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Watermelon & A Cozy Christmas Are Big Business Around Here...

Summer-Seeds-Quilt (1)


Yes Summer is almost over, but does anyone want to have a watermelon eating contest? Doesn't this look delicious? It makes me want to put on a show in a little small town! Are you a Rose or Sadie?


 I love Big Business. Especially the country Rose (Lily Tomlin)....lol. "I got on my Tuesday panties, but I guess you knew that too." LOL.


I love the reds the "Mothership" selected for those watermelons. She did a great job making sure it shows the texture of the melon. We still have to put the binding on, but as soon as Trish Hevern (one of our newest quilters) brought it back, I just had to play. The entire quilt is just charming and whimsical. You can order this bright and happy Summer Slice Quilt Kit by clicking here.

This quilt would be seeew much fun to take along on a picnic or use while sitting on your front porch during those summer nights. During the holidays you could even get away with folding it up on your favorite ladder and simply show off the middle.

Our complete quilt kit includes ample fabric to create the quilt top and binding. Jan has also included ric-rac, buttons (for the seeds which we haven't put on yet) and the pattern for this 60" x 60" quilt. One of my favorite things is the way Jan, Christine and Joann package our kits! They are always like presents. Seeew much attention to detail and it inspires me daily.


As I always say, and have said for the last ten years...get it when I'm advertising it because this kit is limited to just eight (8).

Seeew what else happened this week?


Well, as you can see the "Mothership" hosted the August Breakfast Club this past Saturday. As always everyone has a good time and there is usually a winner or two in the bunch. Each month Jan features a project and provides a kit to all attendees. The fee includes a breakfast snack and kit for the project. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own favorite project to share with the group. Here is this month's featured project:


This Wall Bucket is perfect for holding "stuff" on spaces that are hard to use, especially in our sewing rooms! When Jan saw both the pattern print and ruler print from Moda's Sew & Sew collection, she knew it would be perfect for this month's project! You can order the pattern from us by calling 503-607-0600. We can ship pattern only orders (without tracking) for $1.90 - $2.25. If you place an order for a pattern through our on-line store, the general shipping fee is $5.95 with the USPS Flat Rate Envelope (tracking included). My advice is to order more than one pattern (or throw in some fabric) if you want to use the website, otherwise just call us for pattern-only orders.


Pictured above are the Breakfast Club projects from May through August. Jan focuses on selecting projects that you will find practical for your personal sewing space or perhaps for a friend. Many of the people who attend bring back their projects to share and talk about how they made more because a family member or friend wanted to make one too! It gets a little contagious! Be watching our daily email to register for our September Breakfast Club soon!

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Don't forget, we also have two other brand new quilt kits including the Sew & Sew Quilt Kit and the Lori Holt Cozy Christmas Quilt Kit.


Both of these quilt kits are available in the Shoppe and in our on-line Shoppe now. For Lori Holt's Cozy Christmas Quilt, Jan & Christine will be hosting a weekly Sew-Along on Wednesday evenings 6:30pm-8:30pm starting September 7 through November 30. This program is free to those who purchase the Cozy Christmas Quilt Kit from us. The cost of the kit is $129.99 and includes ample fabric to create the quilt top and binding. You will need to purchase the Sew Simple Shapes Cozy Christmas Templates and Cute Little Christmas Buttons separately. The program is going to be valuable to you because Jan & Christine are sewing our sample and there are lots of tips to go over! Seeew, get your kit purchased and if you are local, be sure to register for the Sew Along by clicking here.

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian