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Christmas Planning...



Do you hear it? Do you see it? Um...did you like my little video? LOL. Woo-hoo! Let's get excited out there!  July 25 is the subtle message in my mind that our 2015 holiday season isn't far away. Do you have your Christmas quilts planned and ready to go? Unless you have super powers, I seriously doubt you can quilt, decorate the house, prepare your holiday meals, take the kids to their Christmas pageants, and watch tree lighting ceremonies all in one month. Quilts take time and if you want them quilted and ready for your holiday's time to get busy! I'll share with you all of the fun we have planned soon, but until then enjoy three of the Mothership's favorite new quilts below. 

Our loyal followers know that registration for our 7th Annual Homespun & Holly is underway. Seeew far we have folks attending from Washington, California, Arizona, Idaho, Utah,  Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas...and of course our loyal Oregonians! Seating is limited to Sunday, November 15 and we may be able to accommodate you for Saturday, November 14 (depending on your party size). For Saturday, you will need to call us at 503-607-0600. For Sunday, please register here on our website

Do you not have a clue what Homespun & Holly is? Well, take a peak at last year's event by clicking right here

Now, if you will excuse me I am mapping out the Shoppe layout in my head and on paper of where I want my holiday display. This part drives me nuts as I have a vivid imagination and I question how much I can realistically accomplish. The quilt below is called Starry Pines and we literally only have a handful of these quilt kits. Uno, dos, tres, quatro...This one won't last until the holidays seeew if you love it, get it. I'm telling you now. We do however, recommend this quilt for intermediate to advanced quilters. I cover all the information right here. (P.S. for future readers...if the link isn't taking you anywhere, it's because the item is sold out:-) 

Make a wish that will last forever and remember...beeee seeew-cial! ~ Brian



The crisp red and greens of Christmas standout on a winter white background creating a dramatic and dazzling quilt for the holidays in our Yuletide Snowflake Quilt, which was made with the gorgeous Fig Tree pattern. I guess you could say it's when Edyta from Laundry Basket and Joanna from Fig Tree collided. LOL. Kits available here


Rich reds, various shades of holiday greens combined with a natural linen, help create vintage holiday goodness in our La Fete De Noel Quilt. Complete quilt kits are available here and include everything you need to get your holiday sewing into action! 

When Can We Do This...Again? Maybe Tuesday At 11am?



"Switch on the sky and the stars glow for you..." It's Sunday and I just have to ask, "When will I see you again?" Tuesday at 11am? Today I thought I'd share with you some of the bright fabrics and projects from Me & My Sister Designs. Did you know they really are sisters? Yep, Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobsen. I love these ladies. They've been out here to the Shoppe a few times teaching various workshops including Homespun & Holly, and they are hilarious. They always make you feel good! 

Right now, they literally have an entire section in the Shoppe. Their pattern called Starlett is the quilt featured at the top of this post. The "Mothership" had to have this one for my niece seeew yes, we have complete kits available. There is a lot of fabric in this kit, including Fat Quarters and a Fat 8th Bundle. This is of course in addition to your background and binding. When we kit, we kit complete! 

Just look at all of this color from their Bandana collection. It reminds me of a painter's palette.  Very whimsical, bright and happy!




Pre-cuts, pre-cuts, pre-cuts! Our Shoppe has a lot of them! The Jelly Roll and Layer Cake are still my favorite and Me & My Sister do a great job of designing a multitude of patterns that use the pre-cut. Ya wanna see our all-time biggest seller (some of you probably already know it or have it)? It's called Happy Dance and it uses two (2) Layer Cakes! We sell this pattern over-and-over-and-over again. Rightfully seeew of course..... 



Sometimes the collections of Me & My Sister are filled with seeew much color, that it can be intimidating to know where to begin. I tend to break the collection down by focusing on one or two colorways. In fact, as soon as I posted the purple and green fabrics below, a customer came up with the LOL Charm Pack and coordinating fabrics above. I wonder what she's going to make with those? Inquiring minds wanna know! 


I told you their section was big...didn't I? Someone on Instagram posted that I needed to teach quilt shops across the country how to set up a display. I had to think about it, but nah...I like that we do our own thing. The best part about independent quilt shops is that they are all different and it would be weird to me if people copied everything we do. Plus, I'm sure they enjoy their sanity. 



We've made seeew many quilts from Barb & Mary's Simple Quilts that we guarantee you'll love it too! Simple quilts have such appeal because sometimes you just want that feeling of accomplishment! I don't know about you, but for me it's a huge DISLIKE to have things unfinished or abandoned. 


