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Seeew Here's What's New This Week!



This week the "Mothership" received this stunning new collection from Moda's Primitive Gatherings. It's called Indigo Gatherings and it's perfect for a crisp, traditional blue and white quilt! Timeless and classic, you just can't go wrong with this color combination. The collection is available to order here on our website while it lasts. For a limited time, order either a Fat Quarter Bundle or 1/2yd Bundle and receive the special listed price.


I was able to receive just three (3) more kits for this stunning reproduction quilt. My Lady's Scrap Basket Quilt Kit includes ample fabric to create the quilt top, binding and backing. I have applied a special price until they are gone so make sure you grab yours now. If you are familiar with how much a complete kit costs which includes backing, this is an excellent price! Here's the backing included with this kit...


True story: When we had our brick-and-mortar store, a lady came in wanting to build a quilt she saw at another shop with our fabrics. She mentioned they had a kit but felt the store wanted too much money for their kit of this particular quilt. We happened to have the same fabrics so she began pulling and we began cutting. By the time she finished at the cash register, all of those fabrics...cost about $4 or $5 more than the kit she saw at this other shop.

My point is...for the amount of work and time it takes to put together kits for your convenience, they are always priced very reasonably. I don't know of too many shops that are over-pricing their kits.

Of course, when there's a special price, that makes it even better!


An update on our upcoming BOM for the Derby House Block of The Month featuring Minick & Simpson's Mackinac Island. The fabrics are beginning to arrive and the "Mothership" will begin the long task of cutting and packaging blocks. This program is now FULL so no one will be added at this point. It's a lot to keep track of and now that I am not working alongside her, she will have her hands full. Thank you to everyone who signed up timely. That helps a ton!


Last but not least for today, the Mothership is holding a Vintage Fig Tree Fabric De-Stash Event on our website under "Fabrics." Once they are gone...they are GONE. Please do not use PayPal to order these fabrics. It's credit card only on these items. I've explained all of it in our post on Instagram.

That's it for tonight. Make sure you grab what you like as soon as you can! We move it out to bring more new and there's much, much, much more to cover as soon as I get another moment to sit down! 

Stay Seeew-cial! Let me know what you want to know more about in the comments! ~ Brian


Winter Gatherings At Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe!




Before I begin, let me just say I love Christmas! I'm very much a traditionalist when it comes to the holidays. I think we need to see more of it during this time of year! It was shocking to me to hear my niece tell me that her school concert doesn't have one Christmas song in it. Ridiculous. Seeew pardon me while I take a moment to reflect on Florin Street Band's "Winter Wonder." Each year they make a new Christmas video. This particular one is from last year but I just read that for 2016 they are creating a new one called, "Wonderful Things."

P.S. If I could fit a lot of people in the farmhouse, this is what it would look like. LOL. Love the gal with the red flower on her dress. She exudes Christmas doesn't she?  Look at all of those happy people!!! Love it all. Did you know they do not get any financial backing from major labels to make these videos? Make sure you purchase their three current Christmas songs! Just as you would support quilt shops, support talented artists by purchasing their work!




I had wanted to finish the inside of the farmhouse moons ago, but I unfortunately ended up in the hospital after Homespun & Holly was over. Somehow I developed two more blood clots in my left calf and as soon as that happens, the "Mothership" will not let me out of her sight. "That shop is not worth your life." I totally agree. Of course, I am happy to report that everything is now under control and I'm doing well. 

BTW...when I say "farmhouse" I am referring to the one that we had built inside the Shoppe. Our friends from Laurel Hedge recently finished the inside walls and ceiling, which makes us love it even more! We take great pride in decorating it and I believe it's that extra "touch" which makes our Shoppe unique and special. I'm serious when I say - "I'm going to leave it decorated with Christmas the entire year."  Do you know how long it has taken us to get it decorated this year? Try...three months. LOL. I love it though... super cozy and sweet! Wouldn't you agree? 


The project on the back wall is our Bertie's Winter Kit. For our version, we used fabulous hand-dyed wool to create the applique, which is a lot easier to applique than flannel. You also don't have to turn under the edges with wool applique and can whip stitch or blanket stitch. The applique is laid upon a flannel background. The pattern's version is made with Bonnie Sullivan's Woolies Flannel. To me, that wool applique really stands out on that background.  Complete kits are available here.



