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Kimberbell Basics Charm Pack Winner Announcement #Winning




We have another winner announcement! I'm telling you there will be seeew much winning your head will spin!

But first, do you know who else is winning?

That's right! The "Mothership!" She has been buzzing about in the "creative hive" planning projects to decorate our new location!

Remember that stack of Darling Little Dickens she was cutting?


Well, she decided to make the Tumblers quilt from Fresh Family Traditions by the lovely Sherri McConnell. Our finished sample is approximately 37" x 51" which is the perfect size to hang over a sweet crib and for the nursery in general.

The collection is chalk full with sweet little ducks, bunnies, bears, bees and...LOOK AT THOSE SHEEP!

Just an FYI, the pattern in the book is for a larger quilt (57" x 66") in case someone gets the book out and sees a different size.

Darling-Little-Dickens-3 (1)

I cannot believe people have overlooked this collection. It is as the name implies....DARLING! The quilt goes together like a dream!

Personally, I find it genius to throw in peas and carrots in a baby line.

When I think of baby food, a gorgeous ensemble of pureed peas comes to mind!



Doesn't it make you hungry?


Fabrics for children are my big ?

When we offer bright, people want light and pastel.

When we offer those options, people want bright and bold. We personally like ours with a more classy vintage feel much like Darling Little Dickens which was designed by Lydia Nelson, one of Moda's newest designers! The fabric collection is available in our on-line store and it's currently on sale!

I have one more thing to show you ....

Great-Granny-Squared (1)

Yes! It's a Great Granny Squared in Fig Tree's Chestnut Street! Freshly pieced and ready for quilting! Isn't it pretty? It's going to look fabulous in the new space! If you don't have the book Great Granny Squared you can order it with us by clicking here. Someone asked me the other day about how they order products they see on the blog. They didn't know they could click on the links! Seeew, yes you click on the links and we will get the items right out to you! "

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for! With the assistance of the " Random Number Generator" the winner of our Kimberbell Basics Charm pack is....

Marilyn Warner!
Marilyn wrote:
Thanks for keeping us informed about all the wonderful quilts and fabrics available. You and your mom run a beautiful business that is warm and welcoming. I can't wait to know where you'll be hanging the shoppe's sign.

Marilyn, please contact us at hollyhillorders@comcast.net with your mailing address!

That's it for today! I'll be back with another contest seeew stay tuned! We have much to do to get our new location ready seeew we won't be releasing any details until we are 100%. We thank everyone for their patience AND for your support! If you can't shop our store in person, we certainly hope you will shop our on-line store as it all keeps the doors open for when you do decide you want to visit!

Stay Seeew-cial and tell us what you think in the comments below! Let's hear about what you're working on, what makes you happy or heck...where you're from! Do I have to offer a prize to get this to happen? :-) Maybe I should conduct a Social Media experiment. ~ Brian