As I mention anytime I cover books, the greatest of books are those in which you can find at least three to five projects that you love. In Simple Quilts there are 12! You read that correctly...12! It's another one of those books that I wish if we had the time, we'd make a sample for every quilt featured. It's a great book and one you will refer to over and over again when those lovely friends ask you..."Can you make me a quilt for my daughter-in-law? She's expecting." One of these days you'll work up the courage to suggest they take a class at their local Quilt shop, but until then...keep Simple Quilts on your bookcase.  

Now you see why the Mothership keeps me around. I'm always going to tell you "straight up"  like Paula Abdul. P.S. It was a song in the 90's. "Straight tell me...

Our Seven Monkey Tales Kit is the perfect example of a quilt that came from Simple Quilts! It's seeew stinkin' cute! The Mothership made this quilt using a variety of fabrics, but most of them are from Monkey Tales. She backed it with delicious minky which makes every quilt super soft and cuddly. 


Alright, that's a look around the back corner of our Shoppe. There of course is far more, but I think this post would get too long! 

In the meantime, when can we do this again? Tomorrow? The day after? You'd like one everyday? 

Keep it seeew-cial out there! ~ Brian

The Farm Girl Vintage Block-of-the-Month Sign Ups Have Started!



My favorite news of the last week is....(drumroll)... we have launched sign-ups for our Farm Girl Vintage Block-of-the-Month! This program is available to you in-store and on-line. The in-store meetings are once a month for 14 months either on Thursday evenings from 6:30pm until 8:30pm or Saturdays from 11am until 1pm, directly after the mothership's popular Breakfast Club! For all of the details about the Farm Girl Vintage Block-of-the-Month, click here. The deadline to register is July 31, 2015. 

As I always do I am going to sing the praises of this program along with the hard work of both my mom and Christine. In our program you are going to receive four blocks per month with only the best fabrics which are all personally hand selected by my mom - Jan (the "mothership" yada-yada-yada-you-know-the-drill) which will be EXACTLY like those you see in our pictures. For ten years she has been providing only the best when it comes to quilt kits, fabrics, products and overall service, and this project will be no different. 

I mean, just think about it...for ten years we have been a Shoppe that spends time on the details just for you! It's rather natural that this B.O.M. will reflect that same passion! I even mention that Lakehouse is back in the Shoppe? Who loves a lil' bit of Pam Kitty


This week we also finished two new quilt kits, specifically geared towards children, but we've got far more that I've been showing in our Shoppe email seeew keep watching that email. It really is the best way to keep up with us. Remember, once kits sell out we rarely make another batch. I say this over and over again ladies (and gentlemen) for your pleasure and convenience factor. 

Both of the new quilt kits below are adorable, but this first one has the cute factor sewn all over it! I saw this pattern sitting on our shelves for quite some time and thought, "Why hasn't anyone picked this up?" A few minutes later the "Mothership" was deep into the planning stages and I am in love! It's called Smooth Sailing and I just adore the way she made use of the Chevron  in both the star block and the duck body! It reminds me of feathers. Seeew adorable. The entire thing screams precious. Anytime we have something for boys in the Shoppe it flies out of here. 


Moda's Here Boy was the inspiration behind the quilt below called Friend or Foe. It's a happy quilt featuring bouncing ball borders along with bold and bright colors perfect for a little one in your home. I love that the dog house made good use of this print. It also makes a great binding. I should point out that the the applique on both quilts is raw edge (or your method of choice) and the large scale makes it super easy! It's seeew easy that I can even do this!

Now, I just need time. Story of your life, right?


I can think of two little pups that would love this but G'ma has said..."no paws allowed!" We heard a story where someone made their family member a quilt and they used it in the dog house! I can understand if it was made for the dog, but not if it was meant to be a gift to the person! I mean....really? People do that? I would never.

All of your hard work and it ends up going to the dogs.

My list is long for the week. In the week ahead you will be seeing new Woolies Flannel arrive from Maywood Studios along with more adorable bright fabrics from Robert Kaufman, Riley Blake and Lecien. <-----SWOON! I love those tiny , thin bolts they put the fabric on. Makes my job a lil' bit easier. Sort of. 

Alrighty, it's late and I already have a difficult time trying to get these two up for work! I'll be back soon...

Stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian



Here's What's Coming Up Real Soon!



