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See What's New In Our Own "Wonderful World of Color!" New Give-Away!


*Before we begin, to get the "true" effects of today's post, use a desktop!

You are cordially invited to our Grand Opening Festival Saturday, June 24 2017 here in our new location! If the pictures in today's blog are any indication, the day promises to be a spectacular day full of creativity! Seeew mark that one down on your calendars folks because I'm all in for a celebration! How about you? In fact, I was looking for a birthday cake image and as I dug through my old pictures, I came upon this classic! The pic is however ... pre-cupcake obsession. I was a bean pole.

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To be able to stand on Main Street U.S.A. without a soul in the early morning hours is an honor. This particular picture was during the 25th Anniversary (1996/97) in which they completely transformed Cinderella's Castle into a giant birthday cake! I can remember the decorating process took months and involved several cranes.  Look at how the hub (the area in front of Cinderella's castle) has changed over the years. In the last few years they've completely removed all of those trees. 

If there's one thing I know for sure it is that this new store is our own "world of color." We've been working on one section at a time and I think seeew far, this one below is my favorite! Fabrics from Kimberbell, Lake House, Chloe's Closet, American Jane, Bonnie & Camille along with Lori Holt all take up residence in this section. There are seeew many positives with this location with my favorite being the 20 foot ceilings! This new store is the size of our very first store we had from 2005-2008 but it has far more light! If you're familiar with our original store, we packed it in!


Jan (a.k.a. the mothership) and Christine made those adorable Farm Girl Vintage blocks for our Block of The Month program. There are 48 total in all and they made all of them three set for my clothesline, one set for Christine's quilt and one set for my mom's (which we will hang in the store when finished) If you missed out the first time, I can spread the word now that she will be offering the Farm Girl B.O.M. again. You'll want to participate because Jan's color selection is fabulous (you will see below) as well as the additional instructions she provides! As soon as she shares the details with me, I'll be the first to let you know! Do I ever not...let you know??


Pictured above is long-time customer, Cynthia V. with her Farm Girl Vintage Quilt. Cynthia participated in the B.O.M. the last time we offered it and was thrilled to get all of our blocks put together! Cynthia brought it to last Saturday's "What's For Breakfast?"

BTW "What's For Breakfast?" is the new name of our monthly Breakfast Club. The fee to attend includes a breakfast snack and an entire kit for Jan's featured project! This month everyone learned a new skill while making this adorable towel (below) Placement of the hexi's was completely up to each person. Our next "What's For Breakfast" will be the Mother's Day Brunch Edition on Saturday, May 13 from 12pm-2pm. For this one we are going all out...more food and a fabulous secret project! Register here!



If you're looking for Lori Holt prints in Oregon, you definitely know where you can find them in neat little rows of organized colors!

If you participated in our Farm Girl Vintage B.O.M. last session and want to share your quilts with us, email us at or follow us on Instagram and use #hollyhillquiltshoppe seeew we can see! For those of you who participated in either the Farm Girl Vintage or the Barn Girl Vintage B.O.M's, we will be hosting a party for all of you seeew stay tuned for that info! If you haven't finished you quilt get busy!

Hop-Skip-And-A-Jump-2 (2)

We decided to do something a little different with our Vintage Posies A'La Mode Quilt we've not done before...and that was to put it over a table. Actually this quilt is huge at 78-1/2" x 88-1/2." Our complete kit includes ample fabric to complete the entire top and binding, along with the pattern. You can order our kit by clicking here. Of course, when we thought of vintage, we immediately thought of American Jane. When Sandy Klop was here teaching a class, I asked her, "Have you ever thought of Hop, Skip & A Jump as a name for a fabric collection?" She was thrilled and the rest is history! Seeew this collection holds a special place in our hearts. LOL. P.S. I finally found a home for our little red wagon!