What I love the most about our Shoppe is that you will always find a little bit of everything from whimsy to traditional. Personally, during the holidays I tend to lean towards traditions. I like quilts with lots of piecing and of course I love any quilt in Christmas colors! Introducing...our new sample for Christmas @ 45


We just love our 45 & Life To Go Quilt Kit seeew much that we decided we needed to make a Christmas version, which we have renamed, Christmas @ 45. The "Mothership" did a fantastic job with the color selection and Lisa's piecing on those teeny-tiny little squares is phenomenal. Love this quilt seeew much! You won't find one like it anywhere else! Complete kits are available here while they last. My advice: Don't wait as they will disappear. I say it everytime, and everytime someone doesn't listen to me. 

P.S. Now is a good time to add your backing as the backing is 25% off the regular price. 


If you've never been to our Shoppe before, it's not just fabrics and quilts. The "Mercantile" portion of our store is alive and well...filled to the brim with plenty of Christmas home decor and ornaments. Lots and lots of ornaments. As I said earlier, I'm planning on leaving our farmhouse decorated with a little bit of Christmas throughout the year. From now through December 23, save 25% off all Christmas home decor and 25% off Christmas ornaments when you purchase five (5) or more. For the ornaments, we will have to adjust your discount in before charging your card as it does not show on your order confirmation. 

The following items are not available on our website seeew you will have to call us at 503-607-0600 if you wish to purchase. It really is much easier than communicating through endless emails. It's the biggest thing that baffles me right now. Does anyone dial a number anymore? LOL. 





Stay Seeew-cial, Merry Christmas and Happy Holly Days! ~ Brian



Memoirs Sweet Sampler Quilt KIt



There's a brand new quilt kit on our website today! It's called the Memoirs Sweet Sampler Quilt and it's already quite the hit! The fabrics are from Moda's new Memoirs collection by that popular trio, 3 Sisters! The warm golds, rusts, grays and indigo combine to create a fabulous traditional quilt that is warm and inviting.  The kits are selling quickly seeew don't wait!


Everything you need is included...yes, even the backing! The backing is this stunning Indigo tonal pictured above. When we had our brick-and-mortar I can't tell you the number of times someone waited to get their backing. The collection was either sold out or they just couldn't find one that worked. Why put yourself through that misery? Get your backings with your quilt kits and be done with it. We all know it ends up in our closets and we don't get to work on them for at least two years. Plus...the "Mothership" has a fabulous price while it's on sale seeew grab yours here! Only a handful left!


You know...I couldn't help but notice how these gorgeous hand-dyed wool bundles pick up some of the colors in the quilt! I'm always thinking in terms of "themes" when it comes to decorating. I'm sure there has to be some adorable wool accent projects to make with these. And why not? All wool bundles are 25% off until gone! The "Mothership" shared awhile back that going forward wool will only be available from her in B.O.M's or as part of a kit. Seeew stock up here! The price is fabulous!


That's all I have for you tonight. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Do you love the Memoirs Quilt? I certainly do! Reader feedback is super important so leave me comments letting me know what you'd like to hear more about as we go forward.

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian

Gingham Garden & Lollipop Garden


Real quick before I venture off to bed...I was packing my lunch for tomorrow and happened to have a jar of Strawberry Jam. It reminded me that I wanted to share with you this beautiful quilt kit for the adorable Gingham Garden Quilt. Guess what? There are just two left! The fabric collection came out earlier this year and it's mostly sold out from Moda.   I know everyone is into Christmas quilts in December...but are you really going to get it finished in time at this point? Why not get started on Spring/Summer??? Gingham Garden is on sale under $100!


We've had many questions about, "Is it applique?" The answer is, nope...it's traditionally pieced. Others were worried about those adorable patchwork columns but they too are simple piecing.

The "Mothership" loves this one seeew much she even made up a sample. I love how her bar stool and ladder compliment this one seeew well! A great creative space indeed! 


You might want to grab your backing with this kit too because here is what is left!

Lollipop Garden is also starting to dwindle and there's not a whole lot left! Lollipop Garden Pre-Cuts can be found here.

Jelly Rolls seem to still be the #1 pre-cut that our customers are challenged with. Even though there are endless amounts of patterns and books celebrating this exciting pre-cut, people still seem to struggle with finding a pattern that uses 2-1/2" strips. Here are two of our brand new favorite books that both work with the Moda Jelly Roll!


I only share books that have more than 5 patterns that are amazing! Both of these books will help you reduce your Jelly Roll stash! They are after all, meant to be used! I personally love a well coordinated quilt and I find that Moda pre-cuts help overcome the hurdle of fabric selection. If I'm going to invest my time in something or as a gift to someone, I want to make sure it looks good! You'll find both of these books here.