It feels good to be back in the blogging chair! Did you know we have a sale happening on our website until Monday night? Better get to shopping because it's ending soon! Click here to start shopping! The last two months have been incredibly busy as we have had several things happening from shop hops to workshops. I'll recap those in an upcoming post, but first let's talk about all of that fabric above! If you are familiar with Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage, you're going to love this. Jan (a.k.a The Mothership) and Christine have been working with the above fabrics for "Farm Girl" every night until midnight. I'm not kidding. Each night I pop my head in the workshop and ask, "Can we go home yet?" and they look at me like...I'm normal??? I'm telling must be intense. Seeew...I go outside and water the flowers at midnight. That's our life right now. Anyone want to own a quilt shop? LOL. Yeah...that's gonna change your mind isn't it?

Anyway, there are 48 blocks in all, but here's a peak at the first ten. LOOK AT THE PUMPKIN!


Aren't they adorable? This is definitely a project that makes your heart sing a jam of happiness! Jan is putting a Block-of-The-Month together which will be held on one Thursday evening per month from 6:30pm -8:30pm and one Saturday per month from 11am until 1pm. You select the day you want to attend. This entire experience will begin August 20, 2015. She's got a fun time planned for everyone who signs up so you won't want to miss this one! As soon as she gives me the complete details, I'll be letting all of you know in our Shoppe email, on Facebook, Instagram and right here on "Boughs of Holly."

From what I know seeew far, the B.O.M. will be available both in-store and on-line. Again, that's all I know right now and you'll have to wait until she gives me all of the details for more info. In the meantime, pick up your copy of Farm Girl Vintage here in the Shoppe! We appreciate your purchase as your support allows us to keep on sharing! Look at all that work I've done for you below providing plenty of pictures for you to see! LOL. Seeew precious.

FSfdjpNKB8p4X6qQPqlgRJIyGoA3BMNljLRbWkBQj2RBma94SICHjotT33R1RUK2dEO-Mn1dC0TqadAi9PbOZHlaWjKVeSMJ2CNsq6Ud1auwtpDOLw7Z16DnGKKHcdifSB9kBv_43NRrRNeI3nF20EYu2s7hix-C31bNV2n9aFsUH27FqDNd9kCo9qUmFguIZjCaq0ZJmYnkfUVcZHMKPQf29VI7When they're not busy planning the Farm Girl Vintage B.O.M, Jan and Christine have been on kit duty packaging kits for these adorable Jelly Clip Coin Purses. Since the instructions were in Japanese, Jan interpreted the directions in our about service! Clearly someone is anticipating the need for all of you. She will be teaching a class on July 16 (which is now full), but we look forward to offering another one on August 6. You can sign up now here.


The cuteness factor doesn't stop there! Over on Instagram (are you a follower?) we took a trip up to the Mothership's home sewing room to discover she's got another Sherri McConnell quilt from Fresh Family Traditions in the works using some of the Bee My Honey fabrics.


Oh there's that Chance. He's two now and full of pup pep. He really shouldn't be up on that chair, but he was just too darn cute. Seeew glad I took a "chance" on the little dude.

We are really big on book purchases lately, especially books that have 15 plus projects in which you want to make them all! I hear so many people come into the Shoppe and say, "I don't need anymore fabric." It's a little surprising to hear because my first thought is,"Why would quilt shops exist if everyone who came in said that? Nobody can have too much fabric!" If that's the case out there, then we need to get you inspired with great books and patterns to use up your stash!


Or...we need to show you creative ways to display your stash and realize that it's perfectly A-OK to buy fabric and have a stash. The day you don't have or need a stash is the day I stop waking up seeew early. LOL. I mean...just look at the Mothership's sewing room (below). She's got such a nice stash that she now is using vintage cabinets on the walls! LOL. I originally wanted that cabinet out for the Shoppe, but I'll make like Elsa and "let it go." 


Below is another brand new quilt called Niner that Monica finished quilting. Kits are available while they last. I am in total love with this quilt! To me this is what I think of when I think scrappy or patchwork. Even as I type, I'm thinking I want to snuggle up under this one. It gets bonus points for being bright and happy!


Alright, consider this my re-entry into blog world. To keep up with us in between blog posts, read our daily email, or simply seeew-cialize with us on Instagram, Facebook...or better person! It sounds old fashioned, but I guarantee the connection will be 10x better!

Stay seeew-cial and we'll see you soon! ~ Brian


Golden Dreams



"America, you must keep dreaming now...."

We salute the men and women (along with their families) who have given so much to our country. It is because of them that we remain free and can continue to dream.

Happy 4th of July to all of you! Enjoy your celebrations! ~ Brian