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Come On In And Fill Your Tank...


Before I get to into it, let me first say "Welcome Home" blog-ings with a little bit of Dolly. Isn't there a place you need to be to fill your tank? Where you can happy and just be you? It may be right here....I just love her. How can this not make you happy?


She brings back "memories" of my grandma. Dolly is another legend in addition to my Madonna! Side note: Did you see that "M" is coming to Portland? For like...the first time ever? In 30 years. I'm sure she's reading the blog. LOL. "Um there's a guy in Portland who lives in a quilt shop and he's obsessed with me. Must stop by." LOL. I would die. There would be no words. Maybe I should make her a sexy quilt? I'll commission the "Mothership."

 P.S. I don't really live in a quilt shop. 

Carrying on...we just finished our Woodlands Quilt and it's beautiful! (Update: SOLD OUT 3/6/15). We love the warmth of a traditional quilt. Have you seen this one yet? Our complete kit includes all fabrics to complete your quilt top and binding. Backing is purchased separately. Whenever you purchase backing with your kit, you will receive 15% off your backing. Personally, we always purchase our backing with whatever we are making. You never know if the fabric collection will still be around when you finally get to piecing your quilt. 


I've been changing over some samples around the Shoppe. This is a major undertaking as anytime you take one down, it changes everything. Since I'm not a fan of bare walls and because I won't just throw anything up...this process takes a little bit of time. I then have to blog it, and Instagram and Facebook it...Social Media it to death. Seeew get on in here while I'm talking about it because these things do disappear. 

We also made kits of Jo Mortons Bird Chintz. Jo's fabrics are so timeless and fabulous...they never go out of style. Truly. 


We just finished the binding on our Icicle Stars Quilt which is the one you see on the quilt rack. Because I know people will ask, we do not sell the quilt rack. The "Mothership" has a family friend who built the racks you see in the Shoppe, but we're not ready to expose him to all of "this" just yet. He does have a regular full-time job. LOL. 

Below is one of my favorite sections to work in because it reminds me of when my grandparents lived in Tennessee. They would take my brother and I to Silver Dollar City (which is DollyWood now). We'd catch fireflies during the Summer and my grandma would help us catch turtles in the yard. They were everywhere. We'd then build a beach habitat for them in our kiddie pool. Such fond memories. 



In the wool department, Christine and the "Mothership" have been working on a variety of pinkeeps. They just finished kits for January and September, with plenty more on the way. We have just a few left of October and November


If you do not receive our emails, you may not know quite a bit about our Shoppe. I can Social Media up a storm, but unless you actually come into the Shoppe...visit with us, etc. it's really difficult to see it all. There is always something happening. Registration for the March Breakfast Club has started. The date for March is Saturday, March 28. It's a great way to get out, make some friends, enjoy a tasty morning morsel and receive a fun new project! You may also win a few prizes along the way.

The pictures below were from January's Breakfast Club and yes, the featured project for that month was the exclusive pinkeep shown. It was only for participants seeew I'm sorry but if you write me about it...I'm going to tell you the same thing as I did here. This is why you need to come to the Breakfast Club. Every month is different. Some months it may be a featured project with wool, others it will be cottons/batiks...who knows! Be watching the website for March! Everyone is welcome to sign up and you don't have to come every month. We'd love to see you, but we get it. 

That's it for today. Be sure to check out our books for $10.00 or less on your way out! can't get a single pattern for less than $8. Get yourself a book with multiple projects for $10 or less. It will inspire you. 

Fill your tank and welcome home girl! LOL.  - Brian