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Just A Spoonful of Sugar & A Happy Birthday!



It has been another very busy week for us at the "Shoppe" and the homefront!  Not only  is July 4th the birthday of our nation, but it's also another special birthday! My very charismatic niece Jenna, enjoyed a week long celebration of her very Happy 5th Birthday thanks to my mom! As many of you know, Jan (my mom, "the mothership", etc.) and my dad have been raising Jenna for the last year. It has certainly changed the way we do things around the "Shoppe" which in most cases...has been for the better! The work will always be here, but "Once In A Lifetime" memories (um...that would be turning 5 ya'll!)? Well, they are called that for a reason! Those are the memories too golden to pass up for answering emails, worrying about inventory, or when an event will be posted, etc. It's called life...and I don't know a single person who would pass up life to worry about one more task! But I am. Blogging. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Thanks of course to my mom and dad, she had parties with friends, parties with other family members and then her Uncle Brian introduced her to some theatricality with a little "Link Your Elbows" and "Step In Time!"


It was quite simply...magical! And I wouldn't expect anything less.

Portland folk...if you have not seen the touring Broadway production of "Mary Poppins" must! The "Step In Time" number alone was seeew enchanting I would have paid for tickets JUST to see it again! And um...hello...Feed The Birds? If I start throwing out bread crumbs on the front Shoppe patio, don't judge. I've simply traded in my daytime job and am loving the simplicity of having birds as my new friends.


Speaking of all things "Practically Perfect" the walkway to the "Shoppe" (Hollyhill) was lined with flags on July 4! It is a yearly treat! Since I spent all those years working with Disney...I can't help but think...Main Street U.S.A! We have one of the best store fronts for a Quilt shop I've ever seen! Don't be surprised if one day we have a parade in town!

Make sure you celebrate something today! ~ Brian