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It's All About That 'Cake...



'Cause ya know... 

I'm all about that cake...'bout that cake. Lotsa frosting...

Yeah it's pretty clear, I didn't eat just two. Seeew I'll shake it...shake it... like I'm supposed to do. I think I got that boom, boom? Don't I? Is that how it goes? "All the right junk in all the right places?" Right?  


I, along with 500,000,000 other people just can't seem to get enough of that "Bass." The song by Meghan Trainor has literally become an anthem for accepting we are. GASP! You mean we are not supposed to tweak our Selfies? I warned you that I love my Pop-Tarts and Pop Queens around here. 

For the record it was three. 

Cupcakes that is. 

Or four.

Oh was about a dozen. I'm here to tell ya...I'm bringing booty back. Bringin' it back yo and into a sugar coma we go!

Seeew what's up my little blog-lings? What's the 4-1-1? What's the hot gossip? Don't be shy. I know our cutting counter can quickly turn into the local hair salon seeew talk to me. If you don't talk, I will. In fact, would you like to know some gossip as to what the "Mothership" has been up to? In addition to our new website, designing Breakfast Club projects and event planning, she's been working on this...


Clearly she's got us involved in an upcoming Shop Hop! The Snowflake & Stitches Shop Hop begins Saturday, February 7 and continues through Saturday, February 21, 2015. This is good news because in addition to our regularly scheduled Tuesday thru Saturday we will be open Monday, February 9 & Monday, February 16 from 10am-5pm. Um...score! Two extra days of shopping!

But before we get into all of that, let's take it back frame-by-frame and besiege your tastebuds...

Photo 1

What can I say? The "Mothership" knows how to prepare for a Shop Hop (among many other events). I know that I would be lost without her. I've said it before and I'll say it again until I'm on the floor from a sugar coma, I need her as much as she needs me...and we work on our Shoppe together. For this particular Shop Hop she designed two projects that will be offered and then some others that are merely for inspiration. 

Photo 3

During the Shop Hop all stores will provide a pattern and fabric to make a 6" block using the themed fabric to Shop Hop participants. For our Shoppe, the "Mothership" designed this sweet block she titled, "Jenna's Cupcake" (named after my little niece). The themed fabric is the Laurel Burch Glitter basic from Clothworks that we used for the frosting on our cupcake (see picture above). BTW Each store was able to select from a few colorways of the themed fabric, seeew there will be a variety out there! 

As for the blue cherry border, she is providing a finishing kit available to purchase seeew that you can finish your block just like ours! The finishing kit will include fabric for the border (shown), embellishment kit (for your sprinkles...gotta have sprinkles) and the backing. 

Super cute! Small projects make you feel good because they almost always are finished! Doesn't it feel good to get things done? X0X0!

Photo 2

Are we drooling yet? I should warn you...don't be opening doors around here that are unmarked. You may find me making out with a cupcake in a distant corner. Lately with the dismantling of Christmas to set up for Spring around the Shoppe...I'm making love to pastry carts, french toast, pancakes, and of course...cupcakes. In other words the process of display work is daunting, I get stressed...seeew I eat. I offer full transperency to all of you. I'm famous for asking, "Are you going to eat that last one?" No one ever argues with me or goes to battle...they just know, "Give it to Brian." 

The "Mothership" designed the above table runner using our block and fabrics from the "Hey Cupcake" collection by Dan DiPaolo also by Clothworks. Isn't it sweet? What a darling table runner for a little girl's birthday party! Heck...I'll use it at my own birthday party. I'm not afraid. We will of course have kits of this table runner available for purchase starting Saturday, February 7. Special shout out to Monica on the quilting! She's only quilting shop samples at this time, seeew we are very lucky to have her back along with Melissa. The two M's.

  Photo 4

Details are important around here and she doesn't hesitate to go the extra mile on everything we do, including our kits. Love the "Mothership." All of this will be available in the Shoppe starting Saturday, February 7. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to "work my photoshop" to make myself into a stick figure silicone Ken doll. 


Come and enjoy a cupcake with me during the Snowflakes & Stitches Shop Hop! 

Now, "go ahead and move along" ~ Brian