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I Want A Quilt Kit Just Like This....



We are settling into our new location and looking forward to the seasons to come! As I said before, it's much like our very first location. I'm loving the quaint size and I'm loving the 20 feet high ceilings! In fact, we've always wanted "something just like this." You know what else I've always wanted? A quilt with greys and blues!

Now let's get honest...how many of you have someone in your family that doesn't sew but when it comes to a quilt they tell you..."I want something just like this?" Well what does that mean? Be specific? Do you like the colors? The size? The pattern? Seeew then you set yourself on at what times seems like an impossible task? Mmmhmm. It's all in the beat ladies and gents! Take a moment to move to the beat...and back, and forward, and back...and forward again. You're on the cycle of life girlfriends (and boyfriends too..men are rising in Quilt World)! Cycles-of-Life-Quilt-Kit-10

Today I am sharing our all-new Cycles of Life Quilt! With the warm Summer days ahead (fingers crossed) many cyclists will take to the roads around Portland and the surrounding suburbs. For our quilt we chose to stay within a neutral palette of soft blues and greys which works for both men and women. The pattern reminded me of those markings you sometimes see in bike lanes.


The prints are a variety of geometric styles including gears and anything else that reminds us of a bicycle - whether it's the chain or the tires!

Cylcles-of-Life-Quilt-Kit (1)

As you can see with our kit....perfection. Everything you need is included! Fabrics for the top, binding and pattern! BTW...if I'm advertising a kit only and do not have individual patterns, I link the kit only. We have hundreds and hundreds of patterns that sit around the Shoppe for months. We then create a sample and omg...everyone suddenly notices but unless I specifically link it, then it's available as a kit only from us.

Fields-Of-Flannel-Quilt-Kit (1)

The second quilt is made with Primitive Gatherings flannel and I've dubbed it, "Fields of Flannel." This one has been very popular and we've made some extra kits to accommodate the craze. Be sure to get yours here while they last...because it won't be around long!

Cycles-of-Life-Quilt-Kit (1)

That's it for today! Remember, everything you see in my current posts are on our website www.hollyhillquiltshoppe.com.  If you wait too long there will be the high chance an item is sold out. You can always call us at our new number 503-694-8052 to place an order. Hours for are 10am-4pm, Tuesday through Saturday.  Now I remember everything and what I remember most is the number of folks that posted how sad they were when we moved out of our previous location. Well, there is plenty of parking out here at the new one seeew let's see if ya all can fill it up!

The new address is 31840 SW Charbonneau Dr. Wilsonville, OR 97070.

Take care and stay seeew-cial ~ Brian