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Seven Letters



Before I you all know we open at 9am on weekdays? I'm going to throw a pop quiz, seeew make a note of it. LOL.

It's New Quilt Day here on the blog and I don't know about you, but new-anything makes me feel like dancin! Since we have a TON of new, I guess I'll be dancing for awhile. Give it a try for five'll feel better!


The "Mothership" had a stash of Fig Tree fabrics that she was itching to use up. The end result is 7 Letters by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. - otherwise known as the very talented Carrie Nelson. Carrie now does a lot of work with and for Moda, seeew at this moment I'm not exactly sure if she still is doing the "designing-pattern-thing" full time or not, but what I can tell you is we have plenty of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. patterns right here in this link.


Now I know someone out there will ask me, "Do you have a kit?" because they already have been asking us in-store. The answer is no. We don't. Jan simply put this one together just for her. Quilt World baffles me regarding kits. When we work hard...countless hours to create kits, it seems like daily everyone and their cat wants just the pattern. MEOW. The minute we offer just a pattern, everyone and their dog wants a kit. WOOF. There is no winning. LOL. Of course, when we don't have kits Jan and Christine have to spend an hour or more putting together something for someone who is afraid of color selection...we get it, it can be intimidating but that's where the beauty of a kit comes into play. Seeew you see the moral to this story ladies and when it is being offered. It is done for your convenience and to create a more pleasurable shopping experience for you in terms of time. You'll have more time to dance. LOL.

If kits are not your thing, we have plenty of patterns around the Shoppe squealing for you to get creative. Isn't this just dreamy?


One of the things you'll notice around the Shoppe is that the fabrics are getting brighter. It has often been forgotten that when we opened in 2005 we didn't carry primitive/reproduction fabrics at all. It wasn't until 2008 when we moved into our current location that we began to carry those types of fabrics. By 2011 we had dedicated our entire back section to that style.  Five years later, we are back to our origins and it's exciting! Will we have more primitive and reproduction in the months and years ahead, I don't know. It will depend on what the designers are creating. Is it going to look the same and will you purchase it...are the questions we ask. We just may surprise you.


For now though, the fabrics you see on our website, in our daily email, our Instagram and Facebook pages...those are the fabrics you will find at the Shoppe. In fact, the "Mothership" just started playing with these beauties (above) last night! I think it's going to be a sweet table runner! I love her taste - even her piles of fabric are fascinating. LOL.

BTW...have you noticed Sew & Sew??? Look at these perfect ruler prints! I already know they will make great bindings!

Sew-and-sew-moda (1)

I made some Fat Quarters for fun. LOL. "What are you doing tonight?"


We do have a new kit called what-else.....the Sew & Sew Quilt Kit. It is absolutely adorable and if you have a bright, cheerful sewing will look FABULOUS not only because of the colors but because the pattern uses that adorable ruler print!


Last but not least today is our kit for the sweet project known as Kitchen Sink.


As our loyal readers know, the wonderfully talented Sherri McConnell (author of Fresh Family Traditions and A Quilting Life) will be here Friday, August 5 & Saturday, August 6 to teach two fantastic workshops including the Kitchen Sink Workshop (above). Well, the "Mothership" was able to create kits that look just as fabulous as the original project! Seeew if you can't join us for the workshop and would like the fabric kit click here. The fabric kits are only $39.99 ea. You will need the book Fresh Family Traditions and this template to complete the project. We still have four seats left and it's not too late to join us!


That's it for today everyone! I've got to get the day started now that we open at 9am seeew come by and say hi!

Stay Seeew-cial! ~ Brian