing Linda!


The wonderful Bev H. brought her beautiful 30's quilt featuring a Marsha McCloskey Feathered Star. Just gorgeous. We are loving on 30's vintage right now. All of it reminds me of clotheslines in the Summer and much simpler times. I can smell the Downey!  It helps that the colors are so darn cheerful because you can't help but smile when looking at a quilt like this one. Thanks Bev! Bev also happened to be one of the prize drawing winners and won a little Fat Quarter pack of April Rosenthal's Summerfest, which we will have out sometime this week! I included a little picture below.





Pictured above are Lynn, Eyvonne, Jill and Carol! the top left corner shared a story of how a mouse chewed a portion of her favorite quilt. I don't know about you but I don't care how cute that mouse is....if they chew a quilt, it's trap season! 

Eyvonne brought a Christmas quilt in which she made a bag to keep it in from fabric she had left from the project. Jill (bottom left) brought her table runner that she made after taking Doug Leko's workshop we had here at the Shoppe last summer. Looks like she made it out of Sweetwater's Holly's Tree Farm. Last but not least, Carol brought a table topper/wall hanging in which she found quotes for each of her sisters. There are four total...and Eyvonne happens to be one of them. I don't know why the other two didn't bring a project (a-hem...Linda, Laurie..) but they could have all been featured in my four block photo. LOL. 


We always love seeing new faces join us at our workshops and Breakfast Club. Newcomers Mary & Laura (Mother & Daughter) have fun working on projects together. I can't remember which of the two does the color selection, but I believe it was Mary who does all of that little applique. O-M-G. Look at all of that work! These were definitely a treat to see and we thank them seeew much for bringing them to share! Maybe we'll see them again!

If you'd like to see more of the fun from this month's Breakfast Club, hop over to our Instagram or Facebook pages where we've been posting video of the fun we have! I'm telling you...Jan makes it special...every...single...time. We thank all of our guests this weekend for coming out to this event and sharing their wonderful projects. It's exactly what we mean when we say "Stay Seeew-cial." Quilting is a seeew-cial activity. While I can show you all of this on-line, nothing is better than getting out to your favorite brick and mortar quilt shop and interact with them. I say it over...and over...and over again. Nothing compares to the smiles and the stories that are shared. 

Right Cathy P???? You've been caught on camera....LOL. Girl is in here nearly every day! Love her!


Of course....the saddest part of the day is....when you all go home. It becomes seeew quiet!


Stay Seeew-cial everyone and I'll be back to show you some more! ~ Brian







Happy Mother's Day!


10437511_10204504385665874_2258429574211387532_n (1)
The "Mothership" and I at Disneyland the Christmas right before Disney's California Adventure would open in 2000/2001.


If you love your mom as much as I love mine may want to grab a box of Kleenex because this little video (below) can stir some emotions. When Thumper's mother starts talking, I just melt. I don't know why.  It could be the music, it could be watching Bambi and his mom frolicking in the woods...but it certainly tugs at the heart strings. Take a look.




All playfulness aside...Happy Mother's Day to all! The two of us have been busy preparing for our Mother's Day Breakfast Club Brunch coming up this Saturday (May 7, 2016) from 9am until 11am! I'm excited to see what our caterer, Priscilla "Queen of the Dessert" <-----this is what I've dubbed her-----comes up with! I hear she's going to be slavin' over a hot stove to make a delicious brunch! The "Mothership's" project is super cute and very, very practical. I know our guests are going to love it and I think they'll love it more when they find out what she has planned for them! Our Mother's Day Breakfast Club Brunch is the kick-off to the return of our popular Breakfast Club. We had put it on hold while we prepared for everything that has gone on in the Shoppe the last few months. It will definitely be fantastic to see both familiar and new faces! the Shoppe we just received another new collection pictured below called "Picnic In The Park" and it is available both in-store and on our website by clicking here. You can order Fat Quarters, 1/2yds, 3/4yds, and yardage! We think this one is super cute and it needs something special to be made with it. Strawberries, miniature ice cream cones, bicycles....everything you could ask for in a sweet and adorable fabric collection.


I truly want to show you everything we have going on, but unfortunately I'm just one person and there is only seeew much room in these blog posts and communications. My hope is simply that you are doing your own searching of our new website, and discovering our fabrics, notions, patterns (I've been loading lots of patterns folks), classes & workshops and of course...KITS!

Speaking of kits, I love that retro, 50's flashback style ...anything that reminds me of the classic malt shop of the 1950's...bright colors, modern lines, neon signs and lots of innocence. Our Sodalicious Quilt (pictured below) is made with the fabulous Sodalicious collection by Emily Herrick for Michael Miller and is perfect for those family movie nights! Our complete quilt kit includes ample fabric to complete the quilt top and binding. The pattern is also included. You will need the Quick Curve Ruler to make this quilt. For the month of May, our kit is 25% off! Seeew get it now because at the end of May it goes back to regular price if there are any left.  I love, love the little retro bottle cap print and the straw print makes excellent binding. Melissa, as always, did an excellent job on the quilting. She always picks just the right style for our quilts. Love her.




Work continues on our Farm Girl blocks with registration for the all-new Barn Girl Block of The Month already underway. We have several more people who need some time to register seeew we have extended the registration to May 11, 2016. That is the absolute latest we can go as we do have to plan cutting and preparation time. Seeew...I will say this very clear, if you want to be in our Barn Girl Vintage Block of The Month...this is the time to register. This program is $29.95 a month (plus shipping). Each month your block will be mailed to you. Participants will receive one 14"x14" block kit each month for 9 months along with cutting diagrams, piecing tips, fabric identification list and cutting instructions. Click here to read more details or to register.


Our Farm Girl Vintage B.O.M. started last August (2015) but you can still purchase our individual block kits. Ever since we displayed the blocks on the clothesline they continue to be very, very popular! Now that the farmhouse is no longer in the Shoppe, the two of us had a chance to move some cabinetry and tables to get this section near completion. We just love it. It's so much more cheerful than the primitive we used to have up in this area. Don't get me wrong, we still like primitive, but it was time for something new for now! Still plenty of work and surprises ahead! I'll keep you posted!

Enjoy your Mother's Day and remember to stay seeew-cial with those you love! ~ Brian