Watermelon & A Cozy Christmas Are Big Business Around Here...
It Was A Great Summer!

Corey Yoder's Sundrops Is Here!



Now this will definitely make you happy! Corey Yoder's new Sundrops collection is here in the Shoppe and in our on-line store here. Such a precious collection. Oh the possibilities and fun we will have with this one! Seeew many opportunities with the imagination here.

Before I forget...I did get to see Pete's Dragon and I loved it! It was very different from the 1970's version, which I knew going into it. It was just a good, wholesome family film that tickled the imagination and gave you some goosies. You know what those are, right?

I'm going to leave it right here because I've got some painting to do. Yes, painting. We found a new color for the rest of the walls and still need to do the walls around the front windows. I talked to the guy designing our vintage barn doors, and he assures me they will be installed on our workshop before our Wool N' Harvest Retreat begins on Saturday, October 1 2016. Why-oh-why- do I get the feeling this is going right up until the last minute? If you thought our remodel was finished, it's not. We still have the register counters to build and Kathy (from the former Vintage Fleurs shop) will be coming to lighten up and distress our large Hungarian pine cabinet.

One step at a time, right???

In the meantime we are putting lots of traditional and batik fabrics on sale here. You'll find fabrics from 3 Sisters, Minick & Simpson, Blackbird Designs, Batiks, and Primitive Gatherings all on sale! Lots of great border prints and great colors for fall!

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian

P.S. I couldn't just have one picture in this post seeew here's a peak at some new 3 Sisters Wovens that will arrive in the Shoppe early 2017.