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January 2016

Announcing the 2016 Homespun & Holly Designers!



Christmas was only a month ago, but it's a new year and we have new workshops lined up!  The big one is our annual "Homespun & Holly" in which we begin registration early in the year.  Ladies and gentlemen. The confirmations are in. We are pleased to introduce to you our 2016 designers for the 8th Annual Homespun & Holly Workshop! Registration is now open and underway! This event fills up so sign up now to make sure you and your friends get a seat! 

Homespun and holly_9x12_proof012116

As you can see in the photo above, we have a line up of incredible talent that will be joining us this year! Kathy Cardiff of the Cottage at Cardiff Farms, Sherri Falls of This & That, Moda designer Brenda Riddle of Acorn Quilt & Gift Co., Debbie Busby of Wooden Spool Designs and Stacy West of the popular Buttermilk Basin!

The dates for the workshop this year are Friday, December 2, Saturday, December 3 or Sunday, December 4 2016. It is a one day workshop. You select the day you want to attend. All designers present the same project each day.

If you have never been to our annual event before, this could be your year! The fee includes all supplies to create the five "secret projects." Since the designers are designing a project exclusive to our workshop, there can be no peaking until the big day! You wouldn't peak in your presents before Christmas would you? The fee also includes instruction from each of the designers and a catered meal by our very own Priscilla Queen of the Dessert!

I can already tell that this year is going to be amazing! In fact, I've already got a theme! My imagination is in overdrive...

Every. Day. Of. The. Year. 

Of course with the remodel coming up, the workshop is going to look quite different.

To register for the 2016 Homespun & Holly, click here. There is no other place where you can get five nationally known designers teaching you, a meal and all of your supplies for $200! Heck we have single designer workshops for $150 to $200! This is a treat and we look forward to hosting it every year! Registrations do fill quickly. Please read all of the details before registering. If you are registering for more than one person, we need a separate registration with their individual contact information. Please also indicate who are coming with on your registrations so that we ensure you sit together. Registering on-line is easy and it is the best way to ensure there are no mistakes with your registration.

I'll be back with a whole lot more!

Stay seeew-cial and your local brick and mortar quilt shops not just on January 23, but every day!  ~ Brian



Introducing Strawberry Fields Re-Visited! Save When You Order Today 1/18/16


* ATTENTION: IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS BLOG, CURRENT POSTS FEATURE CURRENT PRODUCT WHICH IS AVAILABLE TO ORDER NOW.  If you are coming from Pinterest and looking for products featured in older posts (2010 -2014) we most likely are not carrying it. Our best advice is to start looking at what's new so that you don't miss out! 


If you have been living under a quilt well...lucky you. I'd love to be under a quilt right-about-now, but listen...Strawberry Fields Re-visited is the new collection by designer Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts. Her talent is out of this world and we love basically everything she does. I can tell you right now...those yellows...better get some while we have full bolts! They won't last. I know what I'm talking about. I hear's January and many of you are suffering those winter blues..but trust me! By the time the collection hits a magazine six months from now you'll be asking for this collection and a lot of it will be gone.

Happens. Every. Single. Year.

The collection has a soft, summer in the country feel, but yet has plenty of retro inspired prints. I love this's classy and sophisticated.

Speaking of yellow....I love this quilt. Just thought I'd throw that one in there to see if you're paying attention.


As I said at the beginning of this month, we are changing up the Shoppe in some big ways over the next couple of months. The first phase is doing some painting of existing walls that will not be touched in the process of the "face lift." We just finished one wall....and we love it! It's seeew cheerful and it looks great with our new Lori Holt Calico Days fabrics!


I have a feeling these colors will be playing throughout the Shoppe....


What makes me think that?

Oh ya it a hunch. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with our version of Fig Tree's Milky Way?


Or the fact that the "Mothership" has been playing with these colors in her own home? Seriously, on December 26, 2015 the Christmas came down and she was whipping up something new to begin the new year out of these Apple of My Eye fabrics.



Time is precious around here so we have to take advantage of every free minute!

I'm definitely looking forward to the year ahead. The inspiration we have in-store for you as we continue this process known as a "remodel" is something we are both looking forward too. Of course, we have our hands full and this remodel is now my only focus. I will not rest until it is done because I have a HUGE, HUGE interest in one of the new features of the remodel. I can't tell you...only a select few probably know...but I can see myself having a lot of fun with it!

For now...stay seeew-cial and keep checking back! You never know what we will be showing! Plus, I have big news on the designers for this year's S.p.R.u.N.g and our 8th Annual Homespun & Holly! I'd be signing up if I were you because we've got a fab line up of talent! ~ Brian

When You Look Tell Me What Do You See...


I thought today that instead of posting a long entry full of details...I would challenge you to take a look and "tell me what do you see..." Everbody gotta' believe! Having trouble finding hope in today's world? Has your imagination got ya down? Stuck in a rut? Feeling lost? Well, then check out not just the fabrics below, but my new favorite song from the musical, "Finding Neverland..." While you find the time to "Believe" here's a little pressure from me to you....remember, to stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian












A Little Humility Goes A Long Way...