Sunny-Chestnut-Street-Kit (1)

The "Mothership" loves Fig Tree. In fact, Fig Tree fabrics from Moda have been a constant around here since time began. Our Sunny Chestnut Street Quilt finally got her beauty treatment and was quilted by the lovely Trish Hevern. Fig Tree's Chestnut Street and her new Coney Island are in the Shoppe now. As for the quilt, there are only two kits left to order here


Pictured above is one of my all-time favorite collections for Summer! I cannot say enough great things about the new Sunday Supper from Sweetwater which is here in the Shoppe as we speak. Err...type! Sunday Supper is perfect for creating projects to maybe use outdoors with your Sunday night bbq's or entertaining on your outdoor patio set. That Aqua, Navy, Taupe, Grassy Green and Sunny Yellow motif is hot right now and I just know the fabrics will make a fabulous table runner, placemats, and much more!  P.S. Yes, we ordered Authentic Etc. which premieres I believe in September!

Here's a little project we are working on! Do you recognize it???


Have you heard the news? Moda designer Sherri McConnell will be returning to the Shoppe to teach two workshops September 22 & September 23, 2017! Her visit will coincide with the release of her new fabric collection, Creekside. For Friday, September 22 she will be teaching her all-new Happy Days project. Details to register are here or call 503-694-8052.


For Saturday, September 23 Sherri will be teaching her new Patchwork Garden (see below)! I can see this in many different styles from Fig Tree, to Sweetwater's Sunday Supper! In this class you will learn new techniques for quick and accurate strip piecing, piece postage stamp blocks and much more! I've covered all of the details here on our website. Our class fees include instruction from Sherri and a catered lunch. A generous 20% discount is offered on all class supplies when purchased from our Shoppe. Register between now and May 31, 2017 and take advantage of the early registration discount!



Seeew...what do you do with a fabulous little combination of yellows?

Um...create a pineapple quilt! Hellooooo! I'm all about enchantment and nothing screams enchantment more than the mystical pineapple! I am in love with our Mod Pineapples Quilt Kit and I'm pretty sure that I know exactly what I am going to tie it in with in a future post! Long arm quilter and friend Melissa Hoffman was by the Shoppe the other day and we discussed how we wanted it quilted. Lots of lovely white space...don't you think?


Since this post is getting super long, I will wrap up our "world of color" with a finale of epic holiday realness! Ladies and genetlemen, I present this gorgeous palette from Moda's all-new Merrily! Completely in love with these blenders and they are in the Shoppe now! 


But it's this panel (below) that is stealing the show!


I of course can see why! It's literally the definition of! P.S. That's not a real website, but a phrase I use.

Alright this concludes my magical little post! Tell me what you think about anything in today's blog post in the comments below and one of you will win a Sunday Supper Charm Pack! Contest remains open until 11:59pm Saturday April 29 2017. We always appreciate your support as that is what helps us bring you these contests and the doors stay open! Please enter only once, thanks!


Come visit us Tuesday through Saturday 10am-4pm in our new location at 31840 SW Charbonneau Dr. Wilsonville, Oregon 97070.

Remember everyone, STAY-SEWCIAL!! ~ Brian

If you don't, we will all be replaced by automation and robots! Do you want an Android cutting your fabric? Hee hee.














I Want A Quilt Kit Just Like This....



We are settling into our new location and looking forward to the seasons to come! As I said before, it's much like our very first location. I'm loving the quaint size and I'm loving the 20 feet high ceilings! In fact, we've always wanted "something just like this." You know what else I've always wanted? A quilt with greys and blues!

Now let's get many of you have someone in your family that doesn't sew but when it comes to a quilt they tell you..."I want something just like this?" Well what does that mean? Be specific? Do you like the colors? The size? The pattern? Seeew then you set yourself on at what times seems like an impossible task? Mmmhmm. It's all in the beat ladies and gents! Take a moment to move to the beat...and back, and forward, and back...and forward again. You're on the cycle of life girlfriends (and boyfriends are rising in Quilt World)! Cycles-of-Life-Quilt-Kit-10

Today I am sharing our all-new Cycles of Life Quilt! With the warm Summer days ahead (fingers crossed) many cyclists will take to the roads around Portland and the surrounding suburbs. For our quilt we chose to stay within a neutral palette of soft blues and greys which works for both men and women. The pattern reminded me of those markings you sometimes see in bike lanes.


The prints are a variety of geometric styles including gears and anything else that reminds us of a bicycle - whether it's the chain or the tires!

Cylcles-of-Life-Quilt-Kit (1)

As you can see with our kit....perfection. Everything you need is included! Fabrics for the top, binding and pattern! BTW...if I'm advertising a kit only and do not have individual patterns, I link the kit only. We have hundreds and hundreds of patterns that sit around the Shoppe for months. We then create a sample and omg...everyone suddenly notices but unless I specifically link it, then it's available as a kit only from us.

Fields-Of-Flannel-Quilt-Kit (1)

The second quilt is made with Primitive Gatherings flannel and I've dubbed it, "Fields of Flannel." This one has been very popular and we've made some extra kits to accommodate the craze. Be sure to get yours here while they last...because it won't be around long!

Cycles-of-Life-Quilt-Kit (1)

That's it for today! Remember, everything you see in my current posts are on our website  If you wait too long there will be the high chance an item is sold out. You can always call us at our new number 503-694-8052 to place an order. Hours for are 10am-4pm, Tuesday through Saturday.  Now I remember everything and what I remember most is the number of folks that posted how sad they were when we moved out of our previous location. Well, there is plenty of parking out here at the new one seeew let's see if ya all can fill it up!

The new address is 31840 SW Charbonneau Dr. Wilsonville, OR 97070.

Take care and stay seeew-cial ~ Brian








A Slice Of Summer Even Though We Haven't Yet Experienced Spring



We are now open in Wilsonville (in the Charbonneau district) 10am-4pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. My apologies for the repetition but for some reason I get emails asking hours, even though I have it directly on the front page of our website here. Seeew I'm not trying to be annoying...but, helpful. I've also noticed a lot of folks talking about how they looked us up on Google and found incorrect info. My recommendation is to always visit our actual website Google is a massive search engine and it doesn't always have correct updates, especially when you are relocating like we just did.  I never use Google. I always take it one step further and visit the actual website of a company.

Today I'm showing you the super sweet Summer Slices Watermelon Quilt. (Update: SOLD OUT). It's seeew welcoming on the front porch! There are only three kits left and as always the "Mothership" has left no stone unturned when putting together these kits. You will receive ample fabric to complete the quilt top and binding. She has also included ric-rac, buttons for the seeds and of course, the pattern! I love that the watermelons have texture! To order one of our kits click here. Once it says "Out of Stock" that's more can be ordered.



Also new this season is the Bumble Berries Summer Runner Kit:


I'm still trying to get used to the lighting in this new space seeew here's another picture of it on a table...


Speaking of Summer, we are getting the front of the Shoppe ready for those of you travelin' thru! The other day a husband of one of our customers was sitting on the patio of the restaurant (unbeknownst to him). The waitress came out and told him he couldn't sit there unless he was ordering. Seeew, we went out and purchased our own table and chairs for our Hollyhill families! Seeew look for the bright colored table and chairs (aquas, yellows, etc.), grab yourself a delicious dessert from Lux Sucre Desserts (our other neighbor) and make yourself at home! Next up...some fun rocking chairs!


I posted this picture the other day on the Shoppe Instagram. Did you see it? Do you follow us there? Remember to use #hollyhillquiltshoppe when posting projects which you are using fabrics or kits from our Shoppe! We love to see what you are accomplishing!

That's it for today! There's plenty more where this came from as we are just getting started! If you're in the area, do come out and help us clean out our Sale fabric. I'm determined to have it sold off and the rack removed from our Shoppe by the end of the month!

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian