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New Barn Girl Vintage Block-Of-The-Month Barn Blocks! Register Soon!



First of all...Happy Friday! I'll get to the all-new Barn Girl Vintage in a minute, but I wanted to invite you to join us for the Kitchen Mixer Class on Saturday, June 11 2016 from 9:30am-3:30pm. I cannot wait for this class! It will be a day full of color, fun and imagination as the "Mothership" and Christine share tips and teach techniques for successful piecing of this adorable wall hanging. They have adapted the pattern from a full size quilt because when we would ask people, "Would you put a quilt on your bed full of mixers?" the answer was always "ummm...not really?" A wall hanging just seemed to make more sense. As for moi, yours truly etc. I'll be licking the beaters.

Don't forget Class Discount Evening for this class will be Wednesday, June 1 2016 from 5:30pm-7:30pm. If you'd like to learn more about Class Discount Evening read here.

Vintage-Mixer-Class (1)

It really is amazing how fast the week goes by when you are trying to get stuff done! The "Mothership" and I have been staying late nights moving furniture around as we re-set the Shoppe floor. With the new classroom addition, we want to make sure we have light coming at us from every angle. We've moved large cabinets back to back and removed obstacles from windows. It's making a huge difference, but I must admit...I miss some of my little nooks and crannies. I'm sure we'll make more eventually. This entire remodel has been a TON of work. Who knew we had seeew much stuff?


My only remodel news this week is we are changing the type of barn door we put on the entrance to the new workshop space (pictured above). Originally they were going to be sliding, but for our Shoppe....that just didn't have enough charm. Seeew...instead we will be getting a pair of whitewashed barn doors that open outward complete with a vintage transom window above. We love this idea as when the barn doors are open or closed, we can still create a display for visual interest. The poor guy designing the doors is probably pulling his hair out as we both insisted there be absolutely no brown showing in these barn doors. I'm not kidding. NO BROWN. I mean it. LOL. We still have minor details to finish including base cove molding, bring in the tables, etc. This is seriously like the never-ending story!


The real BIG news of the week is our Barn Girl Vintage B.O.M. (Block-of-The-Month) which begins May 12 & May 14, 2016. Sign ups have begun seeew keep reading to make sure you get registered! The "Mothership" and Christine have been busy planning out eight barn blocks for the program. I am in love with this orange barn! It amazes me how fabrics from a variety of collections can create such bright and happy barns! Repeat after me...every fabric is an opportunity! I see fabric around our Shoppe every day and ask, "Why is this still here?" We then start using it and suddenly everyone wants it. There is definitely fabric karma.

If you haven't registered yet, there is still time to do seeew. We offer this program both on-line and in-store. The in-store meetings will be one Thursday evening a month from 6:30pm-7:30pm or one Saturday morning a month from 9am-10am. You pick the day you want to commit to. The meetings are super important as Jan discusses each block and the importance of using those Bloc Loc tools! Registration and information for our on-line friends can be found here.

Here are a couple more of the barns as works in progress. Some have been modified since I originally posted the photo, especially since I unknowingly ironed off the Sheep's feet when I went to photograph. Oops.


Each month during the Barn Girl Block-of-The-Month you will receive one 14" x 14" block kit each month for 9 months along with cutting diagrams, piecing tips, fabric identification list and cutting instructions.  In month 10 the participants receive sashing, border and binding fabrics to complete the quilt. The quilt will measure approximately 68 x 68.  The cost is $29.95 per month (plus shipping).

Participants are required to have the Farm Girl Vintage Book by Lori Holt, and BLOC LOC rulers as directed.  The cutting diagrams, fabric quantities and instructions will be written for BLOC LOC rulers.

Here's a little more work in progress of the Americana barn! This one definitely makes my heart soar. LOVE.


Seeew as you can see...the quilt is on course for bright and happy! I think in times when people are uncertain, they turn to the brighter, happier colors to be creative with. I don't blame them...the fabrics are definitely brightening up the Shoppe! In fact, two new Moda collections are on the way shortly including Sweetwater's Cookie Exchange and Summerfest by April Rosenthal. Remember, I told you there would be changes! As for our traditionalists, don't you fret because we've got you covered with a fabulous collection by Holly Taylor and Laundry Basket Quilts coming in June/July.

Quilty steps towards progress!

Stay Seeew-cial  ~ Brian












There's a New Classroom In Town...


