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December 2015

Winter Gatherings At Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe!




Before I begin, let me just say I love Christmas! I'm very much a traditionalist when it comes to the holidays. I think we need to see more of it during this time of year! It was shocking to me to hear my niece tell me that her school concert doesn't have one Christmas song in it. Ridiculous. Seeew pardon me while I take a moment to reflect on Florin Street Band's "Winter Wonder." Each year they make a new Christmas video. This particular one is from last year but I just read that for 2016 they are creating a new one called, "Wonderful Things."

P.S. If I could fit a lot of people in the farmhouse, this is what it would look like. LOL. Love the gal with the red flower on her dress. She exudes Christmas doesn't she?  Look at all of those happy people!!! Love it all. Did you know they do not get any financial backing from major labels to make these videos? Make sure you purchase their three current Christmas songs! Just as you would support quilt shops, support talented artists by purchasing their work!




I had wanted to finish the inside of the farmhouse moons ago, but I unfortunately ended up in the hospital after Homespun & Holly was over. Somehow I developed two more blood clots in my left calf and as soon as that happens, the "Mothership" will not let me out of her sight. "That shop is not worth your life." I totally agree. Of course, I am happy to report that everything is now under control and I'm doing well. 

BTW...when I say "farmhouse" I am referring to the one that we had built inside the Shoppe. Our friends from Laurel Hedge recently finished the inside walls and ceiling, which makes us love it even more! We take great pride in decorating it and I believe it's that extra "touch" which makes our Shoppe unique and special. I'm serious when I say - "I'm going to leave it decorated with Christmas the entire year."  Do you know how long it has taken us to get it decorated this year? Try...three months. LOL. I love it though... super cozy and sweet! Wouldn't you agree? 


The project on the back wall is our Bertie's Winter Kit. For our version, we used fabulous hand-dyed wool to create the applique, which is a lot easier to applique than flannel. You also don't have to turn under the edges with wool applique and can whip stitch or blanket stitch. The applique is laid upon a flannel background. The pattern's version is made with Bonnie Sullivan's Woolies Flannel. To me, that wool applique really stands out on that background.  Complete kits are available here.



What I love the most about our Shoppe is that you will always find a little bit of everything from whimsy to traditional. Personally, during the holidays I tend to lean towards traditions. I like quilts with lots of piecing and of course I love any quilt in Christmas colors! Introducing...our new sample for Christmas @ 45


We just love our 45 & Life To Go Quilt Kit seeew much that we decided we needed to make a Christmas version, which we have renamed, Christmas @ 45. The "Mothership" did a fantastic job with the color selection and Lisa's piecing on those teeny-tiny little squares is phenomenal. Love this quilt seeew much! You won't find one like it anywhere else! Complete kits are available here while they last. My advice: Don't wait as they will disappear. I say it everytime, and everytime someone doesn't listen to me. 

P.S. Now is a good time to add your backing as the backing is 25% off the regular price. 


If you've never been to our Shoppe before, it's not just fabrics and quilts. The "Mercantile" portion of our store is alive and well...filled to the brim with plenty of Christmas home decor and ornaments. Lots and lots of ornaments. As I said earlier, I'm planning on leaving our farmhouse decorated with a little bit of Christmas throughout the year. From now through December 23, save 25% off all Christmas home decor and 25% off Christmas ornaments when you purchase five (5) or more. For the ornaments, we will have to adjust your discount in before charging your card as it does not show on your order confirmation. 

The following items are not available on our website seeew you will have to call us at 503-607-0600 if you wish to purchase. It really is much easier than communicating through endless emails. It's the biggest thing that baffles me right now. Does anyone dial a number anymore? LOL. 





tay Seeew-cial, Merry Christmas and Happy Holly Days! ~ Brian