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The Story Comes Alive...


I have often thought of the Shoppe as one giant story. We have had many chapters over the last 12 years, but out of all of them...I think this new location is the most charming. Every great story includes a peaceful setting, a cast of characters, a theme and of course, a...happily ever after. Is this not gorgeous?

I appreciate how things come to life with all of the behind-the-scenes work. Whether it's a theme park production, a quilt store or even a bakery...there is always much work that goes into creating an imaginative space. BTW....when that choir chimes in at 2:52 seconds, I melt. Pixie dust galore!

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen some of the clips I posted recently. The show is Disney's all new "Happily Ever After" fireworks show that premiered in the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort just last week! It is only the third show in the park's 46 year history! Word on the street is that it's more than just projections...they have made every window on Cindy's castle come to life. It's crazy!

And speaking of fireworks....


The blooms of this new Applique Flower quilt remind me of a firework as it bursts in the sky!

Of course only I would think that way.

The "Mothership" and Christine have been working on this latest project by Jason Yenter over the last week. I absolutely love the gray background they are using! Sophisticated and classy! These beautiful floral prints remind us of Liberty of London or London Lawn fabrics.


Jan and Christine figure if they work on ten of these petals a day they will have the over 100 needed for this quilt...finished in no time! I know they can do it because I BELIEVE! The amount of work in this quilt is another reason why I believe that finished quilts should never be undervalued when being sold. For those who under price their quilts for the sake of being "nice" are undervaluing your work and the art of others....stop. LOL.  I'll say it if nobody else will.

The pattern for the Applique Flower can be found in Jason Yenter's new book, Garden Delights which is available by clicking here to order. Yes we ship and yes, there is even a pick up option for local customers.

Garden-Fresh-Quilts-Image (1)

All of the projects in this book are made with the new Garden Delights collection by Gray Sky Studio for In The Beginning. The collection of fabric will arrive in late June but we've got these gorgeous 2.5" Strip Rolls from In The Beginning right now! Two of the patterns in the book, Strippy Weave and Four Patch, use the 2.5" strip roll...seeew get them now before they are gone!

Isn't it a vision? Good job Jason and crew!


Oh are my cast of characters now!  While my dad and I got a new cabinet into place for an upcoming Christmas display behind them (gasp...I know, we are already making changes) Jan and Christine are busy as bees working nightly on this stunning quilt!


For the record, I promised them some cinnamon roll dough from the bakery next door if they helped me make the story come to life with a photo op.

Since they cooperated seeew well, I merrily headed over to our neighbors, Lux Sucre Desserts and surprised Brandon & Chanelle with my request!


Don't you love it when your neighbors just pop their head in your back window???

Clearly I don't have any boundaries.

They are smiling of course.

BTW...they make these delicious Cinnamon Rolls every Saturday morning and they are usually gone by 12pm. Just sayin' get here early if you want one or call them to place an order for pick up! I found this picture below on their Instagram! You should follow them @luxsucredesserts!


Now that I have you drooling and hungry, I'm going to remind you to join us all out here for our Grand Opening Festival on Saturday, June 24, 2017!  We are still finalizing all of the plans, but I'm in the mood to celebrate! Everyone was posting how sad they were when we closed our previous location seeew let's see you all get excited! I can't be the only one getting excited in this relationship!

That's all I have for today...but I want to thank you for helping us to create a new chapter out here in Charbonneau. It takes people to make any dream a reality and you all definitely have your part in the cast! Remember to always reach out for your own "Happily Ever After" and stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian