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I'm Allergic to Entitled


I have a lot on my mind after what clearly a rough start to the week! If you don't follow us on Facebook, this post will be irrelevant to you. Let's just say that a small portion of the population certainly should have paid more attention to this lesson in their childhood. When I was younger my parents would point out that "the world doesn't revolve around you" whenever I misbehaved. I wasn't always a gem ya know. In fact, I have never claimed to be. Whenever they would say that to me, the only thing my mind could envision at the time was a planet swirling around me. I didn't get it. LOL. But as I got all made sense.

Social Media has definitely brought out a lack of manners in quite a few. That's all.

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian





Thursdays Are Date Nights With Holly! Now Open Until 8pm On Thursdays!



No, that's not "Holly." That's the "Mothership"...her name btw is Jan.

About five years ago I adopted the name "Mothership" because I had some woman harrassing me through email and comments about how I referred to her as "my mom" and tried to mock the fact that we are a mother/son team. It was getting seeew bad that I started to not want to post. Well, unbeknownst to me our loyal blog readers enjoyed the nickname seeew much that it just took hold and the "Mothership" was born. The moral of the story...take someone's negative and turn it upside down.

As far as "Holly" is concerned, we always know when a solicitor is calling the Shoppe because they ask for "Holly." Nice try but uh...that's not her name. You'd think that if they wanted us to buy from them or listen to their spiel, they'd maybe do their research to find out the owner's name? Another give away I always know it's a solicitor...our actual customers don't call us from a noisy call center. LOL. Truth be told Holly is the name of a very ugly cat that belongs to one of my brothers. I suppose I can't be too harsh because it was her name that has made us who we are today, right? I should try and get a photo. I'll get on that stat.

The purpose of this blog post however is to let you know we are now open until 8pm on Thursdays here in the Charbonneau District of Wilsonville, Oregon. We sent a survey last month asking our followers what night they would like to see the Shoppe open late, and the result was Thursday night! Friday was in second place but I have a hard time with giving up my Friday night for someone to maybe show up. I'm still young...I've got dance floors to burn up! LOL.

No seriously, Thursday nights are a great night to come out as the traffic isn't bad at all and it's gorgeous out here! The best part about it is that it was selected by YOU! We are excited to see what happens!


We do have an English Paper Piecing Club on Thursday night once a month from 6:30pm-8:30pm seeew be sure to check out the schedule located here. Seats are limited to 8 and each month the "Mothership" will be introducing new projects and techniques! The first date is June 15, 2017.

This Saturday is our neighbor's first birthday! Lux Sucre Desserts turns one! That's a huge milestone! To celebrate we are adding a complimentary Kid's Craft Table from 12pm-4pm. The Mothership will be teaching these adorable popsicle garlands which is what she has been working on in the photo above! She's created a variety of styles so bring your favorite little one and watch them be creative!


Alright everyone...we are looking forward to seeing the result of your survey! Are Thursday nights your best night to visit? I guess we will find out!

Stay Seeew-cial! ~ Brian










Seeew Cute Wednesday!

Sunny-Sunday-Supper-Runner (1)


Happy Hump Day! Two days down...and two days to go!

Sometimes I just have to sit back and marvel at all of the cuteness around the Shoppe lately! It certainly helps that we have such a delicious bakery next door as I tend to borrow (well...ok, I actually make a few purchases) a few props! 

I am loving...LOVING...our Sunny Sunday Supper Table Runner right now. Those yellows, aquas and greens just give this block seeew much more whimsy! The "Mothership" even packed each individual block in our kits to help with fabric placement! If I had to choose just one table runner kit to make...this would be it!

It just says SUMMER!

Cute bowl too.

Sunny-Sunday-Supper-Runner-2 (1)

If you haven't been to our Shoppe in a few years, let's just say we've been staying consistently bright since 2014. You can't help but smile when you see all of the bright colors.

Oh...I know what I was going to show you!

This cute Project Bag pictured below is an upcoming class on August 3, 2017. We hope you like to make bags because this is a fun one! In this class you will learn how to work with vinyl, zippers and applying the binding. You'll also learn how to quilt on the Soft & Stable. The "Mothership" and Christine have a thing for bags that you can see into because it makes it much easier to find supplies!


Isn't it cute? Love their fabric selection but then I always gravitate to coordinated styles.

Now here's a little sneak peak at something that makes my heart soar!

As you all may remember...below is our exclusive pattern for the Row by Row Experience from last year.


The "Mothership" and Christine had some great vision when they designed this one last year, because it turns out that the theme for 2017 is "On The Go!"

Go figure!

Seeew, it only made sense to continue our theme from last year! I took the sneak peak picture below showing a part of the new 2017 row!

The two of them are as giddy as can be because they are now creating a project that uses both rows!


The Row by Row Experience kicks off on June 21, 2017 and continues through September 5, 2017. You must visit shops in person to receive a complimentary pattern. The entire experience was created to show support for your local brick and mortar quilt shops. The patterns are designed by the local shop owners so it's nice when people come and support the stores for their efforts! Kits will be available to purchase as well.

You can find us at our new address in the Charbonneau District of Wilsonville, Oregon. Our address is 31840 SW Charbonneau, Dr. Wilsonville, Oregon 97070. Our hours will be extending starting June 21 but currently hours are Thursdays 10am-8pm and 10am-4pm on Tues. Wed. Fri. and Saturday.

Alright, be good out there...always making something cute and stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian