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The Mother's Celebration Brunch Re-Cap And Blog Give-Away Winner!

Another Day of Sun, Another Day For A Blog-Give-Away!


Do you like our umbrella? It's "another day of sun" here in Oregon and another chance for a blog give-away! But first, it's just not quite a sunny day out here without dancing on some cars! After all we have a very large parking lot!

Oh yes, you had to know it was coming! How could I not pay tribute to one of my all-time favorite movies of 2016?

Is that just not the best??? I can't imagine the amount of work it took to get that sequence filmed! My favorite is the gal in the yellow dress with her dramatic poses.

You know what else I think about on a sunny day?

Coney Island.

More specifically this gorgeous Coney Island Fat Quarter Bundle from none other than the fabulous Fig Tree. With just one look at this bundle it's easy to imagine weathered boardwalks, beautiful beaches, carnival games and surprise...a QUILT! Summer seriously cannot get here fast enough...just don't be too hot!

Coney-Island-Fat-Quarter-Bundle (1)

A sunny day couldn't have timed iteself anymore perfectly than it did today because the "Mothership" has also finished kits for our brand new Sunny Sunday Supper Table Runner sample (pictured below)! You will need the book, Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt to complete the project. Of course as my mom always does...she goes the extra mile with the details! She's even individually packaged the blocks to help you with block placement when you receive your kit!

These kits won't be around for long seeew be sure to pick one up on your next visit! Don't wait. I seriously say this every time and even though we have a website to order from as soon as you see it, there are those who wait a month later...and then they are gone. Seeew get it when you see it remains my motto!


Speaking of Farm Girl addition to our Farm Girl Vintage B.O.M. (block-of-the-month) that we ran for 15 months last year, the "Mothership" also created our Barn Girl Vintage B.O.M. As if it wasn't enough to make all of those blocks three times, Jan (a.k.a the Mothership) and Christine sewed a fourth set for Barn Girl!


Well would ya look at that! Customer Suzie R. (pictured above), being the radiant bursts of sunny days that she is, brought in her finished quilt from the program to share with us! Congratulations Suzie! Suzie is a fairly new quilter and she did a fantastic job! I also have to applaud Jan & Christine again on the color selection for these blocks! Now...we just need to get our sample finished! Chop, chop! LOL. If you missed out on the Farm Girl Vintage last time, don't worry...we will run it again as soon as we get to sit down and think!

Blog-Give-Away (1)

Seeew now that you get a feel for what brings a little bit of sunshine into our day, I'm going to ask you what brings the sun shining through to your day! Leave a comment below before 11:59pm on Thursday, May 11 and you just might win this beautiful Guernsey Charm Pack by Brenda Riddle of Acorn Quilt & Gift Co. for Moda.

Please make sure before you comment that you understand what item it is that is part of the giveaway;-) These giveaways only happen with support of our Shoppe so I want to thank you in advance for shopping our website and our physical store location.

I've got plenty more where this came from seeew leave a comment and stay seeew-cial! Staying seeew-cial means...calling me up to say hi, tagging us using #hollyhillquiltshoppe on Instagram & Facebook and stopping by to make me laugh ~ Brian