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Introducing The New Midnight Hour Quilt Kit



Introducing the Midnight Hour Quilt's quite dramatic, isn't it? We've sold out of these once already and the "Mothership" had enough fabric to make a handful more. This is the perfect quilt to use throughout the fall season.

Alright, back to work for me. I've got tons to do before November 13, 14 & 15. Don't know what that means? Read the previous post and check-in:-)

Stay Seeew-cial! ~ Brian

Here's What's Coming Up!


Back in September I started hanging garlands to prepare the Shoppe for the holiday season. forward to October 24, 2015 and I haven't made much progress. (Oh-My-Gosh you guys, he LIT a garland!!!!!!)

But that's ok...because our holiday season kicks off November 13, 14 & 15 when we host our Once Upon A Homespun Christmas Open House Weekend.  This is also the weekend of our 7th annual Homespun & Holly Workshop and the weekend where we premiere many of our holiday gift/decor collections.

I don't like rushing the holidays. In my mind the holidays happen in November & December seeew I'm going to take as long as I need. Here's a peak at the tree I'm trying to convince "some people" around here....that we need.


There is seeew much joy in the season and when people rush me...I don't feel that joy.  I love watching our guests enjoy Homespun & Holly. It is an event that many of them look forward to the entire year. This year we have five (5) visiting designers including Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs, Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill Studios, Sherri K. Falls of This & That, Karla Eisenach of Sweetwater and Barbara Groves of Me & My Sister Designs. Not to mention we have visitors from around the United States.

ATTENTION HOMESPUN & HOLLY PARTICIPANTS: You will receive a welcome email the week of the eventAll information is covered here

I really have to give a huge thank you to everyone in advance because it truly is my favorite event of the year and it can't be done without you! 

The Shoppe will open to everyone at 9am on Friday, November 13, Saturday, November 14 & Sunday November 15, 2015. 

In between now and then (depending on how many times I hear my name for things like....a box), I will be working on Christmas. Not only do we have the Shoppe floor to add some holiday touches too, but our workshop becomes a Christmas fantasy (fingers crossed). I'm getting old ya'll. I don't stay late nights like I used too and the "Mothership" is a grandma raising a 4th grader. Can we say Common Core???? We like our family time. 

As we do every year, we do have changes to our hours in the month of November around Homespun & Holly AND at Thanksgiving. They are posted here and I strongly suggest you take a peak and write them down. It would also be nice if you shared this info with anyone you know who are making plans to visit in November. We are closed on Thursday, November 12 to put last minute touches on the festivities. It is the day when tables arrive, dishes arrive, designers arrive and more. My Miranda Priestly comes out in moments like these seeew you wouldn't want to be here anyway. LOL. "Why is no one readddddy?"

Seeew back to work for me but today (time off? what's that?) we shared a few new wool kits for the fall and holiday season which are below!

First up, the Pumpkin Mat in its full "work-in-progress" glory. Meaning, our sample is not finished. It's the perfect size if you are wanting to feel like you accomplished something! Of course, wool is the fabric of choice for the "Mothership" this time of year. In fact, when our new website launches for the "first time in forever" we will have wool on our website! Our complete Pumpkin Mat Wool Kit is available here


Many of you may be familiar with Berite's Winter from designer Bonnie Sullivan. We decided we wanted our appliques done with wool. The result is a very vivid and rich version of this popular project. Love the way the wool appliques pop on that background! Complete kits for our Bertie's Winter Wool Kit are here. And when I say complete...I mean complete! 


If you like more than just pumpkins, our Autumn Table Mat (another work in progress - it is not finished) represents everything we think of when we think of fall including owls, squirrels, sunflowers, pumpkins, acorns and more! The "Mothership" and Christine are here every night with me. I work on inventory, they stitch. It's a dynamic arrangement. 


We love being here nightly. HGTV 101. I just want to tell those people whining on House Hunters..."YOU CAN PAINT!" Or those that doubt Jonathan & Drew...uh, do you not see the reveals of their work? I mean???? Why go on the show if you're just going to whine? Cracks me up everytime.

By the way, if you are new to my blog, current posts in the year 2015 are the products we carry. If you are taking my pictures and posting them on Pinterest, please help others out and offer the year available and name. If you are finding old photos, please know...our focus is on current product as those are the products we have in stock and are selling. All product in my current posts  are usually available on our website. I define "current" as anything within three months. If we have finished quilts for sale, this means we are done with the fabric, done with the pattern and moving forward. 

Alright, I've got more work to do. Enjoy and be seeew-cial! ~ Brian

Wool N' Harvest Workshop Re-Cap!



Fall is officially here and today we got our first good rain! How exciting is that? If you follow along regularly (and I know many of you do), you know I don't like the heat. Don't make me list the reasons again. LOL. I always say you can put more clothes on to warm up (sweater weather!) but how much can you take off to cool down? 

P.S. If you're reading this on a desk top, can you tell I've been busy here on the blog? I'm trying to catch up to the work the "Mothership" has been doing on our new website - which we will unveil soon. The loading of the product is what takes the longest. 

Anyhoo...over the last weekend we hosted our first-ever "Wool N' Harvest" Workshop! Guest designer Kathy Cardiff of The Cottage at Cardiff Farms was our featured guest designer and we had the best time! It was nice to see our local supporters but I'm always surprised at the number of out-of-town visitors! 

Kathy designed a trio of wool applique blocks exclusively for the workshop which could be turned into a complete table runner, pillows or added into a quilt. They were exquisitely done with only the best in hand-dyed wool. Elegant and sophisticated. 

When I saw Table 2 cutting those berries - my jaw dropped. Since Kathy designed this project for our workshop, we didn't have the images to show for registration. When I asked how everyone felt about not being able to see the project beforehand, they didn't mind because according to them, "We just knew if you guys were doing it, it would be awesome!" I LOVE our fans! Where would we be without them? 


Of course the workshops around here are never just about the projects. We decided to decorate the room with a barn theme and Kathy brought a "trunk show" which was displayed throughout. Here were just a few of my favorites which can all be found here while they last. 





I'm loving the new format in which we feed you! Instead of making you stand in a buffet line, our dear Priscilla Queen of the Dessert pre-sets your table and offers up a delicious family style meal! I know...right? Customer Service Central! We are here to inspire, to educate, to get to know you. It's all in the details.You aren't just a number. You each have names and personalities. We know your stories. When you shop and dine with us, we treat you like family because we figure after nearly ten're like family. Not to mention everything we do is because of a family....MINE. LOL. 

Priscilla didn't fail me. Everything was delicious and left me wanting to lick it all. I wonder who gets to lick her beaters? I should ask her when I see her again. 


Even the cabinet in which we kept the plates and glasses was barn themed. Love a little bit of chicken wire. 




I try not to tempt you too much with the desserts because everyone always wants the recipe. Truthfully, some things are meant to share only with our workshop participants as it what makes our events special. But....I can reveal the ingredients to this delicious Mulled Cider beverage from the kitchen of Priscilla Queen of the Dessert...

4 parts apple cider

2 parts pineapple juice

Ground cinnamon and cinnamon sticks. 

Simmer for a couple of hours. Chill. When ready to serve fill glass 3/4 full and top off with ginger ale. 


Just a little way for me to stay seeew-cial with you! The good news is, this workshop will be back in 2016! Be sure to watch the sidebar here on this blog for registration to begin! 

Be seeew-cial and I'll see you again ~ Brian