You know what I don't like? When someone needs help, they come into the Shoppe and they talk down/snippy to the person who they need the help from.  Especially when the person they need help from - was the one who put together our Shoppe sample (a.k.a. The Mothership) and knows that it does in-fact go together. It was also interesting to hear that our fabrics were not labeled, when they certainly were (not that we are required to do that).  I don't know...this is like our home and we work hard to make it what it has become. We could have very easily packaged the kit and never made a sample (as many stores do), but that's not how we do....


I've been noticing this a lot lately in Quilt World and I really don't understand it. If you're frustrated with something and need help, isn't it better to come in with some humility and say, "Hey I can't get this to go together, could someone help me?" instead of being accusatory? It's no big deal...we are here to help! Whenever I go anywhere I never talk down to the person helping me. Even if I have a problem, I allow them to feel comfortable with me and try to break the ice. Instead, I've noticed people coming in, jumping on our girls (who are usually helping someone else), immediately stating something doesn't work, need something calculated, or trying to lay blame for what really...I have to be just their misunderstanding. Not a bad thing at all, but let's just remember...we are all in this great big world together. It's fabric. The world is not ending and we can figure it out.

I know a lot of quilters take pride in their skills, but it's always a good idea to ask what the level of difficulty is for a particular project. If just the idea of coming into the store for help is challenging for you, maybe give us a phone call ahead of time and we will set some time aside for you to see how we can best help you. At the same time, we can't be expected to give full-on tutorials (as that is where classes come into play) but we can give you a few tips. It can get busy at the cutting counter which can make it a little difficult to immediately provide an answer. Sometimes a more in-depth look at your problem is required. We will always be more than happy to help you, but you've got to be able to give us a little time.

Now you know this is how we do it around here....bring the beat back and "stay seeew-cial!" ~ Brian


Is It Too Early To Dream of Paradise?



I'm totally a snow and winter person, but looking at the new Offshore fabric collection gets me thinking...TROPICAL!  It's time to get the bikini out ladies! Of course, as we always do we have Fat Quarters and 1/2yd cuts available here. Come on ladies...get inspired! I see you all coming to my blog...seeew, just an FYI...if you are only coming to the blog to look at posts from years ago, you're missing out on the new! Current posts feature current product...until it too is gone.

Who remembers the Tom Cruise movie, "Cocktail?" I was in the 6th grade and I had an obsession with "Kokomo!" I don't think my parents let me watch the movie until I was older, but I do remember that song! I also wanted a pair of white pants...because, well...Tom had white pants. LOL. At 12/13, I wasn't aware that you don't wear white after Labor Day. Seeew wanting white pants in the winter was probably an odd request from a child. I feel like that girl was also in "Adventures In Babysitting?" Am I right? Elisabeth Shue...I believe is her name. Of course, she just happens to fall on Tom Cruise, on a beach. Scandal. Living on the edge. Be warned: The video gets a little steamy under the waterfall. This would be the part when my grandpa would excuse himself to get a glass of water. Every. Single. Time.


In my first post from the year, I mentioned there would be changes. Well, it's true. The Shoppe is getting an expansive remodel in 2016. The only thing I will tell you is that there will be structural changes. To prepare for the remodel we have started a REMODEL SALE!  During the upcoming remodel there will be construction, but we will be open our regular hours during the entire process! We are excited! I don't have the exact date for when the serious construction part will begin, but I'll keep you posted. You'll notice some painting going on up until we start using the sledgehammer.

I hope I get to swing it first! There's one thing that has been in here since day one in 2008 that I'm dying to rip out!

Like I said the other day...THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO READ either our emails or our blogs! I love and appreciate those who pay attention! It means I'm not doing all of this for nothing:-)

Stay seeew-cial and see you soon! ~ Brian

A Look Back At Christmas 2015 As We Say Hello To 2016!



Happy 2016! It's a new year! Isn't that exciting? It's a clean palette waiting for you to imagine and dream up new possibilities! Before we begin I just have to say THANK YOU to those of you who follow this blog and actually read our emails! I know our lives are all busy, but truly when you take the time to check-in - I love you ten times more!

The quilt above is our new Juniper Christmas Tree Quilt. I knew there was hope for those silver/grays in the collection. Totally over-looked! As I type this, there is just one kit left (if it hasn't sold already). I thought..."HELLO! CHRISTMAS TREE QUILT!" From there...the "Mothership" took the reigns using Kate Spain's Solstice and well...gorgeousness. Again, it has been very popular seeew if it has already sold out...I'm sorry!  Looking at it makes me feel such joy and reminds me that in the world of quilting, Christmas lasts 365 days a year. I'm being serious about this. In fact, Kylie Minouge (in the video below) is telling you..."Every Day's Like Christmas." LOL. Should I come over and build you a fire?


P.S. You know Kylie is like the Australian version of Madonna, right? Remind me to share with you my up-close and personal with Madonna from her concert in October! Another time perhaps.

As we say good-bye to 2015, I want to reflect on Christmas 2015 as I didn't get to post many Christmas blogs this year. Oh I don't know...something called "life" got in the way?

Enjoy the little pictures below. DISCLAIMER: The quilt kits for both full sized quilts in this entry have sold out. This is just a photographic journey of Christmas 2015! The little table topper was the Mothership's December Breakfast Club project which is a free pattern found here.

Happy New Year & Stay Seeew-cial! ~ Brian