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Homespun & Holly Workshops! November 13, 14 or 15!



After a very successful S.p.R.u.N.g Workshop with an entirely new seating arrangement, we are pleased to announce that we have added seats to all three days of our popular "Homespun & Holly!"  Registration for our 7th Annual "Homespun & Holly" is now available on our website .

This year, for our Shoppe's 10th Anniversary, we are excited to share that there will be five designers presenting at the workshop! 

Our guest designers are.....

Meg Hawkey from Crabapple Hill Studios 

Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill Designs

Barbara Groves of Me & My Sister Designs

Sherri Falls of This & That

Karla Eisenach of Sweetwater

The workshop is a one day only workshop and is offered on:

Friday, November 13 2015

Saturday November 14 2015

Sunday, November 15 2015.

Three days to select from. All designers will be presenting each day. 

If you've never attended "Homespun & Holly" before, it's all explained here.<-------Click that. 


This event is truly a Shoppe favorite, not just for the fans...but for us as well. First of all, I say this every's like old friends coming together! Many have attended all six years and they always blend in perfectly with the newcomers. Secondly, it is the one thing that my mom and I get to work on...together, which of course reminds me of when I was a young one helping her with our Christmas decorations at home. For 2014 she decided to share her personal collection of Radko ornaments as part of the holiday decor, bringing our own traditions to the event. She's been collecting these since the 90's and since my memory doesn't miss a beat, I remember every trip we took to places like Sleighbells and Christmas at The Zoo to find them!  It looks like a lot, but let me tell you that's not even half of them. She had 15 more bins to unpack but I finally convinced her to call it a night. It would have went on forever. My point is...we go above and beyond to make this event special. 




I love our new Workshop & Event space. At the end of last year we decided we wanted all of our operations on one floor. This included our kit room, our stock rooms, our offices and our classroom. For much of 2014 we continued to offer sales so that all of our extra inventory could fit in one location, and we achieved that goal. If you are one of those folks who keep asking me if we "still have the side with all of the brights"....take a look. It's now a classroom! The ladies at this year's event seemed to love it too! No elevator to go back and forth anymore! Bliss.  


Photo 1-1

When we do not have workshops in progress, it is the "Mothership's" workstation, sewing studio and classroom for some our smaller classes which will be available later in the beginning of the year. After the event we started putting everything back to how it was and my personal favorite cabinet is the one with the quilts tucked in ever-seeew-perfectly. Sherri Falls was kind enough to leave a few of her mini samples below. 

Photo 2-2

B.T.W. That serves as a wonderufl counter for Priscilla Queen of the Dessert to make her wonderful and always welcome....appearance. The catered luncheon included many of her amazing pasta and salad dishes. 

Here are just a few of the delicious eats I captured....


As for the projects, the designers truly created some cute holiday creations and I did not get any photos! I will ask the designers and post as soon as I get some pictures!  Remember, the supplies for the projects are included in the cost of the workshop as is instruction by four nationally known designers. A workshop for one designer at this level can be $150 to $200. For $200, at this event and this event get five (5) nationally known designers, five projects and the supplies for all projects, a catered luncheon, an exclusive discount, holiday cheer and plenty of memories! *Sigh* If I have to explain what Christmas Cheer is....I'll send you a few Christmas albums. I've got a stash! 

All in all, it was a great time and I can't wait for 2015! Seriously, don't miss out on this workshop. My mom knows how to do it right. No pressure or anything.  ~ Brian