Look What Baking Can Do! Bake Shop 2 Is Here! New Quilty Fun Row Block Of The Month!
A Look At New Fabric Including Zen Chic, Sweetwater, Fig Tree's Christmas Figs & 3 Sisters!

Merry Merry Snowmen Block Of The Month Begins March 10, 2018 With An All-New Colorway!



Check out this all-new version of one of our absolute favorite applique quilt patterns! The "Mothership" wanted a new colorway of this Shoppe classic for our new location here in Charbonneau! I can't blame her...one block already down and I'm hooked! I'm super excited for this project as I know she has a fabulous sense of color arrangement and this will be finished by November just in time for Christmas!

If you've always wanted to learn applique techniques, this is a great block of the month for you! You can participate in-store by attending the in-store meetings (which are highly beneficial) or you can participate through the mail by signing up on-line. The "drop dead" date to register is February 28 seeew you'll want to get signed up now!

I've covered all the details right here on our website. Seeew...click that link!

I will add a little bit of helpful advice: This is planned out based on the number of people who sign up. Everytime we offer something like this I get a handful of folks who want to join later as if they didn't believe me it would be fabulous when finished. We won't be making complete kits when it's all finished, seeew get signed up now.

 P.S. There's far more to the story of how this has come about, but I'll have to save that for my next post about Merry Merry Snowmen. It involves a blogger who shared my picture of our original sample from 2012 to her 5 million followers on Facebook. Oy. It was intense and whether you ordered it from us or the designer, shipping is delayed.  But like I said, that's a story for another time. I've got even more stuff to show you coming right up!

Stay Seeew-cial, get signed up and I'll see you in class!!! ~ Brian