Just A Spoonful of Sugar & A Happy Birthday!
There's A Glow Of A Distant Light....

Sometimes...Work Is Just Not Important

There is no Seeew this week. This morning my mom called me. My grandma...the one who I spent many summers with growing up, died this morning. I spoke with her days ago and as we hung up she said, "Come see me when you get a chance. You work way too much." I didn't. I was here...at work trying to get orders pulled. I remember when I was six or seven, my grandma was in her rocking chair ....and she said to me....."When you get older, you'll forget about me." I told her she was silly and that I wouldn't. I feel terrible. My grandpa worked for Boeing so they lived in various places throughout the country. I caught fireflies in little jars with her when she lived in Tennessee, I sold lemonade with my brother on her front lawn...I'm at a loss. 

I feel terrible for my mom. My mom took such great care of my grandparents. In fact, behind the scenes of running this Shoppe, especially in the last months, she was constantly with them. 

I am going to be putting some things on hold while we process all of this. I hope everyone can understand.