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Life's About To Get Good With New Fabric!

Our New Mystery Club featuring Moda's Authentic Etc. by Sweetwater! Starts September 28



There are two upcoming club-like programs you may want to consider getting signed up for as soon as possible. They are, as the headline suggests...our new Border Creek Station Mystery Club featuring Authentic Etc. and our new session of the very popular Farm Girl Vintage B.O.M. which I have covered in full detail here. Both clubs have an in-store and on-line option to participate. 

You may recall waaaay back in 2009 or 2010 the talented women behind Moda's Sweetwater released one of their first collections called, "Authentic." It was an absolute hit and sold out immediately. I can see why! The colors are always current and the designs are fresh! Eight years later they have revisited that iconic color palette and are bringing us their all-new Authentic Etc. Here's a peak at the fabrics....


There are (as I shared above) two ways to participate: With Membership (in-store) or Without Membership (on-line).
I received an email the other day wanting to know what the quilt looks like seeew I must emphasize that a Mystery Quilt...IS A MYSTERY! I can tell you that we will be making the lap size and the "Mothership", Christine and I have all seen it. It's a fabulous quilt.

"With Membership" includes all eight monthly in-store meetings with clues, snacks (wine and cheese anyone?) and prize giveaways. The meeting dates are one Thursday a month from 6:30pm-7:30pm: September 28, October 26, November 16, January 25 2018, February 22 2018, March 29 2018, April 26 2018, & May 24 2018. * Please note there is not a meeting in December. The kit will be handed out at the first meeting with the first installment of the pattern. You will receive an installment of the pattern at each meeting thereafter seeew you want to make sure you attend! 

"Without Membership" is the on-line version of the program and is available for those who want to complete the program on their own. The first mailing will include the fabric kit with the the first pattern installment. The remaining pattern installments will be shipped once a month after the in-store meetings have taken place.

The "Mothership" (a.k.a. Jan for the newbies) is providing two kit colorways to select from, Black/Cream or Green/Cream (refer to the picture of the fabrics above).

Below are the links to the different options. Remember..."With Membership" is the in-store sign up and "Without Membership" is for those of you who want to do the program on-line.

Green Authentic Etc. Sweet 16 Mystery Club Kit with Membership

Black Authentic Etc. Sweet 16 Mystery Club Kit with Membership

Green Authentic Etc. Sweet 16 Mystery Club Kit without Membership

Black Authentic Etc. Sweet 16 Mystery Club Kit without Membership

Thanks for joining us today! Remember Thursdays the Shoppe is open 12pm-8pm for your after-work creative urges!

Stay Seeew-cial! ~ Brian