There's a new classroom in town and not only is it FABULOUS, but it's starting to fill up with scheduled classes, clubs and workshops!  In fact, the stunning traditional Mowhawk Trail block featured in the Grandmother's Fan Applique Quilt by Sherri McConnell (pictured above) is just one of the exciting workshops this year.

One of the best things about our classes is we strive to introduce you to something or someone new, especially with our designer series of workshops. Nothing can ever replace the ability to interact, face-to-face with not just your instructor, but with fellow quilters who are taking the class with you.

Photo courtesy of "A Quilting Life" blog


This year, we are excited to have the lovely Sherri McConnell join us for a designer workshop! Sherri and her daughter Chelsi are one of the newest Moda design teams. Their first collection with Moda was called Bright Sun and released in quilt shops last fall. Their next collection is called Valley and should be in your local quilt shops soon. Prior to joining Moda, Sherri pieced quilt samples for another one of our Moda favorites, Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts. In addition, Sherri is an author of two fabulous books, while keeping her blog, "A Quilting Life" in full swing. 

Sherri will be teaching two workshops here at the Shoppe! For her workshop on Friday, August 5 she will be teaching one of our personal favorites, Kitchen Sink, which you may recognize from her very popular book, "Fresh Family Traditions." I'm telling you right now that this's amazing. It's one of those books where every project is inspiring. When we look at books for the Shoppe, we have a rule where we have to be in love with at least five projects. This book has far more than five. It has 18!


Isn't this adorable? It totally makes you happy on the gloomiest of days! Anyway, Sherri will teach Kitchen Sink on Friday, August 5 from 9:30am-3:30pm. The workshop fee includes instruction by Sherri and a delicious catered lunch. Class Discount Evening for this workshop is on Tuesday, July 26 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm for those who are local. If you are coming from afar for this workshop, please contact us prior and we will arrange a time for you based on your traveling schedule to select your supplies. Class Discount Evening is important folks because you get a 20% off discount on all supplies for the workshop. We strive to give our customers individual attention in planning their quilt projects for workshops, seeew the "Mothership" and Christine will be available to help with fabric selection etc. should you need assistance.

On Saturday, August 6 (same "Bat" time...same "Bat" Sherri will teach that gorgeous Grandmother's Fan Applique Quilt. We can see it in seeew many other styles too! Be sure to register soon so that the "Mothership" can properly prepare. It's also helpful to let us know if you will be bringing your own fabrics, or if you are wanting to purchase fabrics from us. We will be looking at some collections soon and we will want to make sure you have what you need before last minute.

BTW...if the word applique freaks you out, relax..Sherri insists it's simple applique. You're going to love it! Class Discount Evening for this workshop is the same evening as Kitchen Sink...Tuesday, July 26 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. I just happened to find this image over on That farm cabinet reminds me of the one we have here in our workshop...but I don't have a couch. LOL. Isn't the quilt pretty? It's a stunner if you ask me.

Photo courtesy of


 Now...back to Fresh Family Traditions.


We have two other quilts we have made from this book. One of them is our Beginning Quilt Class (July 31 & August 21, 2016) sample that we showed you a few days ago. In case you missed it, I've re-shared the picture below. Love this seeew much! The "Mothership" did such a phenomenal job putting this one together. I would never have thought to combine both Strawberry Fields Re-visited and Farmhouse together. It's seeew Summer and makes me want to like...go milk cows or something. I love it! 


I'm sorry....but as I scrolled past this picture....I just have to tell you once more how I LOVE IT! It's just as precious as can be! Seeew sweet. Love it. Love it. Looooooooooooooove it!

Another project from Sherri's book is our Beach House Quilt Kit in which we used lovely Lakehouse cotton fabrics along with some batiks. We learned batik and cotton combination quilts from the talented Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts and we just love how the combo adds seeew much interest to a quilt! Don't be afraid to mix things up!


Well, the end of the day is near and I've done absolutely nothing to the Shoppe floor. Never, ever re-model a business unless you can be closed for like...a month. Seriously. Re-setting is taking the majority of our time. We still have to paint, add the barn doors onto the new workshop, build in the counters for the cash register area, re-position furniture...everywhere and just figure out how we want to be in our new space. It is seriously like re-opening a shop. No joke. BTW...we changed the way the barn doors will be. Instead of sliding (just because we use the walls for cabinets and quilts) the doors will open outward complete with vintage transom windows. I'll let you know how that all works out when the time comes.

That's it for today! Make sure to register for our classes and workshops on our all new website! Yes, I'm still working on it every day adding images. There are thousands and thousands for me to load. Seeew make sure you are clicking on my links as that takes you to everything I've already done. Trust me...I will guide you. LOL.

Stay seeew-cial and thanks for reading! ~ Brian







New Beginning Quilting Class May 18 & June 8 9:30pm-2:30pm



Now that the new classroom is near completion we have our first Beginning Quilting class on May 18 & June 8, 2016 from 9:30am-2:30pm. For our sample (pictured above) we used Fig Tree's Farmhouse & Strawberry Fields Re-Visited. The pattern is from Sherri McConnell's Fresh Family Traditions. Sherri will actually be here to teach two projects in August which you can register for here.

Our Beginning Class is a two part class so the fee covers both days. During our Beginning classes we emphasize good piecing habits to ensure you have complete success with your quilting projects. Our students will learn proper use of quilting tools, how to cut fabrics, good piecing habits and skills when it comes to blocks and borders, emphasis on good pressing (very important), sewing an accurate 1/4" seam and much more.


Students who register for our classes are invited to Class Discount Evening. For our Beginning Quilting Class, Class Discount Evening will be May 4 from 5:30pm until 7:30pm. This evening is for those who have registered only. During this evening, students will receive 20% off all class supplies as well as receive individualized service with selecting your fabrics from us, should you need assistance. If you do not come to Class Discount Evening we provide a 10% discount on the book or pattern. 

And speaking of assistance, it's always nice when customers let us know how much we've helped them while visiting us! This one just happens to be from Christine H:

"I stopped by this quilt shop during a shop hop. The shop is well thought out with quilting project ideas fully made. They have the patterns and fabrics right there for you to view. With many of the display items, you can buy the kits or select your own fabric. I love that.

The owner and sales clerk were incredibly helpful. After I decided on a project, they didn't have all the fabric for the project I wanted to do. They helped me track down what I needed through other online quilt stores. That is amazing customer service. I will be back when it's time for a new project.

They are also creating space for classes. I will be checking these out for sure when they finish the renovation."

Love it. Christine H. needs to come see us for a special treat! Seeew Christine H. if you're out there....come see us! 


BTW...speaking of treats and prizes, during our Spring Open House we had a few winners! Linda Gebetsberger of Portland won our $300 Gift Basket. Did you all see that on Instagram or Facebook??? It was an AMAZING basket. Colleen Coffman and Kathy Bower each won a class/workshop! Terri McBride won a $25 Gift Card in our Cash-All-The-Way-To-Pay Contest for March and Bev Hess won for February!

BTW... thank you for the feedback on the last post! It was encouraging and definitely inspiring. It's good to know that we have many positive and supportive fans out there! Love it. As I've said countless times before, this would be the year of change. The remodel is several phases. The first phase was just getting the new walls in place for the new classroom. The second phase is cleaning out anything that we can no longer use; fabrics, furnishings, um....farmhouse, etc. The third phase is continue painting, building our register counter, adding our barn doors to the classroom, setting up new displays etc. It will never happen overnight. We are just a family of four and we do like to have a life outside of the Shoppe. Those who visit regularly will be able to watch the changes, see the new additions and enjoy plenty of sales!

As a treat today, on Thursday we removed the old farmhouse from inside the Shoppe seeew I've included a few pictures below. It took a team of three to dismantle it.  Loving the new yellow wall color on this outer wall. It's seeew refreshing! We still have more painting to do...but as I always say, "baby steps towards progress." Nothing...happens overnight. Unless ya'll want to come help for a week...that would be a great way to get to know one another! Definitely a way to stay seeew-cial! Right?

Catch ya later....~ Brian






New! Hometown Girl by Pat Sloan Is Here!



There's a new collection in the Shoppe from Pat Sloan and it celebrates everything we love about our favorite hometowns! Small towns are full of charm and seeew is this collection! The Mothership already sees a ton of potential with our Farm Girl Vintage blocks and the blender fabrics in this collection.

Speaking of Farm Girl Vintage,  I'm loving the Mothership's version of the cherries below! Did you know that on our brand new website we now have white-on-white fabrics? It's true! They are etched in black on the web seeew you can see the design, but they are white-on-white as you see here in our block. We even have some new adorable holiday white-on-whites. Yes, it's only April, but you're going to want to get sewing now especially since Lori Holt will have the cutest holiday collection ever this year!


If you haven't been in the Shoppe in awhile, it is going brighter. While we still have much more painting and work to do on the Shoppe floor, our most loyal shop supporters are loving all of the color!

Look at this bright fabulous stack of 1930's fabrics! Loving on the yellow!


Upcoming class alert below! Our piecer and Applique Queen...Lisa Goodloe, will be teaching the Bloom Applique Technique Class on Friday, June 17 from 9:30am-2:30pm. For this class she will be focusing on how to use the Bloom Sew Simple Shapes by Lori Holt. During the class you will make three different blocks to use in a wall hanging or put into the large Bloom Quilt. This is a great way to have a finished edge applique without needle turning. Lisa's block samples are below. Seriously, if you've ever been into the Shoppe and looked at any of the applique quilts...a lot of it is Lisa. Her attention to detail is phenomenal.


One of my favorite upcoming classes is the Kitchen Mixer class the Mothership will teach on Saturday, June 11 from 9:30am- 3:30pm. This is going to be a fun one as they take this popular quilt pattern and either make a wall hanging for your kitchen or help you put it into the entire quilt. Personally, I like the wall hanging idea the best as every kitchen has a mixer! On a side note: I love the third one at the top just because it is completely different from all of the others! 

Now with every class, we offer a Class Discount Evening. You must attend the scheduled Class Discount Evening to get your supplies for class at 20% off! These evenings are vital as they are scheduled time for you to come and get the assistance in fabric selection and answer any questions you may have!

Alright ladies and gentlemen, that's it for today!

Next up, will be Sherri McConnell of Moda and A Quilting Life, who will be teaching two fabulous and amazing quilt projects in August! Now is the time to start signing up for these classes!

Stay Seeew-Cial! ~ Brian 



Our S.p.R.u.N.g Workshop Projects! Wool Now Available On Our Website! Register Now For Homespun & Holly!



Our 3rd Annual S.p.R.u.N.g Workshop was on Saturday, April 9! We want to thank all of the ladies who signed up! This was our first workshop in the new classroom seeew it was fun to see how it would all turn out and we absolutely love the new space. Debbie Busby (pictured above) of Wooden Spool Designs, Kathy Cardiff of the Cottage at Cardiff Farms, and Jan (my mom and owner of the Shoppe) each designed a "secret" project to teach to participants. The fee included all supplies to complete the projects, instruction and a catered luncheon.

The "Mothership" taught this adorable vintage trailer pin cushion (below) which she made with wool. As with most of the projects we do at these events, the goal is something handmade for your sewing room or as a quilty gift for your friends! How could you not want this in your sewing room??? It's super adorable and definitely puts a smile on your face. Everyone even got those adorable pins included! I'm telling you....the value you receive at our workshops is unmatched.


Debbie Busby's project was this spring table mat made entirely from wool featuring a basket of flowers. The purple lilacs were perfect next to her project. The ladies of S.p.R.u.N.g definitely got their practice with the whip stitch! 


Kathy Cardiff of The Cottage at Cardiff Farms designed this scissor holder with the pocket being the vase and hidden behind a spring wool floral bouquet.


While we still have much work to do, the new classroom/workshop space is now my favorite. We are thrilled to have a classroom right off of the Shoppe floor! I've talked with people who have come here for years and didn't even know we offered classes, seeew that speaks volumes about where the classroom was before. Right? The Mothership and I extend our deepest thanks to those who have taken our classes & workshops and have remained seeew-cial with us. It is those folks that we both work the long hours for! Your support keeps us driven and inspired to continue.

I told you at the beginning of the year there would be lots of changes...and more are on the way. Did you seriously think we were done? Oh no honey...we plan on making changes into fall! Change keeps things interesting!


Now...remember when we launched the new website I said it would be a work in progress? Well I'm still loading and hopefully you're shopping the areas where I've loaded images. Yes, there are many images that still need to be loaded. Trust me, I get tons of emails reminding me. LOL.  We just recently started loading our wool seeew if you love quality, hand-dyed wool as pictured below you definitely need to shop our wool here! The Mothership only buys the best. Look at these aquas! LOVE!


If you love working with wool you will also want to register for our 8th Annual Homespun & Holly Workshop in December! Not only will Kathy and Debbie be back, but we also have Moda designer Brenda Riddle of Acorn Quilt & Gift Co., Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin and Sherri Falls of This & That! I guarantee you that they will be making projects that are merry & bright for year 8!

That's it for today! Stay seeew-cial and thank you for supporting brick and mortar quilt shops!  ~ Brian

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