This sweet Table Runner was one of our featured Breakfast Club projects. Remember what I said earlier about how everyone is into Christmas projects right now? You know they aren't going to get them done before Christmas...seeew why not begin on creating something happy and cheerful for the upcoming Spring? This Lollipop Garden Table Runner Kit includes all fabrics (top, binding AND backing) to make this happy little project. Click here to order

OK...I'm off to bed, I have to be up at 4am! I'll see what I have for you in the upcoming days! Word on the street is the Mothership will be sending me a box soon! Always fun to get a box, right?

Stay Seeew-cial! ~ Brian

Derby House Block Of The Month Begins Spring 2020


Hello everyone! I am happy to be back behind-the-scenes blogging for my mom, Jan!  I've been gone for so long from the blog, I don't really know where to begin. There has been much transition since my dad, Rick passed away in June. Thank you to everyone for your patience and the messages you sent to my mom. That was a life changing experience for her (as it would be for anyone) so I really appreciate it.

Pictured above are the gorgeous new fabrics from Minick & Simpson called, Mackinac Island. Our favorite Minick & Simpson collections have always been those in which they feature crystal clear blues, geranium reds and the grand whites of those clean summer porches. Mackinac Island is an actual place...a beautiful island that can only be reached by boat. It's seeew....Fantasy Island! Hee hee.

This collection does not arrive until 2020 but we already have been planning for our 2020 Block-Of-The Month called...Derby House B.O.M. Afterall, the start of a new year is ALWAYS a great time to begin a new B.O.M. Right? 

Here it is...


This BOM is filled with simple-to-create blocks and a beautiful array of applique blocks. Each month you will create three types of blocks of various types and colorways. The quilt assembly will not be completed until the completion of Month 10. The quilt is assembled in nine vertical rows , giving you an easy and stunning finish.

Derby House Block of the Month is a 10-month program starting in late February 2020. The quilt measures 80" x 90". Blocks will ship once a month. This is an on-line only program with blocks mailed to you in the mail. Follow this link here for all of the details and get signed up! Don't forget to also reserve your backing fabric! She offers discounts to those who register so again... read all about it here! The registration deadline is December 31, 2019. Because Block of the Month programs take a significant amount of planning you must register before the deadline. There will be no late additions once the program has started.


A quilt that involves this much fabric and color coordination is a great quilt to do as a block of the month. My mom has always delivered an exceptional block of the month not to mention kits! What we show...is exactly what you get. The blocks are sent each month so that you will be excited enough to complete them...which makes sure you do not get overwhelmed and have yet another U.F.O. We want you to feel amazing and have this finished in ten months! You've seen what I do with new quilts that are finished on our Instagram, yes???


The complete quilt was on display at Quilt Market and it is just gorgeous! I love that bird applique block on the bottom! Another thing we love about working with fabrics and projects by Minick & Simpson....SAVE YOUR SCRAPS! Why? Because you can never have enough red, white and blue in your stash for other Minick & Simpson projects! Espeically Laurie's applique projects!


Seeew that's about all I'm going to show you today. I hope you stay with me as I re-imagine this blog. I'll also be incorporating newsletters onto her website as we update images. Honestly it's a lot for one person to handle on top of cutting and filling orders, mailing labels, hauling your orders to the post office, planning kits, ordering fabric...raising my niece alone now, etc. seeew I'm happy to help! Plus, I still believe that blogs are better than Social Media platforms because you can elaborate, link and create more.  There's also a personal touch with blogs in which I can share my own story...which I will as we get the creative wheels turning on this blog again!

Seeew...keep it real and let's all stay in touch!  Don't forget to register for the Block of the Month!

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian

New Hand Dyed Wool Bundles!



The weather is cooling down a bit and I got in the mood to make some beautiful hand-dyed wool bundles.  For me, I personally don't like that splotchy/mottled look. I only buy from the best hand dyers and I love a fabulous texture. Pictured above are nine of the thirteen new color bundles I just introduced on my website today!

You can find each of these bundles available here in my new Wool Corner. I am also cleaning out all of my wool kits so they are all on sale until gone! You can check out all of my remaining kits here.  Woolkits-2
Thank you for your continued support. If you receive my email, you know that this Summer was very difficult. For those of you who do not know, my husband unexpectedly passed away in June. Just the day before he was making dinner, washing dishes, walking our dog Maggie...and the next morning....gone. It puts a lot of things into perspective and it's a reminder that you never know when your last day is upon you.

I will add that my son, Brian will soon be returning to the blog to keep communicating with all of you. With my husband gone I am doing all of the things he did while planning kits, cutting kits, ordering fabric, pre-cuts and more. So Brian's help will be greatly appreciated. Plus he has a way of communicating with a certain style.

That's it for tonight. Start thinking of your Autumn and Christmas projects with wool because those new colors are perfect for the season and each bundle is just $18.99! - Jan