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Summer Memories, Stars, Stripes & Cherry Pie!



Our Farm Girl Pie Cherries Block Kit is available for purchase up on our website If you've been collecting our blocks, you'll want to add this one to your collection. You will need the book, Farm Girl Vintage to complete the block.

In the past I've talked about my time working for Disney at the Walt Disney World Resort. They were some of the best moments of my life especially during the summer!  During my time as a VIP Tour Guide I was able to fulfill dreams, meet and be in the presence of Betty White, Roy E. Disney (Walt's nephew), Dick Van Dyke, Sean Hayes, Rosa Parks, etc. Every event was exciting. Every moment a dream come true. There's one thing though that many people don't always grasp right away and that is...when you leave, you realize how special the people are with whom you worked with. For me, they were my second family and we all still keep in touch to this day.


Two of my favorites blessed my life with their presence this week when one of them, Miss Nancy Parkes...sent me this old picture (above) from when Disney had us doing photo shoots for Disney parks VIP Services. She sent me a message asking, " you remember this?"  Well as soon as I saw it I immediately said, "Of course!" Disney had her family pose as my guests. She retired a few years ago and much to her surprise Disney presented her with this photo but she wanted to share it with me. Seeew sweet. Unfortunately she shared news that her husband had passed away so that makes me sad but I know she's a trooper. Nancy is there in the photo below with her platinum silver hair - I don't know why they had her looking away from the camera. LOL. I'll always remember that was fabulous. You knew that was Nancy Parkes on Main Street U.S.A.!  I wish I had a picture of her in full VIP...always crisp and polished. Everything I loved and aspired to be while wearing the "Plaid." Believe me, when you are on tour with a celebrity for 15 hours a day, in the heat of Orlando wearing a Plaid vest, dress shoes and learn how to stay polished. Maybe I should start sharing more stories about this era of my life?!

Seeew Nancy was the first person who came back into my life this week. The second is my former Disney colleague, Brian Huff! We literally have almost the same name - it's kind of a riot. When we would finish a long day of tours, all of the VIP Guides would make our way to a local eatery/bar to listen to Brian play guitar and sing his country songs. Anyway, Brian recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue his dream of becoming a country recording artist. His first single, "Gettin' Over You" just dropped on iTunes! It's only .99 cents folks! I can't get a coffee for .99 cents! Because I believe in spreading the good work and talents of others without using rigged singing competitions (The Voice, American Idol), I'm posting his YouTube channel here. If you love good ole' country music, this song has a catchy beat and is perfect for those summer road trips! You know you've made it when I post your song on this blog! I mean heck...look what I've done for Madonna! Head over to iTunes, purchase it and help make a dream come true!  


As I showed you yesterday, our kits for the Stars & Stripes Quilt are now ready to be shipped directly to your door. We only made eight (8) kits seeew don't wait on this one! I can see this hanging on the front porch of the Shoppe throughout the summer! I love that subtle aqua background the Mothership used in our kits. It's going to provide a nice contrast for those blocks. LOVE IT.

Stars-And-Stripes-Kit (1)

They are finally here! Our Kitchen Mixers are now available as kits! Each kit includes the pattern by Lori Holt, however...we have modified the pattern for our blocks seeew Jan has included these changes along with the Lori Holt pattern. Seeew, the only way you will be able to make the mixers like ours is with our kit. Click here to order our Kitchen Mixer Kits. As you can see below they are available in six different color styles!


I just think those mixers are adorable and perfect for any kitchen! Summer is definitely upon us! As I said yesterday, we are already in the 90's! That usually doesn't happen until mid-July/August! Since many of our loyal blog readers will be traveling through this Summer, our Shoppe hours are changing to accommodate all of you! Woo-hoo! Our Shoppe will open daily 9am-5pm Tuesday - Friday and 10am-5pm on Saturdays. Starting June 26 we will be open on selected Sundays from 12pm-4pm, this obviously excludes July 3 as July 4th is my niece's birthday and our family time.


Finally, if you follow us regularly you know that I am a big supporter of the #shoplocal movement. I mentioned yesterday on Instagram that every little cute town will benefit from a brick and mortar quilt shop.  If it weren't for our Shoppe, our little town would be nothing but bars, plastic surgery and nail salons. How sterile! You definitely won't see quilts hanging from buildings! Thank you to everyone who continue to #shoplocal. I can't imagine a world that is only on-line. Can you? It's much more exciting to hear your voice, see your expressions (much of communication is the non-verbal), hear about your interests, laugh with you and watch your eyes light up when you make "quilt love" to a fabric! I promise you that when you support your local brick and mortar quilt shops, that LQS will continue to bring in fabric, notions, classes and more! Not to mention we will splash your towns with life and color!

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian