Small Project Holiday!
We Interrupt This Season To Bring You Our Barn Girl Block Of The Month Block For Month #8

All I Want For Christmas Is....For It To Stop Snowing & Melt!



We are snowed in out here in the Pacific Northwest but I happened to have this picture saved on my phone! When it comes to Christmas gift decor, one thing is true....we only feature quality decor items. From mercury trees to adorable "gliterry" snowmen, the Shoppe is full of Christmas cheer! To celebrate the season in today's post it is only fitting that I hand it over to Mariah.

234,000,000 views! That's just...insane.


The only thing I think of when I see anything about Mariah Carey (other than that unfortunate NYE debacle) is how when she came to Disney it was a visit to Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom, then onto Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios (back then it was Disney's M.G.M. Studios) and then she was out of there. My friend Zorida was her VIP Guide multiple times and at one point she had to use the drive thru at Kentucky Fried Chicken because Mariah wanted some crispy chicken. She wore a headset and sang her own songs the entire drive. Diva in the drive thru! Hilarious.

Anyhoo...I'm off to see if I can get my car out of the snow! Yes, we've been snowed in seeew if you've called the Shoppe and we haven't answered, that's why. We will be open an extra Sunday to help some of those who weren't able to get to the Shoppe this week! Sunday, December 18 is the extra day seeew come join us from 12pm-4pm!

Stay seeew-cial ~ Brian