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S.p.R.u.N.g Sneak Peak #2


Our 3rd annual S.p.R.u.N.g Workshop is fast approaching on Saturday, April 9 2016. There are about a handful of seats left, seeew don't wait to register! There's even more interest now that the "Mystery Chick" has shown a sneak peak of the BONUS project using a variety of bright fabrics and wool! Remember, since our invited designers are designing these projects exclusively for our workshop, they are in "incubation" until it is time to "hatch." I love spontaneity (surprise me) but since I know there is this increasing need to see something before registering, here's a sneak peak...


Doesn't look like much yet, but trust's going to be precious and the perfect item for your sewing room! Especially in the Spring and well into Summer! Remember a sneak peak means a "work in progress." I'm not going to share it all before the big event! You'll just have to attend the event to enjoy all of its quilted goodness! I shared with you the sneak peak from Wooden Spool Designs in a previous post.

The fee includes ALL SUPPLIES to create all three (3) projects. Actually...the "Mystery Chick's" project is a bonus because we are extra nice and she felt like laying an egg.

Not only will you receive all materials to create these projects (which easily value $40 -$50 or more for each project), you get a delicious catered family style luncheon! We don't do just "chips and sandwiches" folks. Priscilla Queen of the Dessert "werks" over a hot stove to bring you a taste bud fantasy! I don't know about you....but I'm down! It's a great way to stay seeew-cial and meet some new Peeps! You also will receive plenty of instruction on various stitches used in creating these wool projects. No need to bring a sewing machine as all projects are hand-made wool creations. I detail everything here on our website.

Take care and I'll see you back here in a bit! Stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian






New Shopping Bag In-Store Offer!



We survived our first week back open since the re-model and I have to tell ya...we are still getting our bearings. Much work is left to do including adding in new lighting, re-positioning our displays and cutting table, continue painting and having our register counters built.

Pictured above is our brand new shopping incentive when you shop in-store! Our new Re-usable Bag program starts April 1, 2016. Bags are available to purchase now. If you want all of the details, read our daily email or inquire on your next visit! It's just another way we can pass on some savings for your favorite pastime...quilting! We've also just added a brand new sale fabric section to our website!


You can also sign up for our daily email by clicking here.  BTW, daily means 3 to 5 days a week since we are closed Sunday (until Summer) & Monday. Just depends on how much we have to share. Seeew don't send me emails with "you send too many emails" or complain to me when we make a change or offer a sale you missed out on.  I get three emails from Pottery Barn a day, Nordstrom once a day...I just delete those emails I don't want to read. I don't write the company and yell "2 emails a day about a remodel? Really!!! START A BLOG!" <---Yes, a quilter did that. I don't mind feedback, but please make it constructive or at least show me you know something about our Shoppe because: 1.) I don't send two emails in a day and 2.) I have a blog. <Shrug>

I don't know what is going on in our world today, but if you're lonely or frustrated, freaked out...stressed, uptight...come talk to us. We'll listen. After today's news, the world is getting scary and clearly needs to be brightened up with more quilts!

If only it were that easy.

Maybe we should have a bottle of wine and be ready with hugs?

Stay seeew-cial! It's time for me to get some zzzzzzzzzz's....Brian





Announcing The Barn Girl Block Of The Month!



Good morning!

We are excited to announce our all-new Barn Girl Block of The Month Club which begins May 2016. You must complete the registration form by April 25, 2016 to ensure your spot in the Block-of-The Month.

* For Thursday evenings (6:30pm-8:30pm) starting May 12, click here

* For Saturdays (9am - 11am) starting May 14, click here.

*To participate on-line only click here.

* Please, please, please...make sure you read ALL INFORMATION on the registration pages. I can't emphasize this enough. I'm a huge advocate of reading details...partly because I'm the one who writes them LOL.

If you need help with registering give us a call!


  Stay seeew...cial! ~ Brian



New Vintage Postcards, New Website Tutorial & A New Look! Spring Open House is Saturday, April 2 2016



Welcome back everyone! I have tons to discuss and share today, everything from the remodel to our brand new website! But first, let's talk about the adorable vintage postcards above! The "Mothership" has always wanted some samples of these adorable patterns. We love them because they are smaller and can be completed in a short amount of time. Each one incorporates a little bit of wool which makes them egg-stra special! Pictured here are Bunny Duet, Liberty Boy, and Robin. She's put together a limited quantity of kits for each one which are available on our website. The postcard with the umbrella will be available as a kit soon. These projects are just one example of how fabrics from Moda withstand the test of time and can be used in lots of projects. Every fabric is an opportunity. I love the way she packages our kits...they are not just fabric stuffed in a Ziploc with no labels. With the exception of those patterns where it should be obvious, she labels anything that needs detail. Now that's service!


Spring is in the air around here, especially after finishing Phase I of our remodel.  I am happy to report that Phase I is over. Our workshop/classroom is now inside the Shoppe. Phase II consists of painting and light fixtures - all of the things we can do while being open.

Our official Spring Open House is Saturday, April 2. An "Open House" is a day for you to come in and support the Shoppe, sign up for a class or workshop, demos for our new and favorite notions, enter our prize drawings and get to know the "Mothership" and myself.

Springopen1In between the remodel, we both have been busy working on our brand new website, which we just launched on March 2, 2016. I'm already getting emails from folks telling me they are confused, don't know how to shop it, or the links don't work.  As I said back when we launched it, the two of us have much work to do and lots of images to add. I am creating 1 minute tutorials focusing on one feature at a time. Here's the first one which is simply about how to order some fabric! Because ultimately...that is why I do this, other than the fact that I get to show you what we are doing.



 Make sure you are on Anything other than that address will take you to the old website which is now discontinued.

Now, before I leave you today I've got a few pictures of the remodel that has been in progress over the last week. Let's just say it has been exhausting, worrisome (deadlines) and a lot of cleaning. It will be so nice to see people again on Tuesday, March 15!


Pictured above is the entrance to our new workshop/classroom. It is now directly off of the Shoppe floor. I don't know why we didn't think of this forever ago...but we are really in love with it! The entrance will eventually have giant barn doors that slide open...can't wait for that! For this year's Homespun & Holly....I already know where I want the tree! Surprise...surprise. I fly a freak flag when it comes to Christmas. As you can see new walls have been added to give us more walls for quilts!


Above is a corner of the new workshop, to the right of the future farm doors. When I had posted the construction timeline, I had forgotten that just because the clean up crew removes all of the construction mess, they don't necessarily clean your floors and paint. Seeew yesterday the painters were here and started on the walls in the workshop. That color is called "Cottage Green" and it's dreamy. I took two side by side pictures to try and capture the right color. The one on the right is how it appears in person if not better. I don't think I will ever get my mom and Christine to leave!

Because wall construction and painting is never enough, the "Mothership" is even having a lot of our furnishings refinished with some fabulous new colors! This only the beginning!


B.T.W. I'm an excellent floor cleaner. If Cinderella and I were in a competition, I would be the one going to the ball because girl is too busy dreaming in bubbles. The floor survived with minimal damage. A few scratches but it's not the end of the world. As I said earlier, that was Phase I. Phase II consists of more painting, some new light fixtures and positioning cabinetry. Phase III is our register will be built. We are using a temporary counter in the meantime. Seeew come on in starting Tuesday, March 12!

Stay seeew-cial ~ Brian




Come Hatch With Us At Our 3rd Annual S.p.R.u.N.g Workshop!


Lots and lots happening here in the Shoppe and on our website! Where do I even start? For those of you that tune in regularly I know... you know (love our devoted fans!). First of all, our Shoppe will be undergoing some remodel construction Saturday, March 5 thru Friday, March 11 2016. Since we are not allowed to be in here while they are sawing and tearing down walls, putting in steel beams, etc..we are closed that week. I've communicated that this would be happening since New Years Day. Friday March 4 will be the last day to visit us before the remodel. It is also the last day to save 25% off all cottons, batiks and flannels with a 1yd min. cut in-store.

Seeew what are we doing? Well...our workshop/classroom is being moved from across the hall into the back part of our Shoppe. To accomplish this lofty goal, our cutting counter is getting ripped out, new walls are being constructed, barn doors are being's going to get messy! 

Have you taken a workshop here before?

You haven't? simply must when it's done! We know service and we definitely go all out to make sure you have everything you need! We know that with Youtube tutorials it's all too common to park it in front of a monitor and learn, but we have found that people have questions. They want to touch. They want to experience. They want to get to know you and of course they want to be seeew-cial!

Seeew to celebrate our new "nest"...we will be incubating with our 3rd Annual S.p.R.u.N.g Workshop on Saturday, April 9 2016 from 10:30am until 6pm!


Both of our guest designers (Debbie Busby of Wooden Spool Designs and Kathy Cardiff of The Cottage at Cardiff Farms) will be designing two exclusive secret...FABULOUS  "Spring" wool projects for the workshop. This year we decided that the projects needed to be larger and our "hatchlings" (that would be you)  needed more time to complete them. In fact, both Kathy and Debbie are designing them as we speak! Well...type. The fee includes all supplies to create the projects, instruction from both Kathy and Debbie along with a catered family-style meal! Chicken dancing, an egg-stra special discount and other fun is all part of the experience! DID I MENTION FUN????? DO YOU LIKE TO HAVE FUN? It's a good time for you...and us! LOL. To take a peak at last year's event, click here.

Thank you for your support and remember....stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian