Friday Night Flipside
Our Barn Girl Vintage B.O.M. Is Progressing Nicely

Harvest Your Figgy Dreams With Fig Tree's New Chestnut Street!



Fig Tree's new Chestnut Street has arrived and it is a stunner! Seeew vivid. Seeew luscious. Seeew...Fig Tree. There were only two collections this year from Fig Tree Quilts, Strawberry Fields Re-visited and Chestnut Street. Our Fig Tree section was starting to get sparse - seeew note to Joanna and Moda - add one more collection for us Fig Lovers!  Ever since I moved her section up to the front entrance, it sells much faster than when I used to build up collections on one of our exterior walls. It's seeew strange how that happens! That's a good thing for us, but kind of a bummer for those who miss the arrival, huh?

Now if you recall a couple of posts ago I promised a return to music here on the blog. Seeew...since we love Fig Tree Quilts and the designer's name just happens to be Joanna, I can only think of one song....


Gotta love the 80's! This video....though!!

The next time she teaches here, I am seeew playing that. LOL.



Let's get on with it. Pictured above is our class sample for our upcoming Freezer Method Applique Class on Thursday, October 27 from 9am-3pm.

Kits will be required for this class as it is a technique class.

The "Mothership" (a.k.a. Jan for the newbies joining us) will be creating kits based on this sample. It's one of my new favorites! She said she's going to use it at home for her fall decorating!  

Now ya see...I would normally go ahead and just leave it there, but I always get calls about kits for people who can't join us for class. Our goal obviously is to host the class and teach you all a new skill. Classes increase your knowledge base!  If there happen to be any kits left, we will notify everyone via our daily email. Students taking the class receive a 20% discount on supplies, which will include this kit.



Seeew what else will we do with this gorgeous collection? Hmmm....looks like a kit is in the works?


And it just might be making this!


That's it for right now....I will remind you all that we have two upcoming events for October. The Harvest & Stitches Shop Hop is October 8 through October 22. For those of you who love Sundays, there are two Sundays during this Shop Hop that we are open 12pm-4pm. The Wooly Block Adventure will start October 15 and continue through December 15. I can't wait to show you the block Jan & Christine came up with!

Stay Seeew-cial this weekend and sign up for our daily email inspiration (as we announce everything there first)  and I wouldn't want you to miss out on a special during Manic Mondays. ~ Brian