Summer Is Here & The Time Is Right...For Our Summer-Licious New Location Celebration! July 15, 2017
Official Countdown: 3 Days Until We Dance On The Ceiling For Our New Location Celebration! Saturday, July 15 2017!

Official Countdown: 4 Days Until Our Summer-Licious New Location Celebration! July 15, 2017!

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4 days and counting! Monday we spent our day running around securing the tent, planning the "Glamper", gathering more dancers...planning prizes!

Oh yes, our Summer-Licious New Location Celebration has become quite the production! It's a day full of fun seeew hopefully you'll join us! 

Saturday, July 15. Party Begins At 12pm. Festivities until 4pm. Shoppe Open 10am-6pm!

I know I for one...feel better when I'm dancing...seeew guess where you will be finding me??? Regular blog posts will resume after the event! I appreciate everyone who actually follows us and checks in from time to time. I'm always amazed at how many of you are from out-of-state! Thank you very much! It makes all this communication worth it!

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian