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NEW! Summer Linen Quilt Kit!




Had Dolly Parton come up with "9 to 5" today, I assure you it would be titled, "9 to 9." Let's take a listen to one of my faves...


I have decided that in order to keep up with all of the things that are going on out here I have to blog and Instagram, FREQUENTLY! There's only one problem and that is... I seem to "tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen." All three of us are staying here until the "weeee" hours of the night. The opossum's out back are our new best friends. The "Mothership" and Christine are working right along side me until 11pm/12am creating new kits on top of preparing for our monthly Farm Girl B.O.M. Meetings.

Do you follow us on Instagram? I guarantee you I continue the fun there! Seeew be sure to follow us!  Instagram is what we use to share our stories and the work that goes on behind our quilt shop. It's a way to connect with us and get to know us. In fact, I make sure that not all of the posts are "quilt-related." I mean...seriously, how many quilts can you see on a daily basis? We do like to get out of the Shoppe from time to time and experience life. Shocking...I know.

The quilt pictured above and below is our new Summer Linen Quilt Kit. The "Mothership" noticed we had a ton of neutrals around the Shoppe that needed an "opportunity." Turns out it was the perfect opportunity that was time well-spent, for the end product is fabulous! We can always appreciate a gorgeous log cabin block. How about you? She will never admit it, but she has a huge talent for putting colors, prints and textures together. Now that our shop sample has been pieced by Lisa Goodloe, it's off to Melissa Hoffman, who will no doubt work some of her quilted magic! It will be interesting to see a "before-and-after" when it is finished!

Stay Seeew-cial and come back and see us! ~ Brian





Hey There Lil' Red Riding Hood.....You Look AMAZING!



"Who do I see there, walking in these woods...."

Just call me the Big Bad Woof ladies and gentlemen!

Can I just tell you that I am thrilled that January is over?!! In retail, out of the entire 12 month calendar, January is the most difficult. People are exhausted, they've cleaned up their homes, their last guest has left, and it is time to recharge. Seriously...after New Years Day it's the "Ho-Hum-Whoop-Dee-Doo" January Virus. I heard "I don't need anymore fabric" waaaay too many times. "Well girl, then we need to find you a pattern!!" There's no such thing as too much fabric. In Quilt World it seems like everybody-and-their-mom is looking to "de-stash." However, there are those that are looking for the newest and greatest...and to those folks (which are always our loyal readers), I say...I have just the collection for you!

But first....we need a song! WE ALWAYS NEED A SONG PEOPLE!

Who remembers "Sam the Sham & The Pharoahs?"

<Crickets>  <Crickets>  <Crickets>, anyone? Somebody speak up!


Time for a Confession Session: Just like the Big Bad Woof, I am OBSESSED with Moda's Lil' Red by Stacy Iest Hsu! Feast your eyes on this collection! I don't think we've ever seen a collection that is so darn adorable! Before you read any further...when new collections come out, it's a good idea to buy them asap. In six months, when a magazine finally puts out a project (and I guarantee you they will) you will be desperately hunting down the prints on the web and asking us if we can get more. It happens...Every. Single. Day. 


O.K. Looking at this stack.....the print that is the fourth one from the top...excellent backing!  You could easily quilt around those squares to give you a small quilted baby blanket without a ton of expense. Remember, a baby is going to throw up every now and then - (among other things)...just sayin'. Whatever you decide to do with it, it sure is cute! 


Ugggh....I can't take the cuteness anymore!!!!



Normally when it comes to border prints, there's always one colorway we don't like...but with the three above, well...."I'll take one of each please. Thanks." 

BTW...Lil' Red is perfect for small projects! For my niece's Valentine's Day party on Friday, the "Mothership" helped her make these adorable heart pockets for all of the little girls in her 4th grade class! They will then put  a "Shopkin" in each one. Don't ask me what those are...Uncle Brian doesn't have a clue. super sweet are these??? The pattern is available through those talented girls at Sweetwater.


But can't have cute Valentine's Heart Pockets and not have a mailbox to put them in! The "Mothership" made the aqua mailbox below just for Jenna to take to school.  Christine made the pink one for her own granddaughter! They are...precious. ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS. This is what you do with cute fabric...MAKE CUTE THINGS!

Gee...when I was in school everything was made with construction paper.

I can't say enough about the ideas that come to my mom's head. She has tons of ideas! We just wish we had more time to orchestrate them!


Finally, before I leave today....let's talk about our upcoming REMODEL! I'm not going to go into details but people keep asking questions. Remember those summer road trips where the kids in the back seat keep asking, "Are we there yet?"'s kind of like that. Patience grasshoppers. These things do not happen overnight. What I can tell we are cleaning out lots so come in and shop some awesome sales on fabric and more! We've got a  temporary date for the sheet rock to begin, but until all is finalized, I will keep it between the Mothership, Christine and I.

That's it for today kids! Let us know you read the blog on your next visit! A wonderful lady by the name of Denise Pelzer was here on Saturday and she said, "I do read all of your blogs." It's always nice to hear that people are reading! Thank you!!!

Stay Seeew-cial and don't be walkin' in spooky old woods alone. Mmmk?! ~ Brian