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Perhaps you have met Miss Gracie on a visit to the Shoppe.

We have a variety of names for her depending on her mood which are based on pop culture.

When she's bad I refer to her as Grace Adler. When she's goofy and sweet she's known as Gracie Lou Freebush. The dog probably has an identity complex. 

I don't bring her often, but when I do she will slowly walk out to greet anyone who arrives. Most people always comment on her coloration which is known as "dappled." Dachshunds come in a variety of coats...short haired, wire haired, long haired, and dappled. I might be forgetting one or two but those are the basics.

Seeew it's just "Grace Adler" as the lone Dachsie in a clan of little Maltese and Lhasa's including Chance, Toby and Maggic (the last two belong to the Mothership). 

Obviously Gracie loves to stay warm as you can see above out on the patio. Dachshunds, by the way, are notorious for burrowing deep down under your blankets.

Don't sleep naked.

Just my advice.

In honor of her "burrowing" habit, the "Mothership" decided to make the Hot Diggity Dog pattern out of flannel to help keep Miss Adler warm. 



I love what Monica did in the backgrounds. She made little scenes! Isn't it precious? In all honesty, Gracie is not putting one paw on this quilt. It was simply the thought that counts. 

Complete quilt kits for Hot Diggity Dachshund are available and feature an ample amount of flannel fabrics to complete the quilt top and binding. The pattern is also included. Find out more on our website,

I love my little Dachshund. We hear and say this all the time, pets are like family. I can't imagine my day if I didn't have those four little legs running to greet me everyday. 

That's all. For now. ~ Brian